My Southern Trust Story – Mitch Guy – Loan Officer

The flexibility that Southern
Trust has allowed for me has been great. I’ve got two young kids that are both, one’s out of diapers, the other one’s trying to get out of diapers. So kind of joined Southern
Trust right as I was really in the throes of having kids and really obviously growing through that. There is another element
of flexibility to it that allows us to have
a life outside of work and also bring our work
with us whenever we need to. And be able to adjust things on the fly or over the phone or with our great app. The STM Connect which is a
godsend for working from home, working from your phone. So it’s been great for me. Priority approval’s one
of the greatest things that’s ever helped me grow. Just the process of upfront
digging into the loan, making sure everything’s clear. Collecting all the paperwork up front and really addressing
all the issues upfront. Fully underwritten approval
in 24 hours is something that I can’t put a price
on how valuable it is for my customers. I take full advantage of the
priority approval program on every loan. And it’s also nice that pretty
much every loan I’ve done is in house underwritten. So that gives me the strength
and the confidence knowing that we’re gonna be able to follow through with everything I’m out there selling. And these first two years
here with Southern Trust, it’s been unbelievable
how consistent we’re able to basically deliver on everything
I’m out there promising. We’ve got a good reputation on the street. We’ve got a great reputation in attorney’s offices around town. People know that something that’s got Southern Trust’s name on it is solid. There’s always recruiting
and there’s always calls about hey we’re doing this
or hey we’re paying that. But for me I’ve gotten so accustomed to the level of service that
I’m confident in providing and also been taken care of
as far as sales support goes, marketing goes, corporate
support, processing, underwriting. It’s just kind of the total package and whenever I look for something, somebody might be able to
show you something shiny and say, “Hey we’ve got this going on”. But total package is what it’s all about and I trust the business
and I trust the leaders and trust kind of the culture that’s being built here at Southern Trust. This is where I plan on
being for a long time. (relaxing music)

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