Mayor De Blasio Calls For ‘Full-War Footing’ To Help Save Lives | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Self quarantine and it will fix the problem. Your disgusting public transit is why you’re being hit so hard idiots.

  • Traitors to the people

  • The problem is this guy is a complete moron not to mention a criminal. No one talks about the millions of dollars unaccounted for by him and his wife….

  • How many people died from Swine Flu before your lord and savior, Hussein Ubama, declared an emergency? It's ok when a lefty fails to act. Trump 2020 # maga

  • Another #OneTerm Mayor

  • Anyone notice all attention has been diverted from the democratic primaries?

  • Toilet paper, masks, gloves, sanitizers are mostly made over seas(China). Do you really want to risk that? The Republican party is talking a possibility of offering every American citizen( who make under 75k) $1,000 a month until this pandemic slows down. You didn't Mention that huh fake news??

  • Thank you Mayor, you doing great job!

  • Why has he not been removed yet? Get to it NYC.

  • Hopefully this thins down the population of liberals in big cities, the country will be better for it 🇺🇸

  • Sharpton is a race baiting bobble-head, a liar and a domestic terrorist. He should be arrested, tried, and upon conviction, executed. He is responsible for more division and violence than Jim Crow.

  • Panic is the ONLY problem

  • Well American capitalism at its finest (read the comments below….)….greed, selfishness and ignorance…good luck "taking care" of your electorate……

  • Finish the wall and stop freaking out over a cold you people are over reacting

  • .01% of the US population infected…Martial Law??? Are you serious!!!

  • It's sad that people keeps on thinking that it's a hoax. They get so brainwash from the media and blindly follow others without evidence and not knowing the truth. our governorment is so under prepare for an pandemic it's not even funny. All the president did in the beginning was giving out sweet words and did practically nothing, which is why its get so bad in the us now

  • Good lord the MSM is EVIL in the flesh. Military hospitals for 3600 cases? Where mikka?? How about we get more illegals… De Blasio is a fool and they put him front row

  • What about the U.S military ? Are they getting tested for the ( virus ) ?

  • U think the Chinese and blacks will take over America?

  • MSNBC the paperdoll network 🤣

  • Lmao, this is the turd who called for nationalizing companies. Best thing for the country would be to wall off this shithole called NY and let nature take its course.

  • But Obama care was the solution what happend?

  • I think more illegals will help

  • Soulless Video. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lmao!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Hey joe still wanna keep the boarders open. HACK!

  • Plenty of doctors are on record saying this is bad. But the flu has killed far more than this in the same time frame. It's common sense. Wash your hands, clean your areas, if you're sick especially with fever stay home and away from people. Rest, fluids and meds for fever are the only ways to handle it. Just as any viral infection, patience is needed as it runs it's course.

    Crap like what these people are saying is exactly why there's such a mass hysteria

  • The mayor that failed NY.

  • Borders going up all over the Planet… Imagine that….

  • How About The fact that the media is the Sol creator of the panic in the u.s right now. Surprised y'all haven't blamed Russia yet TBH 😒

  • What kind of credible news source trots out Al Sharpton? Give me a break.

  • martial law is coming. They want you dead.

  • Says the dude who went to his local YMCA for 'one last workout' before businesses closed lol

  • 24/7 factory? The mayor wants to force people to work. This guy is an as*hat. Doctors, nurses, EMTS, are still not wearing mask that they already have. If you don’t meet all warning signs and symptoms they treat people as they don’t have covid -19.

  • Do you all know what today is?? It's National Liptard Day. Ah ha ha ha ha SUCKERSSSSS

  • Thank goodness Tramp supporters aren't listening so they can all die.

  • I dont listen to this clown because he is a joke bla bla bla

  • One day I will bragg to my grandsons how I survived the great corrona pandamic. Just like my grandpa bragg to me how he survived ww2. 😎🤘

  • Who wishes the media would cover Cancer the way they cover a flu?

  • Every single person in America needs to be tested. We can have the virus and not even know we do. As a country, America should be doing a lot more with having test available to the people and of course this should be free!

  • It’s gotten bad and will continue to get worse because there are still too many people that are not taking this thing serious enough.

  • de Blasio for President?

  • Hey now we have the greatest panel in the world talking to us here on msnbc! Woooo im so excited, all ears on you, great turds!

  • Quit blowing hot air joker start working quit with your news appearances.
    Stop with the excuses your city is suffering!

