Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing

The President:
Thank you very much. We just attended a very
important task force meeting on the virus that
everybody is talking about all over the world. No matter where you go,
that’s what’s on people’s minds. And we are going to take
care of, and have been taking care of, the
American public and the American economy. We are going to be asking
tomorrow — we’re seeing the Senate. We’re going to be meeting
with House Republicans — Mitch McConnell, everybody
— and discussing a possible payroll tax cut
or relief, substantial relief — very
substantial relief. That’s a big —
that’s a big number. We’re also going to be
talking about hourly wage earners getting help so
that they can be in a position where they’re
not going to ever miss a paycheck. We’re going to be working
with companies and small companies, large companies
— a lot of companies — so that they don’t get
penalized for something that’s not their fault. It’s not their fault, it’s
not our country’s fault. This was something that we
were thrown into and we’re going to handle it, and we
have been handling it very well. The big decision was early
when we shut down our borders. We’re the first ones
ever to do that. We’ve never done that
in our country before. Or we’d have a situation
that would be a lot more dire. Also, we’re going to be
seeing Small Business Administration and
creating loans for small businesses. We’re also working with
the industries, including the airline industry, the
cruise ship industry — which, obviously,
will be hit. We’re working with them
very, very strongly. We want them to travel. We want people to travel
to certain locations and not to other locations
at this moment. And hopefully that will
straighten out sooner rather than later. But we’re working with
the industries, and in particular those
two industries. We’re also talking to
the hotel industry. And some places, actually,
will do well, and some places probably
won’t do well at all. But we’re working also
with the hotel industry. But the main thing is that
we’re taking care of the American public, and we
will be taking care of the American public. And I really appreciate
the professionals behind me and the professionals
actually behind them, in a different room. We have a tremendous team,
and it’s headed up by our great Vice President,
Mike Pence. And I want to thank Mike
because he’s been working 24 hours a day,
just about. He has been working
very, very hard, very diligently, and very
professionally. And I want to thank him,
and I want to thank the team. And I’ll have Mike
say a few words. Thank you very much. Thank you. Mike? Please. The Vice President: Thank
you, Mr. President. We just completed the
day’s meeting of the White House Coronavirus
Task Force. We had the opportunity to
brief the President today on a broad
range of issues. And once again, because of
the unprecedented action that President Trump took
in January — suspending all travel from China;
establishing travel advisories for portions
of South Korea and Italy; establishing screening of
all direct flights, all passengers from all
airports from Italy and South Korea — we have
— we have bought a considerable amount of
time, according to all the health experts, to deal
with the coronavirus here in the United States. In fact, as I stand before
you today, the risk of contracting the
coronavirus to the American public remains
low, and the risk of serious disease among
the American public also remains low. With that being said, the
President did deploy not just a whole-of-government
approach, but also a whole-of-America approach. And last week, at the
President’s direction, we met with leaders in
industries, from nursing homes to airlines,
pharmaceutical companies, commercial labs, and it’s
had great, great impact. Pharmaceutical companies
are already working, literally around the
clock, on the development of therapeutics; that will
be medicines that can bring relief to people
that contract the coronavirus. And I know how pleased the
President was to learn that the commercial labs
in this country, led by companies like LabCorp
and Quest, have already brought a test forward and
are taking that to market effective today. This week, at the
President’s direction, we’ll be meeting with
hospital CEOs, health insurance CEOs, and all —
building on top of what the President will be
announcing tomorrow with regard to economic relief
for working Americans. We also met today in a
conference call with 47 of America’s governors. We were able to brief
them on the latest — the progress that we’ve made. We were able to confirm
with them that testing is now available in all state
labs in every state in the country. Over a million tests
have been distributed. Before the end of this
week, another 4 million tests will be distributed. But as I said before, with
the deployment of the commercial labs, we
literally — we literally are going to see a
dramatic increase in the available — availability
of testing, and that’s all a direct result of the
President’s leadership. Today, in a few moments,
we will — we will outline community guidance that
Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci will be publishing. At President’s direction,
we’re going to be providing guidance about
how to keep your home safe, how to keep your
business safe, how to keep safe and healthy
at your school. And we’ll be publishing
that information and speaking about that. A brief word about the
Grand Princess: The Grand Princess has docked this
afternoon in Oakland, California, at a
commercial dock. Twenty-five children,
we were happy to learn through the screening over
the last two days — the 25 children on the
ship are all healthy. Of the people that have
contracted the coronavirus — 21 in all — they’re
being dealt with in proper isolation. Working with health
authorities in California, we hope before the end
of today to begin to disembark California
