Massive YouTube Scams, Zoella and Rita Ora Under Fire, Venezuela Uprising, Debt Shame App, & More

Sup, you beautiful bastards Hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday! Welcome back to The Philip Defranco Show and let’s just jump into it. and the first thing we’re gonna talk about today is just kinda a quickie note, if you have a gotten a message from me or any other creator on Youtube, that looks something like this That is not from me, that is not from any of these other creators that is very likely someone trying to scam you. and while I think that 98.3 percent of you that got this were like “that’s definitely a scam” I just [laughs], I wanna help out a few that might not be privy. So, just a heads up, because I’ve seen myself and other creators out there getting a ton of messages and then, let’s talk about the latest crack down on social media advertising, brought to you, by Coffee Want a socially acceptable addiction? Coffee. maybe throw a tub of sugar in it, BOOM, two socially acceptable addictions. I’m getting side tracked, I’m tired. This latest news, comes from the U.K. where you have celebrities like, Rita Ora and Alexa Chung, having been warned that their social media posts could break consumer law. And for those of you who do not know, which I think is like three of you. Sponsored content is pretty much the norm of social media nowadays. To the point, as we’ve discussed on previous shows, you even have people faking endorsements so they seem more legitimate. More “established”, because if you’re getting sponsored then, oh you must be doing something right, and you’re being taken seriously. And so, more and more, when you these celebrities if they are at least doing things properly, they are actual verbally saying, “I’m sponsored by” or, “brought to you by” or if it’s more text based, you see #sponsored #spon #ad Well now, the CMA, the Competition & Markets Authority in the U.K., is saying that is not enough. and this is because they say there is a concern that Influencers aren’t doing enough to clarify when they’ve been paid for content. And so, in order to make celebrities and influencers start declaring what content is paid for The CMA has issued guidelines and these guidelines include being really clear, by using words like Advertising or Advertisement or Advertisement Feature and even more importantly here, they also include staying away from words like #Spon #Sponsored, in association with, “thanks to [brand]” or simply @mentioning the brand. and that’s because the Advertising Standards Authority, the ASA says that this does not tell the full story that is doesn’t go far enough to make it clear that it is an AD and that an influencer has been paid they also say things like, each post must be treated in isolation meaning that if an influencer is engaged in various commercial relationships related to an individual post, each one has to be declared Also, these celebrities, these influencers, have to clarify if they’ve recieved any gifts or loans of a products they endorse Alright because even if a brand is not paying you if they’re giving you something, then the audience needs to know that so they know you didn’t spend your money on it Obviously for some people, that would affect their reaction or review of the product And so connected with this story, there are sixteen social media stars that have been warned by the CMA, and this includes singers like, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding Models like, Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Iskra Lawrence and even youtuber! Yes we made it! Zoe Sugg or as people know her Zoella. and reportedly the reason letters have been sent out to these sixteen in particular is because they may have repeatedly breached these guidelines laid out by the CMA And additionally it makes sense they would focus on these sixteen because of their size. They’re huge people like Rita Ora who has more than 14 million followers on Instagram Zoella has more than 11 million subscribers on youtube and has gotten over billion views just from that. but the biggest thing here is the possible penalty Reportedly if influencers fail to comply with these guidelines, they could not only be taken to court and face heavy fines, they could even face prison sentences of up to two years. So with that it’s really not surprising that following the warning letters the sixteen social media stars agreed to change the way they post online. But still the situation is not over and done with. The CMA says the investigation is not finished It has sent warning letters to more influencers and is going to investigate the social networks too. which is of note because its not just the influencers themselves, but they’re investigating the roles and responsibilities of social media platforms for instance social media platforms like instagram already have built in tools like the paid partnership tool which makes it clear that a post is an ad.


  • oh hi. it's Wednesday. also, you're cool. just you know, in case someone hasn't informed you of either of those facts today. 😉
    YouTube Scam (00:06), Influencer Ads (00:31), Venezuela (3:54), TIA (4:50), Arizona Update (7:21), China’s Debt Tracker App (9:02), Nigeria (12:30)

  • not a big deal but he pronounced Bamako wrong (Capital of Mali)

  • Eat a D Philly D maybe 2 or 3

  • As far as that “ratings system” goes, the Orville season one had an episode similar to that.
    As for the Venezuela situation…
    I told my group last week that the reason the US(Trump) is pulling troops out of Syria is so there will be enough to invade Venezuela.
    The US has been dictating what goes on in Latin America since the 1920’s

  • what China is doing is being done by silicon valley albeit private & more insidious.

  • If the us put this social credit system in place, jeff kaplan would be the head of the organization

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • Wow, now we know why so many Chinese immigrate to the west

  • The China social credit system is old news man. Like a good 12 months

  • Apologize to the MAGA students you defamed and slandered.

