Most Dangerous Game | Official Trailer | Quibi

DODGE: We gotta lose this guy. LUGER: Who is he? Doesn’t matter. He’ll kill both of us. DODGE: Promise me something. Yeah. Don’t follow me. DODGE: If I just had some cash DODGE: I’d get some treatment. DODGE: Maybe see my son be born. Think you can help me somehow? MILES: I do. But I can’t do it alone. MILES: I make possible man’s innate
desire to be challenged MILES: in a highly intense sport, hunting. You’d want them to hunt me? Like paintball? Like tag or something? Ah! The sport in its purest form. A hunt to kill. MILES: It’s a twenty-four hour game. MILES: Deposits increase MILES: every hour you survive MILES: for a grand total of… 24.5 million dollars. Just you on your own. MILES: Trust no one. MILES: Stay paranoid. When does it start? It just did.


  • cool video keep up the good content

  • The BEST thing Quibi could have done is chose Christoph Waltz. Quibi, you have my heart forever

  • What illness does he have that would kill him within less than 9 months (so he wouldn't see his son be born) but also isn't physically debilitating enough so he is still able to perform incredible stunts and acts of fleeing from his hunters?

  • Liam, and Christoph it looks awesome looking forward to it quibi hope you guys work out great.

  • Hard Target 2 – Harder Target

  • I see Christoph Waltz I click.

  • This short story went public domain this year

  • in sequal he hunts Waltz

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