residents to Travis Air Force Base in Miramar. We’ve made arrangements
with Canada and the UK to take their
passengers back. They’ll be transported
directly to the tarmac, charter flights home. And tomorrow, the
remaining passengers will be transported, again,
through very, very carefully controlled
environments — buses out to the tarmac and flown to
military bases in Georgia and Texas. All the passengers will
be tested, isolated as appropriate, quarantined
as appropriate. And I want to express
appreciation to the Governor of California and
his administration, the Governor of Georgia, the
Governor of Texas, for their strong cooperation
with us in resolving the issues around the
Grand Princess. It has been a — it has
been a partnership which the President directed us
from the very beginning. And the process that Bob
Kadlec will detail, and any questions in a few
moments, continues to work and move forward. The remaining people on
the ship — the crew itself will push off from
the dock, and they will be quarantined and observed
and treated shipboard. But the President made the
priority to get — to get the Americans ashore, and
we’re in the process of doing that, as well as
returning the foreign nationals. Let me just say one other
point: As the President has spoken today to
congressional leadership, one of the things that I
informed the President that I’ve been hearing
from governors is the concern about hourly wage
earners in this country feeling that they had to
go to work, even if they were ill. And the President has
tasked this economic team, and is working already
with leaders in the Congress, to make sure
that anyone is not — feels that they’re at risk
of losing their job or losing a paycheck because
they may contract the coronavirus. When we tell people, “If
you’re sick, stay home,” the President has tasked
the team with developing economic policies that
will make it very, very clear that we’re going to
stand by those hardworking Americans, stand by those
businesses large and small, and make it
possible for us, as the President said from the
very beginning, to put the health of America first. We’ll be available to take
any questions on any of these topics, but, Mr.
President, I didn’t know if you wanted to
speak a few more, in closing. The President: Well, I
think what we will be doing is having a news
conference tomorrow to talk about various
things that we’re doing economically — there’ll
be very major — including, obviously,
the payroll tax cut. And so we’ll be meeting
again tomorrow afternoon. We’ll be coming back from
the Senate, and we have a lot of very important
meetings set up. And we’ll have a press
conference sometime after that, and we’ll explain
what we’re doing on an economic standpoint
and from an economic standpoint. But they will be very
— very dramatic. And we have a great
economy, we have a very strong economy, but this
came — this blindsided the world. And I think we’ve handled
it very, very well. I think they’ve
done a great job. The people behind me
have done a great job. So I will be here tomorrow
afternoon to let you know about some of the economic
steps we’re taking, which will be major. Thank you very much. The Press: Mr. President
have you been tested? The Press: Have you
been tested, sir? The Vice President: Thank
you, Mr. President. The Press: Has
he been tested? The Press: Has
he been tested? The Press: Have
you been tested? The Vice President: I have
not been tested for the coronavirus. The Press: Has
the President? Has the President
been tested? The Press: Sir, he’s been
in contact with people who were in proximity to
somebody who had the virus. The Vice President: Let
me be sure to get you an answer to that. I honestly don’t know the
answer to the question, but we’ll refer that
question, and we will get you an answer from the
White House physician very quickly. Let me — let me ask Dr.
Fauci and Dr. Birx to come to the podium. You all, and the American
public, will have at their fingertips, very quickly,
guidance that this is for every American. We’re working with
communities, like the Seattle area, like
portions of California, New York, and Florida,
that have what we call “community spread,”
a concentration of coronavirus cases. But we directed our team
to come up with helpful recommendations for every
American, every American family, every American
business and school. And if Dr. Birx and
Dr. Fauci step forward, they can outline
that for you. Dr. Birx: Great. Thank you. Good evening. We’ve been — it was good
getting out last week, meeting with communities. We know that the real
solutions to this is every American has a role in
stopping the spread of the virus, and so we wanted to
really put out guidance for every American and
every community that was practical and common
sense, but detailed in a way that everyone would
know precisely what to do. The guidance will be
around how to keep workplaces safe, how to
keep school safe, how to keep the home safe, and
how to keep commercial businesses safe, where
people would eat or be present. The importance about
this is we believe that communities are at
the center of this. I came from a field where
it was the communities that really solved
our issues around HIV prevention. And so we’re very
much speaking to the communities and the
American people about what can be done. All of this information
came from a paper that Dr. Fauci provided from
the Australians — first, author Dalton. So you can actually look
up the scientific evidence that informed each
of these guidelines. But we will be providing
that this evening in great detail so that every
mother, father, child, son, daughter, caregiver
will know precisely what to do and what to ask for. The Vice President:
Dr. Fauci? Dr. Fauci: Yeah. Just to reiterate what
Dr. Birx said, it was as simple as that: We have
been speaking about the kinds of things that would
keep our citizens safe in a variety of environments. We’ve been speaking about