  • That feel when Phil will never be the best man at your wedding 🙁

  • The orville did a episode on the social credit score it was cray.

  • Rita ora?


  • Conspiracy Theory: Phil hates flat tummy tea so much because he tried it in his never ending battle to stay thin and ended up shitting himself. And now his wife always calls him Captain Poopy-pants which fuels the hatred.

  • Philip Defranco, and people who enjoy his content are cuckold losers.

  • this guy seems like a turd

  • I think the sheep will flock to wherever the money is available….. and then again Money!! This will happen because of money…

  • Freedom for Venezuela #freevenezuela

  • Ah, British laws…. as moronic as ever. Well, they're consistent at least.

  • the china thing gave me shivers.. like what the actual fuck 😮

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  • rita ora is actually albanian but she has lived in london most of her life

  • You always seem to have a pragmatic, objective look at issues in the world, that is why you are one on the only channels I watch and trust. However, your take on what is going on in Venezuela seems to be in line with the narrative put forth by corporate news. I would suggest you watch "Attempted Coup in Venezuela with Abby Martin, Greg Wilpert, Paul Jay" on The Real News on YouTube. Then look into what they are saying to see if you find any merit to it. Thanks


  • Phillip is such a hypocrite it’s unbelievable

  • Why are you are not on this list

  • Everyone is talking about North Korea more people need to talk about the shady stuff going on in China.

  • So, China is wanting to hook the whole country up onto a horrific version of Class Dojo?! I can't even with this…how is our country in such a hot mess, yet it's STILL the most appealing one around?


  • Where's that "MAGA Kids" apology at Phil?

  • I got that from sis vs bro

  • Amazing that you can address the Venezuelan issue, and people like AOC are ignoring it. Shows you just how sad the American politicians can be…

  • That's footage of pro-Maduro demonstrations, and they had legitimate elections, declared to be free and fair by UN observers. As and when they have their next legitimate lection, the Chavistas will probably win again, becauser the opposition refuses to move to the left to endorse the social gains and public services improvements the public keeps voting for.

  • Rita Oral can redeem her reward, anytime she's thirsty.

  • There is one scam here and its you.

  • Ever notice how the pattern of smaller stars on China's flag kind of looks like a sickle?
    Anyway, if the U.S. government tried to put this system into place it would just be a total logistical disaster. It's been shut down for almost four weeks now because of something as straightforward as a wall.

  • why does Philip remind me of the main guy from true romance

  • Why do you treat your channel like it's a tabloid? I mean the biggest news that you featured heavily was Venezuela and Trafficked women in Nigeria and yet you chose to put Rita Ora and whoever the other one is pictures as the thumbnail despite mentioning their names twice and spoke about them for less than second…. Do people even care about those people here on youtube, sure they're a big deal on Instagram but does anyone here really give a shit? It's like when you talk on and on about that Liza Koshy chick, nobody gives a shit and many still don't even know who she is despite you going hard pretending that she's bigger than she really is… Shit's annoying.

  • Each country's government is collecting your data, behaviour, surveillance anyway. Not just China…in America there are products, websites, social media invented which all collect data, use it and look at how you behave (e.g. Cambridge Analytic/Facebook scandal). Under UK law (where I am from) we have a the Terrorism Act which allows for the detention of a person for 14 days and they do not need to be told why they are there. Obviously a persons behaviour and movement is under surveillance and documented to be suspected of terrorism. I'm sure in America you have the same law. Then in America your government are willing and able to detain and torture people for information in Guantanamo Bay. So to ask particularly "viewers in the States" to gives views is a joke. Your government is really all that different. I'm sure you have a credit rating system just like us Brits which document how much money you owe or how your credit history is stacking up. I think people are more vocal about China's government because they are a Communist Country but they have become more capitalist in my opinion. They are more free to create their own businesses as apposed to historically only with state owned companies.
    Anyway, I believe whichever country it may be, we should not have our information collected and used without our permission.

  • China social record: a nice CONCEPT, so long as you don't use it to oppress your people and try to harass them into blind obedience….sadly that is bound to happen.
    the tracking part is not a violation of privacy in my opinion tho. if you do it in public, it's public knowledge to me.
    …i do want to see if it cuts down on toxic hatred online.

  • fake news according to BLM Africa is a Utopian paradise that can do no wrong

  • ف


  • Did Phil forget to mention himself as a used condom scam artist?

  • holy shit china is a simulation already


  • Ummmm… you could be my best man Phil !! 😉

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • race baiter

  • America and their interventions into countries affairs, although a genuine concern, is terribly dangerous. Imposing American laws across the border but desperately seeking to close theirs. Playing with fire. And for the Chinese although we find their system odd the vast majority is onboard with it. Why should our way of life on the west be the standard we have them live by?

  • Go Rams!! ? ?