  • Comments show how truly stupid Dems and the left have become… but but but I have a diploma in…yeah whatever. Which highly rated indoctrination U did you attend. Doesn't matter you were probably taught what to think not how to think. "Fat dumb and stupid is no way to get through life" Dean Wormer applicable quote. LMAO

  • TRUMP should call for Marshall Law

  • Obama… Come back please!

  • This is such overblown globalist propaganda. Close people and nations in- shut off the social media to them- confiscate all their guns and control them like peasants. Civil war in the USA on the horizon.

  • They should close down construction sites. These places are disgusting. Easily a place were one can get sick.

  • I am calling for this guys resignation. This mayor is a panic freak. He is not even informed properly.

  • Everyone sitting up there is a person of privilege who would get first rate health care either way I don’t think any of them represent us working people and I don’t trust them to speak for us. Testing is just going to show us who has it it’s not going to cure it. Make sure you all are boosting your immune systems stay safe and share your TP & sanitizer America. I can think of 200 better men of color that I rather listen to and trust representing than this propaganda artist. Everyone stay safe.

  • De Blasio couldn't run a pie factory

  • Fake virus scamdemic from NWO clowns like this one

  • To all the people blaming trump. Quit relieing on the government. Do it yourself. Stay home. Shut off your internet. Quit blaming people and sit on a$$. You guys normally dont work full time anyways. Your mostly college students and stay at home moms. So stay home. Stay away from people. You cant handle having to do stuff yourself. Quit panicking and just stop.

  • The dumbest statements on are , speak truth to power and my truth .. 🙄

  • I hate every single democrat in office.

  • This guy needs a award he knows what he is talking about.

  • We need to pull together and support the President all this political manipulating has got to stop. This President is much more honest and qualified then the person he ran against and the people challenging him. I’m sick of corrupt politicians. The fact the Democrats don’t like him is a good sign to me. These people have dynasties in government we need term limits for them!! I feel sorry for the Trumps but I am thankful also. Seriously I trust most of you to do a better job then these career politicians and if you were honest I would expect them to do this to you also. Stay safe everyone and remember to respect each other.

  • The mayor made a tough yet right decision. Lots of volunteers are needed to do deliveries to people in need.

  • The Blasio is a hack he’s insane he’s a socialist he destroys everything he touches he wants the economy to go into pieces this is a prime example of no regard for anything or anybody over a virus that nobody’s even dying over compared to the flu

  • Whats a dictator for 1k Alex!

  • Hay, De…. our border wall is not a option! We need it built faster to keep these coronavirus carriers out of our country trying to get free medical care while infecting thousands getting across our border! And for that racist pos al sharpton, you just need to find a hole and bury yourself. You are the most racist black I have ever had the misfortune to meet! Pure trash!

  • What is it that de blasio is proposing that is any different from martial law?

  • When demonrat socialist say war on anything. It's a guarantee loss…you ignorant commoncore forget the war on poverty you fukn idiots orthe war on drugs, see how this demonrat socialist scum works…nothing original but lie …fu asswipe.

  • Since the young people don't really get sick and spreading it by accident.. I see this as their war !!! They're the one they're the one that can fight and win this war.. or is China going to throw us under the corona river ?? "We're counting on our Young generation".. (can they do it)

  • full war footing AKA martial law

  • Where is your National Guard New York? They should be used first.



  • MSNBC sucks.

  • Mentions that racist reverend al

    I'm done with you.

  • ENTER COMMUNISM AND MARTIAL LAW. People who give up liberty for security deserve neither

  • Hey AMERICA the fake lying Corrupt medias JOB is to make u PANIC and it's working for the people that don't know the Real truth of why the deepstate demonrats are doing this.i guess know one had heard of the 16 yr plan of Traitor Obama and Crooked Hilary well there trying to continue with there plan. I think it's a good time for our Military the MARINES to Finish DRAINING the SWAMP into GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON. March madness and Nothing can or will stop what's coming NOTHING. wwg1wga #Q

  • Andrew Yang: " I told you idiots all along"

  • 00:12:07
    killer joe was that sign you had in your office , the office where that aide was brutally murdered and then your involvement covered up . . . WHAT A LESS THAN PIECE OF GARBAGE YOU ARE JOE

  • BS

  • Martial law.. Is what he is talking about… Martial law is not a good thing…

  • Shut up about Trump already. What are you 4 years old? We have crisis. Let's work together. Volunteer, call a friend, social distance.

  • Illinois TV Station Airs Election Results BEFORE Election! WTF?!?

  • Illinois TV Station Airs Election Results BEFORE Election! WTF?!?

