KiwiSaver proposal aims to lift Māori home ownership

Maori first home buyers
could benefit from a new concept thanks
to the Retirement Commissioner. There are plans to relax
KiwiSaver rules to allow more people
to buy property. And as Eruera Rerekura reports, the move could address the low percentage of Maori
who own a home. Homeownership is on the decline
at only 55% for the general population. But for Maori, that percentage is lower. Tahei Simpson is a mortgage broker. She identified the situation
that’s facing many Maori who are wanting to buy
their first homes. The main aim of this concept
is to make it fairer for people on low-incomes. The hope is that Maori are attracted
to this concept. To increase Maori homeownership. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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