morning after evening passive income tom with another show today this won’t really talk about not so much other
passive income but more about you know what are you doing right now you know
the markets going crazy and you know the down it’s all it’s all red you know it’s
all right it’s red it’s been read the last almost two weeks now give or take
sp500 you know this is Friday oh I’m shooting
this it’s uh 32:29 the dow thirties twenty 8023 Nasdaq eight thousand five
hundred five you know some headlines are saying you know stock stumbles
coronavirus fears escalate dazzle on pace is the worst day in two years as
the coronavirus escalates I’m doing others of the bad news you know airlines
are hitting in the red travel companies you know Carnival Cruise Line and some
of the other cruise lines they’re all in the red I mean it’s it’s like a buyers
market but you don’t want to buy too early
I’ll be honest with you this is it’s been gonna go for a while companies
aren’t going to rebound overnight it’s gonna take them some time until
everything with this CV you know getting to take care of you know it’s probably
best if your billows from cash because I think the mark is gonna drop a little
bit lower a lot lower so just just watch that and you know a lot of thing a lot of
investments will look favorable right now you know the metal the market gold
silver even if you’re in the bottom or if you want to get the bonds but you got
affair what is your time horizon you know what are you planning to do are you
gonna be well first thing don’t let this chase you out of the market okay I know
some people after the last tales ain’t crashed you know it hurt him so bad they
left and took them years to get back into it and that’s when you mr. Gaines
so if you’re in it now stay in it keep investing you know don’t don’t run away
this is a I mean things like this happens and everyone’s lifetime probably
several times it could get on lower you know I know snow one really knows no
one really can really tie the market is not really thinking time because this is
it’s like the virus it’s talking a lot of issues in the world and it’s it’s
really you know my idea is until it gets contained this market can go a lot lower
I mean it seriously and go a lot lower and so don’t spend all your money right
now don’t spend it all right now you know look for good quality stocks if you
do want to buy but these are gonna hurt the companies right now and hopefully it
won’t hurt him so bad that you know they might get bailed out like I think the
airlines can build that right now with the government I just heard that you
know let that long ago it’s crazy you know it’s crazy is markets not looking
any and it’s not looking good right now but you got to think if you’re near
retirement you know you really need to get really conservative what you’re
doing what you’re investing in if you have a long time horizon go from resting
you know this is perfect you know picked up from some stocks on sale I
probably wait another maybe more at the end of the month when you really can see
some possible gains I’m not don’t think is any financial advice this is just
what I’m thinking you know but the end of the month things could look a lot
worse than what they are now and so you can see a lot of stocks go on sale even
more I bought some stocks like a week ago
better week ago about some BP sons of oil and gas stocks and also bought a
share Tesla and Tesla you drop below some hundred again I was looking at it
again I was saying yeah let me wait because I have a feeling it’s probably a
little bit lower a lot of these stocks and go a lot lower and if you have real
estate investments you know keep building a reserve fund because you
don’t want this could affect a lot of people you know I mean some people could
end up losing their jobs because I had a tub of this you know companies are
hurting so they’re gonna start laying some people off and yes we’re living in
great times right now but companies are gonna hurt pretty bad
coming out of this is how that feeling as what happened in the 2008 crash a lot
of people you know they got here’s your here’s your pink slip I’ll see you again
you know thanks all you did and a lot of them lost their retirements because of
that they lost their pensions that’s a big time right around then a lot of
pensions were getting taken away you know so now a lot of code on pensions
live peep about 401ks via 401ks keep investing in it you know don’t max ask
Ken and you know just do whatever you can you know find out more about what
you’re investing in you know go down to your your finance department or your HR
department ask them you know what is my money going into it what is in this 401k
do your due diligence really find out what you’re putting your money into find
out what you’re investing in if you can change what you’re investing in you know
you want to look for something with more growth so I’m gonna help you out and you
might wanna have some some some bonds that balance it out or some other types