on telephone calls. We’ve been speaking
about at conferences. The CDC has been talking
about this for a long time, as has
Dr. Birx and I. So we thought we would put
it together in a neat-form way that would be
available to the general public. What Dr. Birx had
mentioned is that, just the other day, I got one
of many, many emails where some of my colleagues that
I know from Australia actually decided they were
going to write a paper on it and make a number of
boxes, which was exactly saying what we had
been talking about. So we came up with the
idea — it would be very good for clarity, so why
don’t we just put it together, edit it a
little, and put it in a way that people can look:
“What about the home? What about the school? What about the workplace?” These are really simple,
low-tech things. There’s nothing in there
that’s complicated. But it’s just stated in
a way that’s clear, that people can understand. The Vice President: I
might ask the Surgeon General — is there
anything about the guidance you want
to reflect on? Surfeon General Adams:
Well, one thing I want folks to know is that we
have been looking at the data from around the
world, and we now know more than we ever have
about who is at risk. Who is at risk — and I
hope you will help us communicate this to the
American people — are people over the age of 60;
they’re much more likely to develop complications
from the coronavirus and to be hospitalized
from the coronavirus. The average age of
death is age 80. Now, what we also want
communities to know is that if you are a child or
young adult, you are much more — you’re more likely
to die from the flu, if you get it, than you are
to die from coronavirus. So there’s something
about being young that is protective. We want people to be
reassured by that. We want people to know
that we are really focusing in on those
groups that are at highest risk for complications,
and helping them understand how to be safe. And this new advice that’s
going to be coming out tomorrow is designed to
keep our community safe, to help keep the most
vulnerable safe. And it’s important to
understand that even though young people aren’t
at risk for dying from coronavirus, they can
potentially spread that to older people in the
communities and people with chronic diseases. So it’s important we all
take precautions: washing our hands, covering
our cough, keeping our distance from people who
are sick, and taking the steps that will be coming
out in this new guidance to help make sure we’re
doing everything we know possible to keep our most
vulnerable protected. The Vice President: Great. Well done. Thank you. And I’m going to — I
think the Surgeon General raises a very
important point. You know, my mother
is 88 years young. My stepfather is
about the same age. This is just a really good
time — what Dr. Fauci tells us, what the experts
tell us is to look after — look after family
members, loved ones who are senior citizens, and
particularly those who have serious underlying
health conditions. All the data, Dr. Birx
confirms to us, that they — they’re the most
vulnerable to serious consequences if they
contract the coronavirus. But the guidance that we
would — we would ask members of the media
and the American public looking on: You can
go to This information will
be posted tonight. And hopefully it will be
useful, helpful, common sense for families, for
schools, for businesses, and for commercial
establishments that welcome the public in,
just to — just to create the kind of practices that
we believe will mitigate the spread of the
coronavirus across the country as a whole. But with regard to
seniors, I might just ask Seema Verma to step up and
speak about — last week, at the President’s
direction, we raised the standards for every
nursing home in America with regard to
infectious disease. And we are deploying all
8,000 of our inspectors in every state, as we told
the governors today, to focus exclusively on
infectious disease compliance at our
nursing homes. Our hearts break for the
families at the Kirkland nursing home in Seattle. The loss of life
has been grievous. But we are — we are
sending the message out, working with our governors
to make sure our nursing homes and long-term care
facilities have the additional layer of
protection against the spread of the coronavirus. And maybe you can give us
— Administrator Verma: Thank you. Thank you, Mr.
Vice President. As he said, that’s exactly
where our focus is: It’s around infection control. And we’re working with
the entire healthcare industry. Today, we issued more
guidance to nursing homes about really upping their
screening of people that are coming into the
nursing home and making sure that, you know,
they’re gloved and they have masks so that they
— so that we can protect people that are in
the nursing homes. The other thing that we’re
doing is, because we know that many of our senior
citizens are vulnerable, we want to make sure
that they know that the Medicare program is behind
them and we’re here to support them. We’re letting our patients
know that they can get a coronavirus test and that
there is no cost-sharing associated with that
for our seniors on the Medicare program. And we’re also letting
them know that, because of the President’s
leadership, over a year and a half ago, he took
action to actually extend more telehealth benefits
to our nation’s seniors. And this is a very
historic change that we made under the
President’s leadership. And so, if they’re sick
and they’re ill, they can call their doctor, they
can Skype with their doctor, and Medicare
will reimburse for those services. And we’ve also, in our
conversations with governors today, we’ve
talked about having telehealth services also
available in the Medicaid program. The Vice President: Great. Let me — let me invite
Bob Kadlec, who is Deputy Secretary of HHS, to come
forward as well to fill us in on the latest on the
progress on the Grand Princess — Dr. Kadlec:
Thank you, Mr. Vice President. The Vice President: –