  • 1984 is losing its meaning. But I would definitely agree the rating system in China is dystopian and straight out of black mirror, even if there is no parallel in 1984.

  • So, today I watched such a nice video about people saving dogs from terrible conditions, with pictures of before and after, and the dogs were so happy and healthy after! So I was like “faith in humanity restored”! But then, I decided to watch this Philip video about the Nigeria situation and now I lost the faith again, in fact now I am disgusted… I wish I could be anything but human, even a cockroach has more dignity in its existance…

  • Tati Westbrook is queen of lying about PR received and not disclosing

  • China needs that social score system to keep people behaving. A lot of lack of moral of people. But they dont want to teach people moral because eventualy moral leads to question your authority.

  • If you play this at .75x speed, Phil seems like he could use a nap.

  • Thank you for covering Nigeria exactly as you did. With facts, truth, respect and fairness to the rest of the world.

  • We are lucky enough to have freedom of speech yet we use it to harm other people? We all need to unite as a community to show that we are going to change the world I just uploaded a video about this and I urge you all to help be a part of the community and help change the world

  • That’s what happened to me when i got the message from fake Shane I was so happy until I found out it was a scam

  • Thank you for talking about Venezuela ??

  • This system IS like black mirror

  • China is what liberals are working towards

  • EYIISH!!!!!! ENTI WONJAI DARIGA YI….,,???Hmmmmm

  • Ultimately the social credit score system sounds horrible. I will say though, I like the idea of a system that prevents the idolisation of personalities like the Kardashians. A world in which shallow idiots do not benefit from their behaviour. I'm not a fan of reality TV if that was unclear. Of course that's not worth the suppression this system would bring about.

  • The morning news videos are great!

  • That China thing is literally just Black Mirror IRL

  • How can one man say the same thing for his whole life at the start of every video… like that is really quite sad! He must thing he’s cool or something but if you actually think about it, it’s really sad!

  • UK keeping up with the times with these new laws 🙂

  • Well Philly D., when I did some research on Human Slavery, I was STUNNED by what I learned. “According to United States Department of State data, an "estimated 600,000 to 820,000 men, women, and children [are] trafficked across international borders each year, approximately 70 percent are women and girls and up to 50 percent are minors.” – There are somewhere between 400,000 – 700,000 in the the United States right here, right now, 28 January 2019. This country has so many AUTHENTIC problems, it is a blasphemy and bordering on PURE evil to shut down the U.S. government over a wall for which there is NO need. Most undocumented workers in the United States today ARE NOT from México, or even South of the border. In the last 10 years, undocumented workers from South of the U.S. are DOWN nearly 50%‼️ This Nation needs a leader for this time. Not a self proclaimed Nationalist, who is a by the Numbers Fascist, a Hate-monger and inescapably a Malignant Narcissist. 45 keeps poking China with a stick, while a bank owned by the Communist party is the loan holder of $995 million loan and giving 45 sweetheart deals to build luxury properties in China. At the same time 45 has taken loans from Russian banks to build his Trump Tower in Moscow. The single largest group of voters that 46 duped into voting for him, happen to be the most destitute poor people in this Nation. These are institutionalized and Generational dirt poor White Americans. They live from the bayous of Louisiana to the Mississippi Delta, Alabama Bayous, Florida marshes and Swamps, up the Appalachian Mountains, up the Mississippi River.

    They have been locked into destitute poverty since the Civil War. The Government doesn’t build infrastructure in those regions. There is barely an electric grid, the schools they have often resemble “Little House on the Prairie” than even schools from the 1950’s. Medical care for them is a RIDONKULOUS JOKE. These Human Beings, United States of America Citizens one all, need a leader to give a hand up. If for no other reason, to bring manufacturing back from China. China has not been the cheapest labor for well over 15 years. Train the Americans and the U.S. will grow in ways we can’t even imagine. If you really want to slow to a drip, Undocumented Workers from México you can do it 2 steps in as few as 5-10 years.
    1. Louisiana tried to completely crack down on undocumented workers a few years back. Not one Méxican showed up. Farmers got so desperate, they sent recruiters into the Urban North. Maybe 20 showed and the last on left at lunch time. That year, EVERY CROP in Louisiana FAILED‼️ It was like a mini Depression in Louisiana. Thousand lost their land to Corporate farming companies that are poising the soil.
    So, it clear that the U.S. economy DEPENDS on Migrant Farm Workers. So create a Visa program for them, like the Visas the U.S. gives out like candy to Tech Workers. Most from India, China, many other smaller Souter pacific and southern Asian nations. The problem of enforcement is minimized, the land owners have to pay them as work is done, not holding these workers in practical slavery until all the fields are picked, the the workers dont have to live in shanty towns.
    2. Train and bring jobs to those generational destitute poor.
    3. Move the manufacturing to México. They are our second biggest trade partner after Canada’s. This gives Méxicans incentives to stay in México, generation over generation better education, build of infrastructure, a far more stable economy, sanitize the cartel to the point where the only boarder that needs tending is between México and Guatemala, far shorter, and in the end a far stronger ally and far stronger trading partner.

