New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks on coronavirus response – 3/20/2020


  • Gov Cuomo has been magnificent throughout all of this. I watch his update daily and know I'm up to date, forewarned, informed, can inform others based on what he says.

  • MAGAvirus-19. The virus that destroyed America

  • Too bad good people don’t always get last long with their jobs

  • #DonaldTrump Do you think carona virus is waiting for you to get ready??? Someone needs to be the "Bigger Man" here. Get off the bus!

  • Are NY quarantined

  • #DonaldTrump #BorisJohnson #USA ctrl – alt – delete .

  • This guy would make a good President

  • #Communism in the quise of a virus. #NorthKorea in the guise of a virus. Hitler fooled Germany. Don't be fooled.

  • I wonder what the percentages are for testing results positive vs. negative?

  • It took 200 years it took to get rid of small pox. I haven't got that long!

  • Start about 26 minutes in to see a fine Public Servant in Action. "Prepare for the Worst. Hope for the Best.." This is about saving lives. I admire Gov. Cuomo more now than ever. Thanks to CNBC TV for putting this news conference up for the public, and for history.

  • #15 minutes of fame! Where is the voice of reason?????

  • Just as well you can't catch stupid, because I'm Dodging that bullet like it's the OK Corall.

  • There is some hope with the corona virus. In Jiangsu China, there was 631 confirmed people who came down with the virus, and 631 recovered with zero deaths. – It should also be noted that China did extraordinary measures to get there, and maybe we should also.

  • Just over 10,000 positives and what's your population? 335,000,000 million USA.

  • On the back of the envelope, if we tested 10,000 people and reported approximately 1775 cases, seems to me, it's a little under 18%.

  • #DonaldTrump who you gonna call Ghost Busters?

  • I really like Cuomo……good leader, no bs. Ntelli g it like it is

  • Stop calling it coronavirus! There are many coronavirus

  • Does anybody know who's got it? who's had it? who's immune? Who's who? #DonaldTrump #Shitstorm #BorisJohnson #USA


  • #DonaldTrump Golf ok then?

  • What about Rent suspension for 90 days ? I am confuse and i am out work and i am at home for one and half week and i have big family to feed. Do i have pay rent next month? or wait until 90 days over and pay 3 months rent together ? Please Please If anyone can clear all the information that Governor Cuomo Said about Rent.. Thank You.

  • He is better than Trump

  • Thank you Governor. From all New Yorkers: you have our full support and confidence, and our enormous gratitude for everything already done and yet to be done.

  • Finally after days of confusion, chaos, 3rd world ineffectiveness, I see LEADERSHIP. T

  • Cuomo: "All workers in non-essential businesses across New York state are required to stay home in an effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic." Please define exactly who are the essential business because there are workers commuting for Businesses in NY which might not be essentials. Who will be enforcing that? and what are the channels to report any non essential employers who are forcing employees to go to work?

  • Disgusting, so many are going to lose their businesses, jobs, and there is going to be suicides, you are a sick leader. What you should do is isolate the elderly, you leaders are going to have your hands full in about 2 weeks. Why aren't these people wearing mask? Such BS

  • everything will be fine … kisses from Rome

  • … even if Trump doesn't seem to have understood the situation !!

  • Governor Andrew Cuomo Mr. GET IT DONE Right and Now …👊👊👊Power to the People …. A Man with God giving Power Amen ..👊👊👊👊

  • Staying in your apartment for months, you people have lost your minds

  • Just got laid off……

  • Not a NY resident (I'm from Washington State), but I listen to Gov. Cuomo daily because he is the voice of reason, common sense, and hope. He's my daily dose of inspiration. Thank you Governor Cuomo for your relentless diligence, consistency and courage.

  • I hope my female online friend in New York has been healthy!

  • Thank you Gov Cuomo! You are trying to save lives!!!

  • NY have handled the matter better than other states but still it was a reactive process not proactive

  • Not a fan of Governor Cuomo, however he is doing an excellent job handling this crisis from what I can see. Respect. If only all of our leaders, Governor Cuomo included, were taking our preparations this serious a month ago, the loss of life and impact to the economy, in the end, would have been reduced exponentially. That said. Leaders need to emulate what this man is doing in relation to this crisis. There is no more time. React as is your state is burning and work to put out the fire immediately.

  • This is leadership, let's hope Trump learns something from the "I accept full responsability", but I am afraid he is only worried about his assets and his re-election.

  • gotta say this is way better than Trump briefing

  • People: What about food?
    Cuomo: WE GOT DA POWA!!

  • Whos surprised that a buffoon that said america was never great is now starving out all new yorkers at least now you know before the next election

  • Closing the valves is like building dams to hold back the floods. Understood. In South Africa we may be 4 weeks away from your current reality in NY. We are all in this together.

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • why can't this amazing guy become president ?

  • It seems since the Chinese Corona Virus "came to NY", and Cuomo started talking to our President, he seems to be stepping up to the needs of the People of our State. And he does show a lot of compassion here and I appreciate that. But I'm still hearing "words between the lines" like,,, he says, "We are 'asking you by order" Asking? By Order? Does that sound fishy? "Asking" "By Order",,, Yep, he hasn't "Really" changed 'that much'.

  • He is pure trash. We are seeing the masses being institutionalized in front of our eyes. This is a massive transformation of wealth back to the states and central banks of the world .

  • Coronavirus was made by the state for the state ..

    This a Transfer of wealth back to the states and new day for the central banks like 1929 was .

    It is a great training drill and exercise for the statist who need a brush up on obeying and follower orders by the state.


  • This guys leads.

  • That is leadership. Governor Andrew Cuomo. Good job.

  • Smart guy, this is only way to help people working in ICU. They help you by working in ICU, the people can help them by staying more home.

  • you are a dead man walking aka agenda 21 and millions of babies you killed is without repentence.

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