Judge Jeanine: When the US gets through the crisis, we will be stronger


  • America will never be the country it once was so stop the lies . The real enemy is the political servents and police.

  • Not if the democrats have anything to do with it, Jeanine.

  • stronger my butt we will be crippled and broken

  • When we get through this crisis we need take care of another crisis. Democrats

  • If you get though it.

  • America be proud that you are such a strong nation, stick to your principles, follow your blessed leader, the rest of the world envies you xxx

  • Do not Hoard.Trucks are rolling!

  • AMERICA ….. TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  • Judge Jeanine is such a patriot. I love America and thank God and my ancestors who came here. Because of them I am in the best country in the whole world. It makes me so angry that some people want to tear this country down. How can some people want to turn the clock back 7 centuries. Yet, they do….and sheeples in America go along with it.

    People like Ilhan Omar creep into a government and without a drop of gratitude….start trying to divide us. Thank God for the internet…for people like Judge Jeanine, Candice Owen, larry Elder, Dr. Ben Carson…..and my favorite comedian and Godfather…Donald Trump.

  • Why is the Corona Virus supposedly so bad when it has killed less than 500 but the flu has killed 23,000?

  • Monster Magnet
    The only crisis is how the media is portraying this crap.
    Why is the Corona Virus supposedly so bad when it has killed less than 500 since Dec 2019, but the flu has killed 23,000 in only 3 months of 2020 so far?

  • News Now Riverside Sgt Rock
    Why is the Corona Virus supposedly so bad when it has killed less than 500 but the flu has killed 23,000 in less time?

  • Idiots this nasty woman isn't actually a judge is she?

  • Judge Jeanine -Trumps biggest Arab kiss a$%$^%^&

  • Large Chinese population in Italy and a lot of chinese money in Italy just poised for communist take over of a European country like they took Siberia from Russia.

  • Is it or hoax or what? Bada bing bada boom.

  • we will not be dependent on china

  • We MUST hold China accountable for this, as their corrupt Communist government allowed this to happen. Coverups and dirty wild animal wet markets did this….We need to bring our factories and businesses back to our shores. We need to demand they shut down those wet markets that spread this – Those markets caused…. 1. SARS, 2. Bird Flu, 3. H1N1…see the pattern here?

  • Here's Pirro again, running her blabbermouth, acting like an expert.

  • what about the seniors with only Social Security checks for survival? If I was drawing $75000 from somewhere i would not need his check. But I dont but I have become accustom to eating 3 meals a day but as usual WE will have to "make do" as we have for years while being passed over so the immigrants with 5 kids can get their checks with a $500 bonus for each child.The "hell" with us seniors…Fed up patriot here

  • if not when . credibility not nonsense

  • I expect you to appropriately slam Nancy P for her no vote today. 💩

  • Make no mistake thay let them in

  • Just like California and Texas Illinois and a bunch others

  • Well my provider was a lier so I fired her and the company that's what happens here in texas

  • Everybody pulling together except the do nothing democraps; doing what? nothing.

  • When will you apologise for calling the virus a hoax??

  • God bless you Judge Jeanine and your family and God bless America you are absolutely correct

  • You said it was a hoax? 😐

  • What kinda crap is this being televised. $1200 for high income taxpayers and less for the working class and proverty americans.

  • Love you Judge!

  • The 2-trillion dollar emergency package has failed to go through because the dems,stuff it with alot of"pork".

  • Know, Fox commentators like Judge Jeanine's rhetoric has changed. Remember it's a Democratic Hoax prior to March 13th. Fox commentators except for a few have zero creditability.

  • Sorry folks.The change will be esspecialy epic for americans, the state of health in the population is allready purley. The OBISETY of the AMERICAN peopel and all healthconditions that comes from it, will result in many not surviving this trategdy. change your food habits, strengthen your immunesystem inform your self its all at your fingertips, change your habits!!!! greetings from switzerland

  • You sit there tonight, talking rubbish. You called it a HOAX not so long ago. Comedian. You cannot lean on anybody, your president cut all ties with allies, he deals with strongmen, in love with Kim🤣🤣🤣 not NATO or the UN. America first, MAGA!

  • The USA administration 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧

  • Trump said this is a hoax.

  • Judge Jeanine would be a Great POTUS and CIC just like Pres. Trump.

  • Dont worry everyone..the best of the best is on this…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐂💩

  • 26/53/38/94/83=20 $ Just 1Xp

  • When the crisis is over we are going to be younger – there are going to be many old left to the road – are we going to be stronger and better – nop if we are not prepared to save the average dude- if our focus is on those making the money theirs, we are going to have a lot of poor busters out there hungry and desperate – and if we don't get rid of stupid Trump head nodders we are going to have to kick ourselves in the butt

  • Soon ,we all pray.her obit will be a fun read

  • We don’t have to fear the virus it’s liberalism and democrat leadership we have to fear.

  • My house is spotless! I've been so bored I've cleaned EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

  • From Mallorca: Fatastic .

  • JUSTICE please

  • Bravo Judge!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏!!!!

  • Service to others is the cure for a lot of ailments in life…..you are spot on Jeanine.

  • Wait wasn't this witch calling this virus a hoax?

  • You never mention the millions of missing children. do you hate them?

  • It's like listening to a broken record for 4 years.

  • This  Lovely  Judge    says  what  she  means….means  what she  says,  BUT  never   says it mean,  & I mean that  man  _/)       VERY INSPIRING    &  spiritually    sensitive !

