James Wanna See It


  • Nice

  • 1vue

  • I need tickets bro

  • Kemkols pjl opptoi choi

  • Jamesssss

  • 5 minutes ago😊

  • So… not a Wheel of what James Wanna See, but a Wheel of what James MIGHT Wanna See. Maybe work on your tight 5 there James.

  • great content keep it up

  • great content my guy

  • "Me is I
    I is James"

  • This isnt the best segment

  • I don't understand why there are still people in the audience. It's not safe.

  • Great mow I'll never see a Frankenstein acting like he's a dang Dracula or a rabbit who's body is a single human leg. 😟

  • "in this situation,I am James. The James is me. So the James that wanna see is I. I is James. I is me. Me is I,I is James,James wanna see it. understand?"
    king of explaining

  • Okeeeey…so I'm hella confused!!

  • We Wanna See 1D Back!

  • Sitting in the photo booth looking down James looks just like the young Philip Seymour Hoffman

  • james was losing it!

  • Christian bale of hay I thought was gonna be Christian Bales face on a bale of hay and I wanted to see that

  • James wanna see harry styles lol

  • How to fill 10 min in your show And You dont know what to do …

  • james seems like he is smoking too much pot man

  • "Me is I I is James"
    Great English Right there!!😂😂

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhLQ6vaNWnk


    everyone has ancestors


    this general daznt have any scares so it were superficial scratches 

    but he says the had best time ever there 

    psychopath he was not supposed to think

    the boss could have told the soldier to lay on the top of wounded and cut the limb off himself

    the Nazi who said sorry


    catching america fake veterans 2010?

    journeyman pictures

    but they left those loyal vietnamese to be executed by other vietnamese they fought against 

    make 4tune

    China and the Soviet Union provided aid to and troops in support of North Vietnamese military activities. This was known as the Vietnam War, or the American War in Vietnam itself (1955–75)

    thanks 4 helping North

    written by Dan Rather


    the guys who said in previous documentary did not have any teeth he says he come back to vietnam every yer? why ?

    child prostitution? he does not have any teeth 

    knocking teeth Aut

    dont tread on ME???

    death keeper or oath keeper

    high dyck

    cock reign 

    han g UP

    aw liver s t o ne

    these people are against war 

    why cant they talk but they imposter? 

    are they really imposter or they are warned to not talk against war 

    ad they put them in mental institution and they put under seal?

    what doe sit mean throw out by the judge?

    they put him under seal to not disclose information or paid him ?

    why he started campaign against war?

    there is database people can get discovered in 1 minute maybe e was to mental hospital and he seems liek his eye did not pop out when he talked to Andersen?

    he also acted gay ish ?

    the Nazy who said Sorry?

    he said I was not in metal institution


    4INN legion

    Beta in French Army?

    Al  fa R

    Al g A rV

    slaving for the passport?

    real animals

    or real soldiers

    he said his father american an mother creation but he was not born in US so his papers?

    perfect slaves passport 

    top gin movie


    are they deported and dontknow it if they dont make it

    polish boot

    a tease



    big guy fatiguing

    proud fill

    no need to think things thru 

    craw A t s he young

    no need to be coffee shop philosopher 



    instead of homeless 

    that guy in the beginning of french video had eyes popping up like the guy who anderson question in interview as fake is just the type?

    wasn’t ЭlouN 4 loш aN


    SK r i p i t ?

    didnt like it?

    leonard stern

    yeast west

    score chin gg

    instead of having then stand up on the bench the gird damages her legs trying to appear shorter

    Ron Shu

    code of s a y lence

    co DA f  say l e n ts

    r e s e n t it

    s o r o ss d r e s s IN 99?

    we dont shush here 

    did u shush him

    der mo fat i n g i g

    big guy detoxing 

    he took proteins


    would people be loved without gpvinggifts?

    self obsessions like michelle obama gift of herself just like ophrah

    would she be loved if not invited to ellen to talk about barrack and boy touching her husband head 

    so creepy 

    and also do army moves?

    f r ie NDs 4 in re cru w D men tall it y 

    they nAu upset 

    not enough attention 

    they touch each other two queens 

    ophrah & me c hell i nn star?

    do  I V I i n  aw  

    Animal mother

  • Never more bored ! Never

  • This is crazy lol

  • Like he’s actually away from the audience ever lol

  • That was a great bit!

  • 0:59 me trying to reach that word count

  • Sad that there was no "One direction back together" on the wheel.
    But it's not what we want to see, it's what he wants to see.

  • This is my most favourite person after Ellen.. He is so friendly and cool.. Jamie fan from Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪💛

  • 😅❤❤❤

  • Can we talk about how nice that suit is pls

  • Effin letter C made James Corden shout at the top of his lungs 😂😂😂😂

  • better joke if you're warmed up I guess. womp womp.

  • The very loud audible fart at 6:34

  • Anyone else expecting Christian Bale the actor's face on a bale of hay?

  • So that’s what being early feels like

  • i pretend i do not see it

  • James wanna see 1D comeback

  • https://youtu.be/OWTyT2IAOLE



  • Please get your beard back

  • One ☝🏽 .. if you have anxiety issues be warned don’t watch it.. I love James but this was boring to watch and they dragged the heck out of it.. 😏😏

  • Oh for god sake, not this segment again. Why can James admits it that this is the worst segment ever. It's not even funny, and it's a waste of time for the writers on the show.

  • We wanna see 1D get kidnapped by you!!!

  • i know papa mochi wants to see a lot of things

  • he wanna see it

  • It started off good! He milked it too much!

  • no:

    not even Kevin:

    James: WANNA SEE

  • The question is….do I wanna see Does James Wanna See It?

  • PAPA MOCHI is cute

  • I tried to search for the human rabbit leg on Google and nothing showed up LOL. I wanna see it but I know my opinion doesn’t matter

  • This has to be the dumbest bit he does

  • Was I the only one looking for "worldwide handsome's" face or signature??

  • First!

  • 🤲🤲🤲This is my absolute favorite one! Thank fuck this was changed up a bit or quite a lot actually! I don’t know to be exact!🙏🙏🙏

  • 😂😂😂This is going to blow a gasket and get a heart attack along with high blood pressure!🤣🤣☺️

  • This is so unbelievably ridiculous and dumb and that’s what makes it so good lmao

  • He acting a fool 😂

  • I only care if James Franco want to see it.

  • James wanna see another carpool karaoke with Harry styles 😉

  • can. not. stop. laughing.

  • is James ok?

  • james wanna see a 1d reunion

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