of stocks you know I’m sure a lot of companies have different things you can
look it up once they give you that list you know google it find out what’s in
those companies why not what these companies are investing in I know what
their track record is he hasn’t been a little bit on a tangent today but today
I want to give you some more just general guidance you know I’m not here
trying to say anything I’m not trying to give you any any specific tips but just
more just some common sense tips all right you know plan your rainy
day fund you know the you you need to build up your reserves build up your
reserves because you don’t know I mean the US and every all everything may come
out fine but it may take a while it’s gonna hurt a lot of companies and I’ve
seen talks about a recession happening because of this you airline’s already
getting billed out I saw last year farmers were getting bailed out and who
else is gonna get me to get bailed out you already know you know the bloated
student loan fund that’s already out there yes there’s some summit issues
people trying to you know take care of people’s debt take care of student loans
and everything but you’ve really got to be careful you know you really got to
understand what you do and your money I know some people have commented on my
videos before hey I need I want to get started investing you need to get
started investing okay don’t let the day-to-day things going on make you
forget about investing gotta miss for your future I think I saw some before
that only a small percentage people will actually invest and those people do
invest they hold a big portion of the stock market so you’ve really got a you
know B want to be one of those people you you’ve got a yes I know a lot of
people are struggling the day a lot of people don’t have some people don’t have
a lot of their lot saved away you know you’ve got to make a change you know
2020s here you you’ve got to make the change in your life and and you got to
work that extra job you know there’s a hundred sixty eight hours in a week you
may work forty or give or take so what do you know what the rest of those hours
you know find the time if you got to work part-time job there’s no shame you
know Daymond John you know it’s coming out of his book powershift coming out
next week I’ll drop a link below I’m one of his ambassadors you know you’ve got a
when he started coming up he came with FUBU he knows he’s on Shark Tank he came
up with fugu fugu he worked at Chili’s while he was trying
to sell fugu you know he’s a millionaire now he’s a
multimillionaire now he’s on Shark Tank he’s done these great deals he’s written
I think this is 4th 5th book now sometimes you’ve got to use the time to
work for you and not against you so you got to work that part-time job go do it
you know there’s no shame in that and you really want to take care of
yourself because you know 10 years from now you could really be struggling
hurting you’ve got to use a time now and use it whatever you can to help yourself
out you your life is short you know you don’t want to go back and
say 10 years from now I wish I would do that or show this end of town wish I
would know but you know some time don’t you yes your friends are out doing
whatever they want to do having fun going out to dinner dates whatever but
you can’t get a loan on your retirement you know you can’t get a loan on
retirement this is money you need in the future I know a lot of people’s on
either wander kids for helping out in the future you know but kids are they
gonna be in further behind because they’re trying to take care of
themselves though trying to get their school loan so trying to take care of
their families trying to establish the life they’re trying to buy the house
trying to buy the car or whatever maybe but you know you’ve got to take care of
yourself yeah plan for today for tomorrow you’ve
got a plan for how to make things happen you’ve got to go and do whatever you can
I mean apply for these different jobs you know push yourself up level yourself
up find that better paying job ask your boss for a raise you know do what you
need to do because you know life is short and and you you know the greatest
opportunity today to make that change I mean you can do it no one’s holding you
back find the time to do it you know like I said there’s hundred sixty hours
in a week and what you need to do you need to do whatever you can to do that
stop playing video games stop playing these Facebook games or whatever games
you’re playing go out and learn what you need to do to invest because I’m gonna
financial advisor I can’t really go in the whole lot detail what you may need
to do and as some people try to say howdy to go and
but you’ve really got to sit down and figure out for yourself what you want to
do to invest and don’t be afraid you know you’re gonna make mistakes no it
wasn’t me perfect you’re gonna lose some money you know
but everybody loses money that’s how you learn once you lose money you’ll learn
you’ll say oh I’m not gonna do that next time but you know put money away open up
