Learn How To Apply SBI Card IPO In Upstox Within 10 Minutes

friends today we are going to see how to apply for sbi card ipo online or any ipo online in india so here I have already logged into my upstox trading account so as you are aware that the sbi card ipo is right now is live you can apply for this the sbi card ipo till 5th of March 2020 so friends we have logged into my sbi savings bank account so here you can see a pop up so here it is asking wish to apply for sbi cards ipo so here dear customer we have online so here we have to click on this sbi cards ipo so we have to accept this so here we are on the latest ipo so this the sbi cards ipo like wise if you want to apply for any new ipo then you will be having that ipo listed here so this is for the retail investors if you click on this button on go here undertaking by sbi investing the board of directors of sbi cards and payment services so here we have to read this information and then click accept here so here we have to select options of individual, shareholder or employee i will click on this individuals here so here it is providing me all the details about latest ipo it is the name of the company sbi cards and payment services limited so here is the address of this company issue opens on 2nd and closes on 5th of March 2020 so the minimum bid quantity is 19 shares with multiples of 19 here lower price band is Rs.750 and upper price band is Rs.755 so there is no discount available here because I am not an employee of sbi so i am retail trader so click here if you have not added applicant just click here to add new applicant details so we have to click on this link here so here we need to enter the profile password so friends I have entered the profile password so here I have to provide the details and here you have to update the beneficiary dp account number the nick name for the applicant this information we can get it from friends to get your beneficiary dp account all that you have to do is upstox account here you have to click on this profile once you click on this you have to click on this button here just click on this name button so once you click on this you will get the information here so this the details of my trading account and demat account number used to ipo application so along with that to get the active segments here so we have to copy this and enter the information here so once we click this information so friends we have filled all the information here we have to click on this add button so here you can see that my my details was successfully added here so now it is asking for the high security transaction password I will just enter that information so I have entered that information here so your request for adding a new ipo applicant is registered so here is the my information friends after completing after updating the applicant details here so here I have click on this and select registered applicant nick name you will find new window here pop up window so I have to select my nick name select go here you can see that details are so here I will be entering the bid quantity so the quantity by default is ninteen so once I enter the quantity here you will see that bid value is automatically calculated here so after completing the details you have to click on this submit button so once you are confirmed all this details you have to click confirm as the final step you have to enter the high security password received in your mobile registered through your bank account so I have received the transaction password here so I will enter the password into this field so I will be entering that information so friends you can see that application for sbi cards and payment services ipo is success upstox and sbi bank so here you can see the confirmation that you request for ipo is registered so here is providing the name of company unique reference number click here to print the acknowledgement for the ipo page so friends you have any questions or doubts related to this sbi card ipo using the upstox account or the sbi bank account then leave your comments or questions in the below segment so that I can answer to your doubts and questions

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