that is dockside now and is going through a very
careful process of having Americans and foreign
nationals come off, and everyone will be tested. Dr. Kadlec: Thank
you very much, sir. And, yes, we began our
medical operation to basically disembark
those passengers. On Saturday, we placed the
medical crew on that boat to augment the physicians
and nurses that were already on the ship. We basically ensured that
the quarantine on the boat and isolation were being
enforced, and then evaluated first the
children and those who are ill, identifying anyone
who is severely ill, if possible. When the boat arrived on
dockside today, additional medical personnel came on
board and began an orderly disembarkation. Our intent is to basically
disembark about half of the passengers on the boat
today and the other half tomorrow. And everyone will be
medically screened before they get off. If there’s any question
about their physical or health, they’ll be
screened again more additionally. And then they’ll be
transferred to one of the four quarantine sites in
the United States: Travis Air Force Base, Miramar
Naval Air Station, Lackland Air Force Base,
and Dobbins Air Force Base in Georgia. The foreign passengers
will be transferred to — the Canadians will be
taken back to Canada, and we’re working with the
United Kingdom to return their passengers back
to the United Kingdom. But we’re doing this all
in cooperation with the great support of the State
of California, the City of Oakland, and with the
support of the Department of Defense, Department of
Homeland Security, and the U.S. Coast Guard. Thank you. The Vice President: Okay. Great. And on the subject of
testing, we had a very good discussion today,
as I mentioned, with 47 governors. And I outlined for them
all of the different testing methods
that are available. We have tests now in every
state lab in America, but we’re rapidly
expanding that. And let me ask the
Secretary of HHS to give us the latest on the
availability of testing to the American public
and at the states. Secretary Azar: Great. Thank you, Mr.
Vice President. So we continue with our
strategic plan at HHS, across all of the
components represented by many of the leaders here,
which is to diagnose, to treat, to contain, to
mitigate, to research, and communicate. It’s what we do in
a healthcare crisis situation. One element of that is the
test, which, of course, CDC developed in record
time after getting the genetic sequence
posted from China. That then was available at
CDC, and from that point on, there was no
individual that a public health official needed to
get tested that CDC didn’t have surplus
capacity to test. But we’ve been moving
progressively to bring that test closer and
closer and closer to the patient and to the
bedside, and to make it as easy as possible for us to
use testing, very much in line with our peer
countries facing similar epidemiological
circumstances. At this point, we — as
many of you who were here on Saturday for the
briefing know — we have over 1 million tests that
have shipped from CDC and to private contractors
that are the CDC type of test. Those are now out. And as the Vice President
mentioned, every state public health lab has
validated in operating those tests. In addition, hundreds of
thousands of those tests are in hospitals,
in private labs, in commercial labs. We now have a total of 2.1
million tests that are available, either shipped
or waiting to be shipped or waiting to be ordered. We, by the end of this
week, expect to be able to be producing up to 4
million tests per week in the United States. And that is on top of what
the private commercial entities — the companies
you know of, like LabCorp or Quest — using their
technology, the test that they’re getting out —
which is an even better experience for the patient
because those were — they are able to actually
collect samples directly in doctors’ offices, have
a very sophisticated collection system to their
labs, again, making it a very much more seamless
patient experience. They’re now validated and
getting up and running. And that, you’ll see
even more of that. So as I said, over the
next week or so, you’re just going to see a
progressively better patient and physician
and provider experience connected to diagnostic
testing here in the United States. Thank you. The Press: So how many
of the tests so far? Do you have that number? The Vice President: Well,
let me — questions in just a moment. Secretary Azar: Yeah. The Vice President:
We’ll come back. We’ll come back. The Press: Thank you. The Vice President: With
that, I want to — I want to invite the Director of
CDC to come forward just to give you an overview
of where we are in the country with
regard to cases. And then we’ll take
questions on any of the topics. Dr. Redfield: Thank you,
Mr. Vice President. We do continue to see an
increased number in cases, again, as we
said we would. As time passes, we
currently have over 500 cases now in the United
States, outside of the repatriation cases and
the cases on the Diamond Princess. We now have cases in 35
states that have been reported and the
District of Columbia. I want to reiterate what
the Vice President said, despite what I just said
here, is that, at the present time, the risk to
the American public does remain low. We do have several
community outbreaks, which we’re focusing on in the
Seattle area; in the Santa Clara, California area; in
Westminster, in New York; and in Florida. And these are areas that
we’re investigating heavily to try to
understand the transmission mechanisms
there and begin to help these jurisdictions begin
to operationalize a series of mitigation strategies
to help, again, to slow and contain the outbreak. Thank you. The Vice President: And
let me say just before we go to questions: For the American
public, for healthcare professionals, it is a
comprehensive website. We’re adding to
it every day. And also, Dr. Birx —
