My Gf And My Best Friend Stole All My Money?

Hello everyone! I’m Corey and I’m 20 years old. So, I decided to live with my girlfriend,
but it turned out to be far from what I thought it would be. I mean, there was always a certain stage for
the two of us to just discover the good and bad things about each other, but for me, what
I actually found out about my girlfriend, well… it was totally shocking. I started dating Angela about a year ago. We met at a coffee shop and afterward we had
a little chat, I asked her out and luckily, she said yes. The only problem we actually had was that
we studied at different colleges and this created certain obstacles for us to see each
other. That’s why, very soon, we began living together. I really felt like a man providing a life
for the two of us. I mean, Angela also had a job and so on, but
the money she was making was not that much and, in addition, I just liked to buy her
things from time to time. And I even gave Angela my card every now and
then, for example, to buy new cosmetics or to fill the fridge with something tasty. I just enjoyed that type of thing. But a couple of months after we actually moved
in together, I began to notice that strange things were happening around me. I guess that, for the first time, I found
myself missing a few pounds. You know, I had had this tin container since
I was, like, 16 or so, where I usually kept all of my money. It’s not that it was my main money storage,
obviously, since I do have a bank account and a debit card, and so on. I just got used to putting some cash into
that can, you know, when, for example, my nana would try to “financially support”
me every Christmas, and so on. So, one day, I needed to give a tip to the
pizza guy and when I opened the can I got surprised, ‘cause it seemed to me that I
had originally had a little bit more money in there. Later I decided to look through the can once
again and discovered that about 45 pounds were missing. Of course, it was a little bit suspicious
and definitely upsetting, just as it always happens when you lose something, you know. But back then I thought that I might have
already spent that money and just forgot how I did it. Anyway, I let go of that situation until a
couple of weeks later when I once again found myself short of money. I had to pay my landlord rent for my apartment
and I agreed to meet him on the weekend, so I withdrew a sufficient amount of money from
my bank account. I put the money into my drawer, since I had
to keep it somewhere till the weekend, you know. And it just so happened that at the same time
the thermostat in our apartment broke down and I asked Angela to call somebody to fix
it. I told her where I had left the money and
that she could use to pay for the repair. Then my landlord re-scheduled our meeting
to the following week and I just totally forgot about that money in the drawer. Then randomly I got a call from my best friend
from school, Danny. We hadn’t seen each other for several years
and only kept in touch on Facebook from time to time, and this time he was calling to say
that he was in the city for a couple of days and that he really wanted to see me and finally
meet Angela. I couldn’t let my best pal stay anywhere
except for at my place, so I invited him without even a second thought. I got so excited and happy and I was really
looking forward to Danny’s visit. When I got home that evening, I told Angela
about it, but she seemed to be far from happy after having heard this news. She started this, “You should’ve asked
me first” argument, which totally blew my mind. I mean, it was my friend and we had a couch,
so I didn’t see why it was such a big deal, honestly. But then she stopped talking to me for the
rest of that day and would only give me that disappointed look from time to time. Danny was only planning to stay with us for
one night and I was really hoping that Angela’s mood would become better as soon as she met
him. You know, she could at least pretend that
it was OK to have him with us. But her bad temper went nowhere, to the point
that she totally refused to cook for us, even though I was really hoping for that. Well, at least she ordered some Chinese, I
thought, when I brought Danny home after having met him at the airport. All in all, the evening went OK. I mean, it was so nice to see Danny in person,
and if Angela wouldn’t have behaved unfriendly and bored, everything would have been great. However, Danny didn’t say anything about that
and pretended like nothing had happened, just like a good friend normally does. But then, the meeting-with-the-landlord day
came, which surprised me in a really unpleasant way. I discovered that the money I had put in my
drawer to pay him with was gone. I just totally panicked and kept raking around
in the drawer, begging the universe to show me that I was just being inattentive or that
this money just fell somewhere safe, so that I couldn’t see it. But that never happened. There was not a single penny left and this
made me completely freak out, ‘cause, you know, the sum was pretty large, and my landlord
