Mortgage Minute: True or False | Student loan debt

[MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, like that’s
going to happen. Hey, don’t be so negative. OK, yeah, false on this
side, literally a synonym for negative. Whatever, anyway, you can
buy a house if you still have student loan debt. Hear me out. One of the keys
to making it work is staying on top
of your payments. That will help keep your
credit score in good standing. Having debt and paying
it off regularly actually makes you look good to a lender. There are a lot of factors,
but it is possible. Definitely call a
Movement Loan officer to walk you through all of it. Yeah, like you
went to college. I did. That’s cute. That’s adorable. I went to– It’s a funny joke
Jake once said– –South Western– He said, I went– –to college. And it was funny. It made me laugh
at the same time. We should go there. We should check it out. We were the wasps. Not gonna happen.

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  • How can you afford to purchase a home when you have student loan debt? If you have student loan debt, you don't have the money to purchase a home or even a piece of gum. I guarantee most people that purchase a home with student loan debt get FHA. I can see the 2008 collapse happening all over again if you believe people can actually afford to purchase a home while having student loans.

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