we’re working very diligently to establish a
single website where we — where people can go to
track all of the cases and where they’re emerging. Questions? Please. The Press: Mr. Vice
President, could I ask you and Secretary Mnuchin, if
I could, the stock market — The Vice President:
Yeah, please. The Press: — a
huge slide today. And people on Wall Street
now talking about the possibility of
a recession. Some people saying it’s
better than a 50/50 chance that that will happen. How worried are you
that that will happen? Secretary Mnuchin: Well,
let me just first say, today was an unprecedented
move in the oil market. So, you know, we saw a
overnight reaction of over down 20 percent. And that’s obviously what
had a major component today on the stock market. But let me just make a
couple of comments, more broadly, about
the economy. First of all, we couldn’t
be more pleased that coming into the situation
with the coronavirus, the U.S. has the most resilient
economy in the world. You saw a very large
economic jobs number last month, and we couldn’t
be more pleased that the President’s economic
programs of tax cuts, regulatory relief, and
trade have put the economy in a very good position. I would also just say
that I am in daily conversations
with Chair Powell. We are committed, and we
just had a meeting with the President and
the economic team. The President is committed
that whatever support we need to provide
to the U.S. economy, we will use all
our tools, working very closely with
the regulators. The President has the bank
CEOs coming in this week. We’ll be talking to them
about what they can do to help small businesses
and companies that are impacted. So let me just again
emphasize: Our primary focus is there are parts
of the economy that are going to be impacted,
especially workers that need to be at home —
hardworking people who are at home under quarantine
or taking care of their family. We’ll be working on a
program to address that. We will also be working
with small businesses who need liquidity
through SBA programs. We’re looking at
alternatives at the IRS. We have large tax payments
coming up of providing certain relief to
companies and individuals for liquidity. So the President is 100
percent committed that we will provide whatever
tools we need, that the economy will be in very
good shape a year from now. This is not like the
financial crisis where we don’t know the
end in sight. This is about providing
proper tools and liquidity to get through the
next few months. The Press: (Inaudible) the
tax credit you’re looking at, sir? What are you going to
propose tomorrow on Capitol Hill? The Vice President:
Yeah, a follow-up. Secretary Mnuchin: Well,
let me just say there are certain authorities that
the President has that we can do on our own, and
we’ve already catalogued those tools. We have a large group — a
sub-task force of Treasury and NEC working on this. We are also working with
bipartisan leadership on a whole range of
alternatives that we’ll be discussing with
them tomorrow. And, as you know, we had
bipartisan agreement on the spending deal. We will use the same
approach to work with the leadership on the House
and the Senate on this. The Press: Mr. Vice
President, you just said that you have
not been tested. The Vice President:
No, I haven’t. The Press: You said
you don’t know if the President has been tested. But today we learned
that the President has interacted with two
lawmakers who have interacted with someone
who is positive for coronavirus. So why not get tested? The Vice President: Well,
I just simply don’t know what the White House
physician has recommended to the President. But I promise you we’ll
get you that information. The Press: About when do
you think you can let us know if the President
has been tested? The Vice President: We’ll
let you know tonight. Right away. Yeah, but look, this is a
— obviously, the White House physician is —
their directive is to see to the health and
wellbeing of the President of the United States,
and we’ll get you a very direct answer on that. The Press: Do you think
you should be tested? The Vice President: I’ve
had no — I’ve had no recommendation that
I would be tested. And — but let me — let
me just say to everyone: I really do believe that the
guidance that we put out today would be very
helpful and very encouraging to Americans. It was fashioned by Dr.
Birx, Dr. Fauci, some of the leading experts in
infectious disease in the world. And for families that are
looking on tonight, to go to You can find information
about how you can just make your home safer, your
family safer, your school safer, your
business safer. And we recommend that
to your attention. Yes, please. The Press: Mr. Vice
President, do you believe, and does the President
believe, that what happened in the stock
market today and what we’re seeing among
American industry — some of which the President
named today as being affected and in trouble
here — are in any way a result of this White
House’s reaction to the coronavirus crisis? Is this the markets and
American businesses saying that you guys are not
enough in charge and didn’t think enough ahead? The Vice President: Well,
I have to tell you, I’m about a week and a half
into being asked to lead the President’s White
House Coronavirus Task Force, and the men and
women standing behind me, and all the men and women
standing behind them, have done a remarkable job
responding to this. The President’s decision
to suspend all travel from China — Dr. Fauci, I
think, reflected just last night, on national
television, about the time that that bought us. The decisive action in
declaring a public health emergency. I really do believe that
the American people can see that this President is
putting the health of the American people first. But make no mistake about
it: As we go forward, and particularly as we have
more testing available, and we have these
communities that have community spread, there
