March 25 | COVID-19 Update #10

hi everyone Chris Buddle here. I’m just
out of my backyard taking a break from my computer I thought yesterday was
Wednesday but I now know today is Wednesday the day’s can be a little
confusing these days I’m associate provost at McGill University and
currently working from home and bringing you live our regular updates with
respect to our actions at McGill around coronavirus today I have three points
that are related to students and one general point as well that I wanted to
reinforce some students might have a lot of questions about financial assistance
and their debts and possible loans I do want to make you aware that the
scholarship and Student Aid website has a lot of additional information there
for you and you can go to that place to understand the context that might be
applicable to you or if you have additional needs right now you can refer
to that website many of you would have seen yesterday that the the message that
went out to the community contained a lot of details about academic measures
for students so these are some options that you might want to consider if you
have concerns about your academics and how you’re gonna finish up by your
current term in addition to the SU option and opportunities for withdrawing
from a class late there’s also information now about deferred
examinations and the ways to think about doing in completes instead of finishing
the course immediately if that is something that might work for you
something else I wanted to draw your attention to we’ve been getting a lot of
questions about summer terms and essentially what’s happening here is we
are indeed gonna continue to offer summer terms where we can and those will
be online including no in-person examinations for the summer term
faculties are currently deciding on which terms they can offer online and
they’re also looking at ways to increase enrollment so hopefully all that want to
take summer term or summer classes can certainly find a way to do that remotely
for the programs that apply and finally if you’ve tested positive for köppen 19
or our self isolating or are awaiting test results please fill the self
declaration form out that’s on the main McGill / coronavirus website that’s
important for us to understand your current situation we will treat this
information with the utmost privacy as we should but just to point point to
that self declaration form not aware of that yet so that’s the
update for today Wednesday thanks again for all the messages everyone stay well
and we’ll see you later in the week

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