Miami Couple Owes $120,000 – Life Or Debt, Season 1

[upbeat music]– I just landed
in Miami, Florida.
I’m on my way to Hialeah.Median income is 41,000.There I’m gonna meet
Ernie and Gina Pelaezwho called me in because
they’re struggling financially.
– Are you gonna say a prayer? – It’s Daddy’s turn. – Daddy’s turn? – Can you help me out?– Gina and I, we’re both fromfirst generation
Cuban American.
We met in high school.
We were 14.
She was my best friend. She still is my best friend. – I know all the dirty secrets
that most wives,like, have to dig for.I already know them.[laughs]We have three children.Mia, who’s 17.Sophia, who’s 15.And then, Ari,
who just turned six. Stop! – I absolutely adore my family.I love them to pieces
and I will do
absolutely anything
I can for them.But we’re behind
on our mortgages.
We’re behind on a ton of bills.We’re stressed on a daily basis.We have debts.– Our family lent us $120,000to open a restaurant
called Salad Oz
two years ago.Hi; thank you
for calling Salad Oz.
How can I help you?– I’ve been in
the restaurant industry
for 20 years now;managed multiple franchises,and I’m very passionate
about it.
It was a dream to open a place.Somebody orders a sandwich
from that board,
and I’m waiting
for that first bite.
‘Cause I always see
“wow” come out
when they take that bite.So that’s awesome.But the business isn’t
where we want it to be,
and it’s affecting us
and the family as a whole.
Coming from a Cuban family,there’s an added pressureto succeed in business.– Ernie and I both
come from a long line
of very successful
but that’s a lot
more difficult to attain
than our parents made it seem. – I’m 37, and my dad
almost had an empirewhen he was 37.Failure just keeps
ringing in your ears.
– This goes with
that pile over there. We’re not gonna
do this right now. – No.– It gets me upset
that he doesn’t
do everything
that he needs to do.He’s fallen back on it,and I don’t feel like doing it.– Sometimes I feel like
Gina’s checked out.
We don’t have much in savings.If anything were to go wrong,I don’t think we’ll
be able to handle it.
I just want to give you
and the girls everything that I promised.


  • When you borrow 120,000$ from family are you really in debt? They can't hurt your credit history if you don't pay them. It would suck if you are the family member that is owed and they can't pay you! Be careful when lending money to friends and family, especially amounts you can't afford to lose.

  • They live in Hialeah, they need all the help they can get!!

  • Why did they stop this show I loved it.

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