will be more cases. And — but we simply ask
— we ask today for the American public to join
with us in the commonsense practices that will
mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, and also
particularly, we’re asking every American to look
after our seniors who have serious underlying
health issues. They are clearly the most
vulnerable, and that’s where the focus of our
energy is today, even as we do everything that we
can working with governors at every level, and state
and the local public health officials to limit
the spread of the virus. The Press: Mr. Vice
President, if I could ask a question of Dr. Fauci. The Vice President:
O course. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. Vice President. The Vice President:
Dr. Fauci. The Press:
You’re up, Tony. (laughter) More and more
organizations, charities, are canceling fundraising
events, other events. Is that prudent? Is that an overreaction? Do you think the President
should continue with campaign rallies? And do you believe that
people, even if they’re healthy, should get
onboard a cruise ship? Dr. Fauci: Okay, so
there’s multiple different questions, John. So the idea about
individual entities — governors, mayors, or
whatever — canceling activities that are not
coming from a direct recommendation from the
federal government, I think that they have the
— I don’t “think”; I know they have the
authority to do that. But what they’re probably
acting on is what they would consider, for their
citizens, an abundance of caution. Most of the time when that
happens, it usually is in an area where there
is already documented community spread. And Dr. Redfield mentioned
the four areas right now that are having community
spread that’s documented. But you know there may be
— as we know, it’s a rea- — it’s a possibility that
there’s community spread going on in areas in which
we’re not detecting it yet. And I think that’s
the response of the individuals, be they
mayors or governors, who have you, who
are doing that. So I wouldn’t criticize
them for that. They’re using their own
individual judgment. And to me, I think that
that would be prudent. The Press:
Campaign rallies? Dr. Fauci: You know, I
can’t comment on campaign rallies. It really depends. We are having — as
we’ve all said, this is something in motion. This is an evolving thing. So, not sure what we’re
going to be able to say at the time where you
have a campaign rally. If you’re talking about a
campaign rally tomorrow, in a place where there is
no community spread, I think the judgment to
have it might be a good judgment. If you want to talk about
large gatherings in a place where you have
community spread, I think that’s a judgment call. And if someone decides
they want to cancel it, I wouldn’t publicly
criticize them. The Vice President:
All right. Let’s move on. Let’s move on. Go ahead, sir. The Press: I asked one
last one about cruise ships because a lot of
people are planning cruises over the
spring break. The Vice President:
Oh, that’s — yeah. The Press: Would you
recommend that anybody, even a healthy person, get
onboard a cruise ship? Dr. Fauci: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think if you’re a
healthy, young person, that there is no reason,
if you want to go on a cruise ship, to go
on a cruise ship. Personally, I would never
go on a cruise ship because I don’t like
cruises — (laughter) — but that’s another story. But the fact — the fact
is that if you have — if you have the conditions
that I’ve been speaking about over and over again
to this group, namely an individual who has an
underlying condition, particularly an elderly
person that has an underlying condition, I
would recommend strongly that they do not go
on a cruise ship. The Vice President: And
let me also say, John, I think you raise
a good point. We’re expecting a proposal
tomorrow that DHS, the Coast Guard, all of our
health officials are currently discussing with
the cruise line industry. I was in Miami
on Saturday. We made it very clear that
we needed cruise lines to be safer; to establish and
to embrace new protocols; screening onboard,
screening off; new medical protocols; shipboard
processes for evacuating people that may contract
coronavirus or a serious illness. And I know the President
was grateful that our cruise line leadership all
stepped up to the table. They said they’re ready
to go to the next level. And so we’ll — we’ll be
reviewing that proposal tomorrow with the
objective that apart — apart from the Americans
that Dr. Fauci just described, seniors with
serious underlying conditions, we’re going to
work with the cruise line industry to improve the
safety, improve the health environment on cruise
lines, in the short term and in the long term. Yes, please. The Press: Last time
President Trump was in this room, he told us
that the number of U.S. cases was 15 and would
soon go down to zero. You guys are saying today
that the number is going up and it’s more than 500. What is the discrepancy? And how was he so
wrong on that number? The Vice President: Oh, I
— look, I think what the President was referring
to is that we will have people that test positive,
and then they get better. President Trump wants the
American people to know — and I’m going to ask
Dr. Birx to reflect on this for a moment — the
vast majority of people who contract the
coronavirus will get better. And the President has just
challenged our task force, as the numbers grow —
and they will — we’ll continue to test more
and more Americans. We are, as I’m
standing here. That it’s also important
to remember that people — the vast majority get
better, completely. Some — some large
percentage have mild flu symptoms, some have
serious flu symptoms. But then, of course, for
the — for the Americans you heard the Surgeon
General referred to, and seniors with underlying
serious health conditions Dr. Fauci referred to,
we’re committed to lean in and to make sure they have
the support they need. But the President’s focus
