Meet Mihailo – Looking to refinance his Home Loan

I went on Lodex to refinance my home loan. Basically, I had gotten
a letter in the mail from my existing bank raising
interest rate on my home loan and I was whinging about it at a party and my friend basically
told me about their website. I really enjoyed actually
people bidding on my business, I mean, I’ve gone to many
comparison sites before and that, and you get different
offers and what have you, but once I actually got
into the auction process, you could actually just go ahead with it, giving you the best deal for your loan, which I found refreshing. I’m very, very pleased with it because I’ve been with the
same bank for a long time and negotiated these loans
with them a lot every time, so this was was quite a substantial saving compared to what I’ve
experienced previously. Pretty much between 30 and 40 best points off my existing loan, which I found was excellent. Once all the details were filled in, the next steps were very, very quick, and I was able to deal with the mortgage broker very quickly, which was a really important thing for me, because it’s very hard to
make a change, you know, especially if it takes
a long time to do it. I already have recommended
Lodex to my friends.

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