account I have a couple links below you can get two free stocks you know you
open them open through three bull you get one stock just for opening the
account you get a second stock just for depositing money in the account okay
it’s simple easy to do figure it out it’s less you know it’s like look at my
daughter my daughter’s playing I keep my iPad a couple years ago when she’s like
2 years old and she is figuring things out she wasn’t afraid to try stuff on
the iPad because she knew nothing about it
she’s knew nothing about what it was what to deal with this she’s two years
old and she’s playing my iPad playing with games figuring things out because
she wasn’t afraid to press the buttons on the iPad so when you try it when you
download the the Wii boy app it’s the same thing try it you’re not gonna break
it push this see what does this do what
does that do don’t be afraid be prepared for your future started today if you
don’t have it don’t having your own investment account do it okay it’s not
gonna hurt you you know figure it out and there’s also a Help section in there
because you’re gonna ask hey how do I do this how do I do that if you want to ask
me feel free to ask me I have no problem walking you through it giving you some
tips on how to use the well believe all account but you’ve got prepare for your
future you like I said you can’t rely on Social Security or whatever the
retirement system you have in your in your country you can’t rely on these
pensions you may have because those pension could vanish like they did over
1012 years ago so you’ve got to have something separate put away yes there’s
some great videos you might be watching on YouTube but you’ve got us really get
focused and make it make a change in your life you really gotta make a change
in your life because don’t do it can we rely on your kids and
your kids may not be able to rely on you I’ll be able to help you out I mean and
so you’ve got to really dig down deep and find out how can you make the change
in your life what do you need to do yeah yes life is not easy
nobody ever never nobody ever said life is gonna be easy yes they may have
taught you hey go to school get a good job they’re married have kids and so on
but life is not easy nobody ever said it was easy you’ve got
to put in hard work sometime so ya do the hard work and it’ll pay off you know
there’s a lot of people are really trying to make make it but make them
make their life better you know try and get out of debt you know a lot of my
youtube friends you know either trying to get out of debt talking about their
investments talking about what they’re doing for investing and they’ve all made
decisions so if you’re just sitting here you just came onto my channel for the
first time you know you’ve got to make this decision yourself what is your goal
what do you want to do everything in life is about planning you know you’re
going from A to B you know how are you getting from here to there so for what
you need to do if you’re broke you gotta figure out how to get out of being broke
to having money in your pocket okay nothing is easy you’re gonna make
mistakes don’t be afraid to make a mistake we all make mistakes in our
lives we all say I shouldn’t do this I should have done that but you you’ve got
to figure out how to do it how to make a change in your life you know 2020 run in
a new decade a new decade right now so figure out what you need to do you’ve
got to dig down deep you’ve got to use those 168 hours in a week to make a
change in your life don’t delay it don’t wait miracles don’t happen you know
miracles may happen because only because you set up things in your life – so will
happen I’ve made some great investments in my life when people said you got
lucky you know was i lucky or wise just at the right place at the right time so
it’s all about doing something different doing something decent things out of
your comfort zone me hopping on YouTube a year ago for me that
getting in my comfort zone that for me that’s a big change you know and I
started off shooting short videos I thought that would work and of course
that didn’t work now I realize got to make I’m gonna make a little bit longer
videos to do that yes I’m rambling but I hope you really
really want to get a good message out of this I really hope you want to
understand what you need to do you know you have so many opportunities today to
do it so like I said you know get yourself out of debt
put more income in your in your pocket put more investments in your pocket open
it up up the Weibull account you know so many opportunities are here for you and
another another tangent you know if you don’t have insurance life insurance you
need to look at get some getting some start off with like a $15,000 term
policy I mean should all I cost you maybe ten to twenty dollars give or take
it might cost you a bit more but it should be somewhere in that ballpark you
know you don’t want to put your family in a bind if some were to happen you
today and you know you won’t be here tomorrow you’ve got to have life