here is just making sure people understand that,
while the numbers grow, there are people that come
off the list because they get better. And, Dr. Birx, did you
want to reflect on what we know about the cycle
of the coronavirus? Dr. Birx: Yeah, thank you. So we know the coronavirus
reacts a lot like the flu in the way it spreads and
in the way we prevent it. And so when we put out the
guidelines to the American people, they will
reinforce the guidelines, and we hope the number of
flu cases go down too, because people will really
be situat- — what we call “situational awareness.” I did want to add one
piece to our cautions about people with
preexisting conditions. We also know that there
are children with preexisting conditions,
and we know that there are individuals that are
undergoing chemotherapy for their treatment
of cancer. For those individuals, if
they have what we call a “decreased number of white
cells” — and they will have that discussions with
the doctors — they are given often a sheet
of paper that really describes how they need to
protect themselves and how their family needs
to protect them. So I want to make sure
that we understand: Yes, we’re concerned about the
elderly, we’re concerned about others with
preexisting condition, but we’re also concerned about
anybody who may be in an immuno- — what we call an
immunodeficiency state, having less white cells
and less able to combat any virus. We want to protect all of
them from the flu, and we want to protect all of
them from coronavirus. And that’s why these
guidelines are particularly important. The Vice President: I
really is — it really is important, I think — and
I want to ask all of the journalists in the room:
Do what you can to distribute this
information — — because
of exactly the reason that Dr. Birx just said so
well: that we want to make sure that families have
the tools, businesses have the tools, even in areas
where we don’t have a significant outbreak of
the coronavirus — we want to make sure that the
American people have the tools to prevent the
spread of the coronavirus, particularly with regard
to the most vulnerable. The Press: Yes, Mr. Vice
President, earlier, you said you’d tell us how
many Americans have already been tested. And as a follow-up to a
question that was asked earlier, are the
President’s tweets hurting your efforts at all? Because he’s accused the
Democrats and some of the members of the press of
making more of this than he says it is. He’s made lighter of it
than you all have here. So, has his
tweets hurt you? And you please tell us how
many Americans have been tested? The Vice President:
I’m happy to do that. Well, the President’s
leadership has made the difference here. I heard it again today
from 47 governors. Governor Larry Hogan
joined me in the Situation Room. He’s the chairman of
the National Governors Association. I think every American
would be inspired if you could see the way, under
the President’s leadership and in cooperation with
governors in every state and every territory, we
literally are working seamlessly on behalf of
the health of the American people. I’m going to invite the
Secretary of HHS to come up and speak about how the
number of tests that have been done, and where we
are — the tests that are available he’s addressed,
but in terms of those that have been conducted. Secretary Azar: So we’ve
told you we’ll tell you what we know and
what we don’t know. Okay? The Press: That’ll work. Secretary Azar: So there
are different types of tests that get sent out. The CDC’s tests that CDC
is sending out — that’s that 70- — enough to test
75,000 people that was sent out last week —
those go to public health labs, about 80 labs in the
United States — one in each state, at least. Those report results back
in to the CDC, because they’re part of the
public health network. The larger quantity of
tests that shipped — about 900,000 of the tests
that shipped by this weekend, and then so many
of the remainder of that two-point- — total 2.1
million tests, those go to hospitals, private labs,
others for testing. They don’t currently have
to report to us that they’ve conducted a test
or what the result of that test is. The CDC is actively
working right now to build that IT connectivity with
them so we can gather that information. So, right now, I could not
give you a number of how many Americans have
received a test because many will have received a
test through hospitals or non-public health labs. And so, let’s — let’s
work — we’re getting the system — the IT
system up through CDC. We want to give you
accurate information as we go. Dr. Redfield,
is that fair? The Vice President: Let
me, if I may — if I may on one: Thank you
all for being here. We will be back here
tomorrow, and we’ll continue to bring the
latest information forward to the American people. Again, let me encourage
all of you here, and everyone looking on around
the country, to go to You get really useful,
practical, commonsense recommendations about how
to make your home safer, how to make your school
safer, how to make your business and any
enterprise out there safer. These are — these are
practical recommendations from the best experts in
America, and we commend them to your attention. But let me also just have
a word of encouragement to everyone. I want to say, again: All
of our medical experts, apart from the areas where
we have community spread and we’re focusing
resource, the risk of contracting the
coronavirus, for the average American,
remains low. It will remain that way
more so if all of us continue to practice
commonsense habits in our home, in our businesses,
in our schools, and our public institutions. And so it’s important to
remember what President Trump said: “We’re
all in this together.” It’s not just going to
be a whole-of-government approach. It’s a whole-of-America
approach. And, together, we’ll get
through the coronavirus. Again, details on all
the latest information: Thank you.