  • Illinois TV Station Airs Election Results BEFORE Election! WTF?!?

  • Illinois TV Station Airs Election Results BEFORE Election! WTF?!?

  • Communist behavior of Mayor De Blasio is frightening.. If Stalin was alive I think he would be instructing these lunitic politicans ,, Do they not realize they are destroying the economy with such plans. .The scary thought he was actually trying to run to be President.

  • Why on earth is Al S. on my tv giving his commentary on something he knows nothing about. i don't believe him to be an expert on any subject other than exploiting his own community for personal gain.

  • DeBlasio is a cupcake he has no concept of what full war entails.

  • Al sharpton has the highest I repeat the highest sense of self preservation. A true wolf in sheeps clothing


  • wake up people swine flu in 09 had 60m+ infected and nothing shut down and codid-19 has 180k cases and they are about to declare martial law…..wake up people.

  • Oh then he goes to the public gym…yeah…do as I say…not as I do.

  • I COMMAND and DEMAND in Jesus mighty name Santa Marta dominate this agenda now! I invoke our universal Mother Mary's mirror of Justice now. May all these involved in invoking fear in this now WILL have to see themselves as God sees them now. Santa Marta I command and demand you go to mayor deblasio now and dominate his ego at once! Amen Ra. He WILL see his erroneous ways now until he sees himself thru God's eyes and bows and repents. Once he repents Santa Marta will no longer have to dominate his ego. Deblasio you WILL be an honorable man before the eyes of God or God WILL turn his back on you. For ETERNITY. Not much time left before he shows himself and beings forth judgment. I've seen there are many indictments. Who's on this list? Are you leaving your flock with integrity and honor? Would you pass thru the eye of God and make it? Narrow is the path. The first ORACLE showed me everything. The gate is VERY narrow sir. Bow. Repent. And be a good leader! Because he's not just coming soon, he's already here! Judgment comes soon. Your ego is so large once Samael gets thru with destroying all egos what will be left? Eye of God is active. Gods army is active. Will you pass this test?

  • Unbelievable. Privileged people have better health care. Everyone I know who is poor or unemployed fat lazy etcetera, has Medicare and gets their knees done on the state dime all the time. Meanwhile those of us who work. Can barely afford health insurance

  • A room full of MORONS!!!!

  • If scientists wanted to find answers to the source of many viruses and those that are to come, they might find answers here.

    Job 38:22-23 King James Version (KJV)

    22 Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail,

    23 Which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?

  • Morning shmoe!

  • As sexism does cause women NOT to get CREDIT where credit is DUE … FDR ran his DEM RACE on 'the new deal' which was a SLOGAN he got from a car dealership. He had NO freaking idea what that New Deal would be and once elected, HE had to produce. FRANCES PERKINS (the 1st and only woman) appointed to U.S. Presidential cabinet as his SEC of LABOR. IT was SHE who designed the NEW DEAL. YOU probably have never heard of FRANCES PERKINS because FDR took the credit when things worked, and he pointed a finger away from himself if things blew up.
    IT was SHE who created: (1) the Social Security program, (2)a federal minimum wage, (3) the 40-hour work week (4) unemployment compensation, and (5) ended the legal use of child labor.
    To celebrate WOMEN HISTORY month in MAR, PBS has a fantastic documentary on Francis Perkins, titled: SUMMONED: FRANCIS PERKINS AND THE GENERAL WELFARE or you can search her name here on YouTubes. She must have come back as a man, she must have come back as Bernie Sanders.

  • Ad I get today on here… "Great Cruise Deals for Seniors"

  • Bill de Blasio would have made an excellent President. He was phenomenal during his press conference this week. Amazing leadership.

  • There once was a mayor de blasio
    He lied so much you could hardly know
    If he was telling the truth
    Or just made up all proofs
    For his sociopathic masters.
    And when he goose-stepped on stage to lie
    that without the army we’ll die,
    You could see he was lying, 
    mincing words and conniving,
    For his oligarchical masters.

  • There once was a mayor de blasio
    He lied so much you could hardly know
    If he was telling the truth
    Or just made up all proofs
    For his sociopathic masters. 
    And when he goose-stepped on stage to lie
    that without the army we’ll die,
    You could see he was lying, 
    mincing words and conniving,
    For his oligarchical masters.
    But trust not a word he is saying
    Or else we will all end up paying
    With our freedoms and rights 
    And all sorts of strife
    For the sake of his monied masters.

  • The U S made an atomic bomb in 4 years. How would trumpee know that he knows nothing of history.

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