insurance you know you’ve got to have some you have money and set aside so
people can bury you I’m serious you know you don’t have and everyone’s
trying to live live life things they’re not gonna die but accidents happen every
day and you don’t know when that that driver out there may be a drunk driver
you don’t know when you know you might just happen to pop fall over one day and
just die you know you’ve got to have that little bit of money set aside just
for that rainy day or any day I mean you’ve got to have you’ve got to take
care of yourself not really put your family in a bind if you put your family
in a bind they’re gonna be you know sad of course but they’re also gonna be mad
because you left them with nothing but you know Bill’s a big old funeral bill
you know you’ve got to have that little part portion set aside you know call
different carriers the different insurance carriers were giving you
different quotes yes and a former lifetime I was an
insurance agent I did that for about a year or so but you know that’s how I
think I know what’s out there you’ve got to do the research do the homework
even questions comments you know send me a message and I can give you some tips
I’m not gonna started I don’t have a license I let my license expire and I
just didn’t think things in the whole system I didn’t like because some people
I got into this into the policy for my company came back and said no you can’t
insure them because they have too many health issues so the older you get the
more health issues gonna get so you may not think you’re in the best shape now
but when you get near 60s 70s you’re gonna be in worse shape so you got to
get the insurance policy as early as possible okay yeah I’m going off all
over the place now but I I really wanted you to get something out of this I
really want you to get some things you can do some actionable items you can do
and take in 2020 okay 2020 is your year 2020 year is a new decade so many things
to do so many possibilities do it you may think you’re too young to me you may
think you’re Superman you may think you may not need this but this is when you
really need to do it you know don’t put things off don’t let things delay you
know get things done don’t wait yeah I mean so many things you do don’t wait
get getting done I just have a feeling things gonna get worse with the economy
so it’s just my my idea my thinking because I’ve seen it you know I’ve seen
the Asian market crass in the late 1990s I seen you know the dot-com bubble a
little bit yeah it’s a little little blip in our your portfolio you may see
or a lot I did see and then the eight crash the TSA crash was horrible
it was horrible okay I mean everybody saw their accounts lose at least 40 40
to 50 percent just that’s how bad the market was so imagine your account if
you’re an investor if you have an account now imagine your account going
down to 40 50 percent you know what would you do
no what’d you do all right you know you should keep buying you know because
everything will come back it’ll stay a couple years for to come back but you’ve
got to you know be focused and then they focus and keep investing don’t
don’t stop investing even when times like this even though the market slow
you know if you’re building up cash to up in the market you know just keep
building up the cash I think the mark is gonna go lower yeah I’m going a little
tangent I’m also at almost 20 minutes now but I wanted to give you a couple of
different messages today you can think about something really to help your life
all right yeah but you know Tuesday I’m going back
out with another test video we’ll see how the market goes it dropped a lot as
of just a few not that long ago yeah yeah Tesla sitting at 691 691 I mean
that’s a lot a bigger drop-down was you know yeah well I mean it’s a big drop
from what it was just as of yesterday but you know even Tesla’s getting hurt
by things going on in the economy you know a lot of they’re trying to open up
their plant in China and this may be having a big impact on Tesla as well so
and there’s a lot of short sellers as well or just like the video I shot last
week about how the tests gonna zero you know there’s one short seller he wants
tests a good zero because he’s gonna make money when it when that happens
Tessa won’t go to zero but and you know you’ve got to just you know planning for
the feeding everything’s about planning today you’ve got a plan how things gonna
go and your where your future is gonna go you know I’m gonna pretty much
finished up here but um hey if you haven’t already like this video
subscribe click Belva notification and this Tuesday and come back with another
test video next Friday will be a passive income video and then so I’m trying to
stick to three videos a week we’ve been doing it not not too bad so far yeah so
trying to really give you something something you think about somebody to
help you out but uh let me stop rambling take care have a great day


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