  • We 1. Should learn to take care of ourselves and our neighbors. Learn herbals, learn canning, GROW A GARDEN with heirloom seeds so you can reuse your seeds. Not gmo. 2.this should be no 1 pray unceasingly in everything you do -give thanks to our creator.
    3 Don’t panic and became fearful- be pro active. Have extra food, water, bullets, medical supplies on hand ahead of time always- not just for this. 4. Do not let them take away more of your freedom. 5. These pandemics are planned. Look into Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. (they should be in prison) Amazing Polly has a You tube video out on the 201. 6. We need to become independent and take care of ourselves- stop depending on others.

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  • AMERICA OUT OF NATO right now and we'd have plenty of $$ to fight the Coronavirus.
    Moreover, in 14 years we'd have enough $$ to pay all slavery reparations.
    No American PoC should die for androgynous white Europeans.

  • AMERICA OUT OF NATO right now and we'd have plenty of $$ to fight the Coronavirus.
    Moreover, in 14 years we'd have enough $$ to pay all slavery reparations.
    No American PoC should die for androgynous white Europeans.

  • CDC says containment is beyond a possibility in some areas. Growing fast along East Coast now. NYC biggly. Vacationers will flood Washington DC and Florida with the virus. Think of all the retirement areas of Florida. It's a giant nursing home for virus targets

  • I don’t like how rude the reporters are to President Trump and Mike Pence, it should be mandatory for reporters to go to manner school for a year, if they behave that way.

  • Reminder that it's Communist China that tried to sweep this shit under the rug for months, allowing it to spread everywhere. And THEY have the gall to threaten US over all this.

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  • Many of our medicines and medical supplies come from China. We need gloves, masks and medicines make in the USA.

  • Yea although I am not sick. I have absolutely no ability to miss work if I do. And it's not just a monetary burden but a coverage burden. The retail chain I work for have mandated NO overtime for anyone. My coworker had 15 minutes of overtime on accident and our hr director flipped his lid

  • The media is yelling fire in a theater. The over hype of the virus causing public panic is not part of free speech.
    There attempting to crash the economy and start a public panic and influence the coming election. This action by the media is not lawful. Is NOT part of free speech.
    Also I am thinking Tucker Carlson on Fox has been activated and promoting fear propaganda. These liars causing public panic MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

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  • Washington mental institutions need it all! Sounds like Armagadan. Take care, be well all! God bless you, God bless America! Thank you for all your input. Why does not everyone have a mask their? Is there wipes in the room?

  • Thank you Pence! Doctor.

  • Are medications weekening the immune system in order to fight the virus off?Or are our people just getting sicker and sicker?

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  • Taking Daily Action ::: Exemplary Leadership by POTUS & WH Admin. thank you

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  • Health Minister in the UK is now infected. See Below. All these people need to get tested right away, they need to be "healthy" to do their jobs. They should be tested once per week. Everyone. The president could get tested with the over view of Mike Pence …a guy he trusts….., while they are doing the test. It only takes a few minutes. ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS NEED TO BE HEALTHY. After all, it only means a two week vacation !!


  • Don't let the media pull the wool over your eyes ! All these viruses are made by military scientists in Labs. Intentionally releasing the virus into the community to test the effectiveness and outcome of the virus. Who needs Nukes? When you infect and can kill half the world's population with one Virus, It's called ""BIOLOGICAL WARFARE""

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    God bless President Trump
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    God bless America, One Nation Under God

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  • Question from questionable Press: Is there some question I can ask that will make President Trump look bad? Like, When did President Trump stop giving people the coronavirus? or Why doesn't President Trump care about all the people that died of coronavirus? So disgusting, makes hate listening to their question, at all. Grrrrr

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  • Its been defeated in china. In korea it has already peaked and is continually dropping. Italy has closed the country so will be ok.
    Elsewhere just apply common sense like wash your hands; disinfect surfaces; try not touch face with hands; and avoid gatherings. Will all be ok.

  • You really are the best…in your opinion

  • Mr. President, for your safety and for the safety of those around you, please get tested for the coronavirus and please postpone all press conferences indefinitely.
    Close proximity with the Press Corps who may or may not have been tested or may or may not have the virus is too risky at this point.
    It's the sensible thing to do.
    @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump


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