Mutilated Money? This Place Will Give You a Fresh Stack

(curious music) – If you have money that’s
been damaged in a fire, in a flood, that’s been
eaten by insects or animals, we’ll evaluate and
determine how much is there and reimburse you for it. (curious music) My name is Eric Walsh,
I’m the assistant manager at the Mutilated Currency Division. Every year, the Mutilated
Currency Division receives about 23,000 cases,
people will send money that’s been somehow damaged, and we reimburse, annually,
about 40 million dollars. It’s a free service
the government provides that we pay dollar in dollar out. We require 51 percent of the
note present to pay on it and that just protects us from paying twice on the same note. Once we determine the amount, we will send a treasury
check for what we discover. We’re pretty low-tech here, so the tools of the trade are
scissors, knives, scalpels, glue and tape, and maybe
a pair of tweezers. The most challenging cases
are usually cases that the money has gotten wet and
sat for long periods of times, and it’ll actually petrify
and be solid as a brick. A lot of it is “the dog ate my money.” We get hundreds of those cases a year. A lot of people will hide their money in the
oven and forget about it, or they’ll get it wet and
put it in the microwave and that will ignite the currency. Our most infamous case
took place in the ’80s, and what happened was a farmer
lost his wallet in a field and discovered that his cow had eaten it, and we always encourage the submitter to send in the package as it is; and the farmer sent in the cow’s stomach, which we were able to
retrieve the wallet from and reimburse the farmer his currency. Our office consists of
just under 20 people, and we have 12 people that examine and process the submissions, and they do roughly between 1,000 and 2,000 claims each year. We do get an increased amount of cases after a natural disaster. Over the past year between the hurricanes and wildfires out in California, we’ve reimbursed over two million dollars. We’re called upon when a lot
of people hit their low point, so any relief that you
could provide someone after they lost all their money in a flood or after their house burned
down is very rewarding. Hopefully we’re a service that
you will never need to use, but in case something does
happen, we’re here for you. (electronic chime)


  • It's called a BANK, FDIC INSURANCE.

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  • That farmer killed his pet cow for $2 in that wallet.

  • That farmer is an idiot and you people too… That Cow might be more asset than money inside stomach…

  • My son just came in the house and asked if he could tape his $20 bill back together then this comes up in my recommendation 😒

  • Come to Australia where we are smart and laminate our money 🙂 put it through the wash? Oh smells nice thanks 🙂

  • That's a awesome service.

  • Thanks for this! My Dad had some waterlogged money and we submitted to the US Treasury a year ago. Last week we got a check for $25,000. 😁

  • I have million but they are deface

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  • The only white guy their was the assistant manager and all the minority’s were working!


  • My money got caught in a bike chain. ;-; dont ask how. It’s about 3 dollars.


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  • Rich ppl problems

  • Very cool service

  • Villager: Ill give you five carrots for all of that.

  • Wow that’s imposible job!

  • The whole stomach wtf lol

  • The joke is on you. Money is a fiction that is not backed by gold or silver. It's a fiat debt instrument and is a tool for enslavement. Saving wrecked money is a waste of time and energy. Just like de facto incorporated bankrupt non sovereign governments and all false religions the entire monetary system is a fraud.

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  • I cow ate my wallet so I got people to open its tummy up for me
    You should of just got a vet to make it vomit or something not kill the cow

  • yeah well im still waiting to find out why I sent in $3,100 and they sent me a check for $2,490 im guessing the mail man stole some it takes forever to get a email back from the government but as soon as I do im off to the post office

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  • How would I apply for that job that’s something I feel like I would accually enjoy

  • Imagine this one guy sends in 1 dollar that has been accidentaly dropped in poop, eaten by a dog, burned in the oven and turns out the money was fake.

  • You can surely make some magnificent art with the remains of the currency.

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  • Imagine sending some of Pablo’s youngins with their damaged money from back in the day..yikes

  • Am I the only one that was today years old when they discovered this service exists!

  • My money will never look like that 'cause I'm always laundering it………
    oops!😳 I mean, I have clean money! Yea, thats what I meant to say!! Nice clean money😬

  • A free service in the us?? Crazy

  • Hold up ….did the cow have to die for the farmer to send it's stomach

  • Seeing a functioning government office that actually helps people. Not all is lost yet.

  • Going to burn some fake money and cash in.

  • Bitcoin is better option !!!

  • Hey, this works! I submitted two 20 dollar bills that an ungrateful dog ate (about half of each one). They sent me a US Treasury check for $40

  • Assistant TO the manager

  • Just send in damaged fake money and they’ll reimburse you💀💀

  • I’m no vegan but killing a cow for a wallet is kinda sad 😢

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  • Who keeps money in the oven!!!!!!!??

  • I live in Canada (manitoba) yeah you can get the money wet & it smells like maple syrup.
    But in the winter time when it gets cold…sometimes your money just snaps..
    I've had a 20 break down the middle before

  • This is where Ilana from Broad City should have gone 😂

  • I love that you can almost hear him trying not to roll his eyes at some of the worst clips. Thank you WEBMASTER6099 @ GMAIL. COM …He tests security systems for people and companies and he helps adjust their flaws. 100% the best so far

  • I have a bunch of shredded of money do you think if I were to send it to them they would give me the money?

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  • Hhm Hello you all wealthy people around the world can you give or share to poor/ less fortunate people.
    instead of keeping it.
    Many dies with hunger other steal just keep them alive.

  • Politicians who forget they had that bribe in the freezer .

  • What if the money that was burned is a counterfeit?

  • Me: mom, can I have money

    Mom: there is money at home

    Money at home:

  • So my bank burnt down can you Guys help me a little?

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  • They did surgery on money

  • So what is the way to replace damaged dollars outside the United States?

  • Better than Gamestop

  • When something seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

  • The is the government i love God bless America

  • I can't get the bank to take a torn dollar bill..

  • I will never have to worrie about this happening to me im just the middle man with money i get cash and the next hour its gone to a bill or rent.

  • This is the coolest job on earth 🌎

  • This is a great story about the Mutilated Currency Division that help people get back lost or damage money.

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  • That's what money is worth nothing it only has value course we give it value.

  • 😱😱😱 How will you know if they gave you back the correct reimbursement?? Money is burned so you wouldn’t know how much money burned up. Unless you counted it before putting money and turkey in oven with some biscuits and wrote a note of the amount of money is in oven and put note in oven also. Hmmm oh , wait… 😂😂😂😂

  • Go to any bank and if u have more than 50% of the bill they will replace it for u.

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  • I feel like one day someone is gonna send printer money and they won’t notice because they thinks it’s been in a natural disaster

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  • The farmer lost his wallet, his own mistake. Killed the cow, extorted the stomach and got his money back?

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  • Rob's a bank Dye Packs Explode "F*** ; Plan B Burns Money Sends The Money to them Gets All of the money Back (oooo Yeah Ya!!!!)

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  • This is what mr.krabs does in his free time

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  • That must have been a fun day in the office just dissecting a cow's stomach

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