  • Some Americans are being tested for free. The protection of the economy is the problem because it's being placed above the lives of Americans

  • Trump the cure is to take down all China's technology

  • A doctor in New York has cured more than 500 covid-19 patients, zero deaths. He uses malaria treatment: chloroquine, hydroxichloroquine and azitromycin. The info is in YouTube: Ingraham Angle 3/23/2020.

  • Marvelous way to describe The Storm from Judge Jeanine 😏 It's in fact!! Still many brainwashed 😔 First,get all talking heads(News Anchors,Night Shows,Bad Actors) to replace them with real journalists and honest Show Business people,then we can move ahead and KAGA 😎!! WWG1WGA!!

  • just take vit-c hourly while awake

  • HCQ is made in corona california hmmmm

  • How about the people that's on Social security How much money

  • I feel that the Democrats are still nasty and are putting all their failed programs in the bailout package that we need to quickly pass. How sad they are.


  • A French doctor has taken 20 cases of ' the virus ' , given them a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin . After 6 days they were all entirely free of the virus . Period . This is a potent medium and probably cost about 5 dollars a treatment … so what's with this 8.3 Billion cash ' package ' we might ask ?!! – George

  • Pelosi is not going to let it pass.

  • Finally quit listening to FOX also! Enough is enough! SENSATIONALIST FEARmongering H Y P E!!!

  • You tube muted just to read comments.

  • "Fight is in our DNA", says this Trumpist woman. Perhaps, but ignorance is also in the DNA of Trump's America. Get ready, Trumpian trash, you will be leading the world in infections in just a few days.

  • How did this cross-eyed Mexican lady get on Fox News?

  • We will win BIGGLY – I can't believe how Stupid and how Evil the Democrat party has become.

    Stop All Democrats Now!  Is it time for a civil war? Is it?  You are either with us or you are against us… And the "Right" has all the guns and ammo too.


  • Enough of this Rah Rah crap. We, the, people, are ALREADY weaker. The fleecing has ALREADY happened. The elites are ALREADY stronger. Wake up, citizens. Even the Fox talking heads are lying to you.

  • Wait!!! Weren’t you just saying SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Ok are we going to allow this woman to gaslight her way out of accountability? She gave advice to her audience that was contrary to their collective well being, in regards to the outbreak. No “sorry, I was wrong”. No accountability. No “fake news” decries, just business as usual. No!!! Both her and Candace Owens has done harm by misleading the public. Which has been documented. YOU WILL RETRACT AND APOLOGIZE. What you did on your huge platform was harmful. No, no, not business as usual.

  • Wow just wow fox needs shut down as they have still just spread the same bs trump is spreading.

  • We won't be strong again til the traitors are hung.

  • OK, Pirro. Thank you.

  • Yo Judge! I wont state the obvious that ur beautiful…..u dont need that much makeup babydoll!

  • China is probably lying. The worse they make it sound, the worse they look. If they claim they're doing fine, but capitalistic America is not, then obviously communism is better than capitalism. I wouldn't trust China if it said the sun will come up tomorrow morning.

  • A lot of people will need to pay their debts. Because of shorter working hours. Stronger for what to work overtime to catch up on paying their bills ?

  • Judge Pirro..Your Honor…I would vote you into anything you'd run for!!!!

  • You won't change anything without changing the banking system. We're all pawns unless that happens.

  • I love this woman I always have a date with her at 6:00 PM in oh boy this woman makes a lot of sense God bless you Judge Jeanine and God bless America

  • Getting through the TrumpVirus crisis will make us stronger, eh?

    Because we will have millions less old people to pay for, maybe, but that's a cold equation.

  • then we need to really rethink our approach to china and the treasonous left.

  • sources say that POTUS is considering the hanging executions of Obama, Clinton, Comey Schiff, and a democratic band of traitors on a custom built multiple gallows erected on the White House lawn for July 4th for what the president is calling; "The real Independence Day" followed by a gala fireworks display. (available in HD)

  • Take care of yourself my lady…love ya Judge


  • Excuse me: remember world war II. Japan awoke the sleeping giant

  • Looking like Joe Biden ready to go on life support with all the coughing, wheezing hes doing!

  • God, I'd LOVE to meet her in her chambers.
    She could punish me…………ANYTIME! 💕😉👍

  • Yes, lady, very good but you forgot to mention God and pray. Love comes from God. and I realize many people are not Christians. In God, we trust still stand strong today.

  • Barry obama is guilty as hell for this planned attack.

  • is she crazy? she said we should isolate and then she says the kids that were at the beach to go help others

  • I am guessing that the time our president gets this virus under control..There just might be someone in jail.. Just a guess..!!

  • 👍❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🎆

  • Judge Jeanine, is China in violation of the Geneva Protocol?
    This does not seem like an accident and China needs to face judgement for this horrible mess. And also why isnt anyone saying anything about the harmful 5g networks that is being rolled out while the citizens are locked down? Studies have shown that the small cell towers of the 5g networks are very hazardous to wildlife and humans. Why is no one mentioning that?

  • I wonder what, if anything, being done for the homeless? Luv you recorded this before Pelosi blew into town

  • It will be much better when the crooked, evil people are locked up. Crooked Hillary first then follow with the rest of the crooked politicians then the crooked evil people in Hollywood!!!

    Thank you Judge Jeanine for your wonderful input. I have a lot of respect for you!!

  • Hope this brings the Would together!!!!

  • BY THE GRACE OF GOD, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • well said jeanine

  • Lol, nothing will change except will be more broke

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