was waiting. But I really couldn’t afford to get all
that money together again, like that. Of course, Angela couldn’t help, but she
noticed how frustrated and nervous I was, so she asked what was going on. However, I still wanted to ask her myself,
you know, just in case if for any reason she had seen this money or maybe decided to put
it somewhere else. Honestly, I would have preferred that she
did that, even though it would have sounded a bit strange, rather than having this money
disappear. She saidknew nothing about that and she also
looked really worried and even tried to help me search for it, but then she suddenly said
that maybe someone had taken this money, stressing specifically the “somebody” word. I knew she was talking about Danny. I couldn’t believe my ears. Later on I started yelling at her. How could she dare to make such a horrible
assumption about my best pal? Strangely enough though, she stayed really
calm, even though, normally, she was quite a hotheaded person, and she tried to explain
that Danny was the only one who could have taken this money. Besides, when he was telling us about his
life, he mentioned something about the financial troubles he had and his problems finding a
decent job. I ended this conversation by just leaving
the apartment, ‘cause back then, after having faced this trouble, I had to beg the landlord
to give me a month to make up for the payment. Thankfully, he met me halfway, although I
could tell that he was disappointed in me. Then I decided to back up my mind a little
bit. Angela’s words seemed to be stuck in my
head. Danny really used to be a good friend of mine
and a nice person, but we hadn’t seen each other for a few years and, you know, people
tend to change, especially when there is a money issue they are faced with. I decided to do the only thing possible that
came into my mind back then. I called Danny. He seemed to not have a clue what money I
was talking about, or he was just really good at pretending. Of course, he got offended with what I had
said and said a few rude things back to me. He was the one who hung up on me, having called
me a jerk in the end. This made me so angry that I threw my cell
phone on the ground and it cracked right in the middle of the screen. Nothing changed for me about this story, except
for the fact that I now also had to find money to repair my phone. When I returned home, Angela was already sleeping,
but I couldn’t wait until the morning to tell her what I did. Seriously, even my hands were shaking – that’s
how nervous and angry I was. She was listening to my story with her eyes
closed and she tried to murmur something calming. I was totally freaking out and it was kinda
normal, I guess, for that situation. I kept scanning from one corner to another,
hesitating between me being wrong about doubting my friend’s honesty, and the overall weirdness
of the whole situation. Suddenly Angela got really angry herself. She sat up in the bed and said that I was
behaving like a little girl and that she had gotten really tired of everything that had
happened connected to Danny, and that she was simply fed up with him. And then she finally revealed, so it would
calm me down, that it was her who took the money. She had to pay her credit card bill anyway
and she thought that it’d be nice to get rid of Danny at the same time. I couldn’t believe that this was my girlfriend
sitting there, talking to me. And when I asked her whether she was aware
that this sort of thing is called stealing, she said that since I didn’t ask her permission
to let Danny sleep on our couch, she thought it would be fair for her to take my money
to pay for her inconvenience. I lost all my words right then. I asked Angela for her phone, since mine was
damaged and I urgently needed to call Danny and beg for his forgiveness. But when he picked up and heard that it was
me, he hung up the phone. When I called back it turned out that he just
blocked me. I was in total shock. Honestly, I was expecting that Angela would
burst into tears, or say that she was sorry, or something like that, but she didn’t. She just behaved as if nothing extraordinary
had happened, and went to sleep again. I lost all my words because of the whole outrageous
situation that was going on. I couldn’t believe that the girl I truly
loved, and who I thought loved me back, was stealing from me and moreover, let me offend
and lose my best friend over it. I spent that night on the couch, ‘cause
I just couldn’t stand being that close to a traitor. In the morning I told Angela to pack her stuff
and move out. When she was leaving, she said that I should’ve
hidden my tin can treasure better, ‘cause now it was almost totally empty. Can you believe this? I’ve never been so wrong about a person
in my life. This is it for my special story about living
together with someone. So far, it was the worst experience in a romantic
relationship that I’ve ever had. Feel free to leave your comments for me and
don’t forget about the subscribe button. Peace!


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