    A United North America‼️‼️‼️????????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??????❣️❣️❣️??‍???‍???‍???‍???‍???‍?

  • I had gotten one from idubbbz

  • Zoella proving YET AGAIN how shady she is…

  • So people are too stupid to figure out that “sponsored” means ad? Seriously?

  • Haven't seen one of your videos in over ten years. You still have millions of views, just wrinklier and fatter.

    Good job. You get the Decade Achievement Trophy.

  • What are the odds of two Nathans being giant pieces of shit in the same week?

  • Phillip, PLEASE watch this video about the situation in Venezuela and cover it in your channel PLEASE. @t

    There's been a lot of misinformation about what's been going on in Venezuela, and this is the most accurate video there is explaining the facts behind everything. PLEASE, as a Venezuelan refugee I BEG OF YOU to cover this. We need things to be clear if we ever hope of getting our contry back. THIS WAS NOT A US BACKED COUP. Please Phillip, and everyone in your community, watch this. Share it, repost it, like it, do whatever is in your power to help us out. It doesnt take much and its free.

    Please Phillip, read this and watch this video. @t

  • If the current ministration put the same program China is into affect Democrats would call Trump “Hitler” and would have have called Obama “forward thinking”

    Republicans would have done the same but in reverse.

  • Venezuela Story: Thanks for the update! Keeps us posted.
    China Story: I swear, there's an episode of Black Mirror over that situation.

  • China is crazy

  • The anime "Psycho-Pass" was about something similar to what China is doing and that anime didn't have the best moments…. Bad idea China.

  • But the question is is it gUYser or gEEser…

  • Hold on you covered a story about advertising rules, yet you said both sponsored and brought to you by? Isn’t that what they were discouraging?

  • You don't know how many doctors and nurses use their influence to sleep with their mentally and physically weak patients. Especially psychiatrists who can discredit the victim by flagging them as crazy. Not to mention the abusive confinements against the patient will.
    Maybe that's why psychiatrists have oftenly bad roles in movies.

  • 7:45 That's exactly how Kill Bill 2 starts

  • 9:30 If this was a thing in the US there'd be so many blips on the screen you wouldn't be able to tell if anyone who isn't in debt actually exists xD

  • 10:00 As someone whos not in debt I find this DISGUSTING. I know plenty of people who are in debt that are doing FAR better than I am right now lol

  • Various non governmental digital media campaigns have similar results to the China policy. Gender wars (#meto which had gone beyond reasonable practices, contemporary feminism, the White people are the only people capable of racism movement etc.). These repressive/oppressive movements and simply different manifestations of the control China is trying to exert with the political, legal, cultural and social fabrics of the host society. Is the China policy worse? Maybe, but neither is good or healthy.

  • I love you Philip but there are more important things than what the internet is mad about, and the most important is Climate Change. Please can you cover the "Youths for Climate" marches? I enjoy your videos a lot and I have seen you change from "babe of the day" to adressing Youtube and how they fuck up to making your own news channel. This is an important story because we don't have much time anymore. We can't wait for 2030 for them to ban plastic straws, we need the change now and these marches reflect how urgent this matter is.

  • Honestly the whole ad thing is really frustrating. Do they think we’re stupid?? We know what sponsored means.

  • China is headed in the direction of the movie ‘Demolition Man’ with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes.

  • Live Revolution!

  • Have you EVER tried to report a PN, nurse or especially a DOCTOR? Nothing happens! NOTHING! Thats why…recall the doctor molesting all those girls here in MI- He was reported over and over and NOTHING! I have reported doctors and others do for killing people- others win in COURT and they are NOT fired!!! They should be not only fired but in JAIL! It's like police etc..another untouchable profession and people.

  • This whole China social credit score thing reminds me so much of the Black Mirror episode titled "Nosedive". If you don't what I'm talking about you have to look up or watch that episode. (Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1 "Nosedive").

  • Rita Ora is so beautiful I love her

  • Sign..

  • Thank You Phillip for tackling the DaddyO5 subject. Yes I kno its an old subject but u saved 2 children so Thank you. Cody & Emma are doing great & more details,are coming out. Your amazing.

  • OMG you talk fast……..

  • The social credit score is quite Orwellian. If this happened in America, people would probably be very angry.

  • Happen to my daughter, she got a notification saying it was from Roman Atwood and that she had won a gift. Thanks for making this known for those who might would fall a victim.

  • Wait so youtubers hiding paid sponsorship to make more money is something new? WHAT?!

  • What do you do if you fell for it? The scam people?

  • So no one in the comments is gonna talk about Nigeria? Ok.

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