NGÔI NHÀ CHUNG LOVE HOUSE Series 1 Tập 1 | Mr Cần Trô Xuân Nghị làm mặt lạnh không quen Tường Vy 😓

[music] Love house is a reality show of 8 members about love, including 4 males and 4 females who are single They’re staying together in a well-equipped house prepared by the Organizers for 10 to 14 days These 8 people are selected from different professions, ages and personalities And among them, there is a real couple if they can hide their relationship from other participants successfully this couple will win a trip abroad for now Now, let’s welcome the first member of a young and cute lady Lena, 21 years old a photo model and freelance bussinesswoman She was in two relationships [music] My type is a bit tall a bit handsome talented [will she find a part?] [the first one coming to Love house] I only need food I like eating I haven’t been in such a big house like this and it’s beautiful too Here it is, I really like staying in a room like this All rooms are beautiful Staying in such a house is so cool I can just stay home and eat Now, the second member shows up A dynamic and pretty lady Tuong Vy, 22 years old A MC, a sports editor of FPT channel She had a profound love in grade 11th and went through several unofficial dates Hi, I’m Tuong Vy I’m 22 years old I’m working an editor and MC for FPT channel For a man who wants to conquer my heart Then he should be intelligent and thoughtful I’m Vy I’m Lena Vy: Lena?
Lena: Yes Oh, it’s not cooked? The cooker is too modern that I don’t know how to use How to use it? I’ve never cooked Do you know how to use it? Can you cook it again? No It is too modern that I don’t know how OMG It’s not cooked What will we do now? We have food but no rice How can we dine? [music] [the first guy of the house shows up] The first guy of Love house has shown up He looks cool and impressive Cao Ba Thong, 29 years old He is a director, cameraman and music composer He dated three times Right now, I’m working at the studio I set up a small studio for artists to know about [music] But the thing that occupies most of my time is filming Sometimes I work as a director, sometimes as a D.O.P So it takes a lot of time I have to travel back and forth a lot it’s time-consuming Because I’m very artistic my job is also artistic, requiring frequent travelling it is said that artists are amorous Not everyone’s like that I need someone who can truly understand My ex-girlfriend At that time, we broke up because she lied to me many times There were numerous memories but I put all away there is only a doll a bear My type? as long as she has a good taste in fashion Girl: Comon house Hello everyone I’m late Hello Have you had dinner? Not yet, I’m very hungry now I’m thinking if there is anything to eat Ahh, at the moment there is a very “homemaking” lady cooking How many people here now? Ahh, we don’t know about ten, twenty people Really? What’re your names? I’m Thong forgot to introduce Thong? Yes How old are you? 29 years old 29? Yes, so I call you bro Let me walk around to see if there’s anything I’m confused Vy: Smell so good Thong: and I’ll help you
Vy: I wish I could eat now Is there anything to do? Yes What is that? Let me help Sweep and clean the floor Huh? Sweep and clean this Ok I can’t remember your name Thong Thong? Yes What do you do? I do many things Oh Both of you When I asked what you did, both said did multiple things multiple things? I mean do many things Right now, I’m running a studio Yea? for singers and friends come That’s so cool It’s not that cool I’m really into singing Really? ok Yes, can I stop by for recording sometimes? Sure But with one condition, it is … free ok? If you pay, I also won’t take it At home, my nickname is Mama Mama? Yes, because I’m taking care of everyone Ohh As, we stay in a rental house Oh Stand on this I only have one roommate but it’s tiring I have three, one is at my age because, my roommate is also about my age When was you born? in 1994 you’re born in the Dog year? She was born in 1996 She’s at the same age to my sister My sister is also like a friend of mine I look way too girly but manly? hmm very manly! and me, I look girly but almost become girly Generally speaking, work requires me to be girly [the third girl shows up] Guy: Hi
Girl: Hi The third girl of Love house has shown up She is pretty and smily Hoai Thuong, 26 years old a film director, marketing staff for a spa She had two official relationships and one unrequited love I’ve expected to have this chance for so long because I applied for several times Fortunately, this time I had the chance to join I think this is a very good chance why? because I can meet many cute, unique In general, there might be someone who has things in common who knows, after the show, I’m not single anymore Now, I’m working as a director but it also requires me to work as a camerawoman, writer, movie maker My type is someone who is outstanding It means, I can be impressed at the first sight About appearance, I like men who look a bit scholarly and a special thing is he is not too manly or too girly He’ll be in the middle Here is Vy and other girl is Na She is taking a shower upstairs I’m Thong Yes What’s your name? My name is Thong Thuong, yes Vy, remember her, Thuong Yes, Thuong I will remind you of names You know what? I only remember beautiful girl’s name and I will remember Thuong So see me as a beautiful girl So I’ll also remember you, Thong Hello Yes, when was you born? Can you guess? When was you born, Thuong? ah, in 1995 right? 1995 to 1988, in that period 1995 to 1988? Why’s that? I won’t accept it When was you born, Thuong? Thuong, Thuong 1990? 1990? Why you look so young? I thought you’re born in 1996, 1995 When was you born, Thong? Ok, fine! I’m still older than you too old right? Here is Na You know each other? Do you? Long time no see, it’s been 30 years Oh God I was blown away too I’m very nervous We are preparing dinner Yes, let me and now, the rice is.. Can I eat now as I have to go
Thong: not cooked You have to go? Yes, I’ll be back at 9pm I have a casting While 4 members are having a good time there is a woman dragging her suitcase looking for the address wandering Who is she? Is she a member of Love house? Let me help Tuong Linh, 25 years old She is a freelance businesswoman She had 2 official relationships I’m Trinh Hoang Tuong Linh I’m 25 years old About my current job, I’m planning to set up a business of wedding fashion, jewelries, designs and accessories In fact, before I did work as a teacher of English for 3 years I realize that this is not suitable for me About my type, I’m looking for a person who is like Thor in an American movie It means, a mature, strong, caring he has a sense of humor and cares about his family What address are you looking for? No 12 No 12? which number? No 12, what? Put it here, I’ll carry it Let me help Mine is heavy What now? Wait I’ll take it What’s your name? I’m Linh Linh? Yes, and you? I’m Nghi I’m Nghi Nghi in Hoi Nghi Hoi Nghi, Nghi! I thought you said your name is Ni Are we on the right way? Why is it so dark here? Which Road? 2 or 9? 9 No 12 no idea It’s too dark to see Check it to see if it’s the right way Let me check How old are you? I was born in 1991 1991? it’s well-matched with my age So you’re born in 1987 or 1990? 1990 Ah really? I also care about these things Really Yes, those who are 3 years older than me is a match Where is your hometown? I’m from Hai Phong Hai Phong? Yes Hai Phong girls are formidable Find the way now quickly, I’m getting hot What number is this? I don’t know No 14 No 14 is an even number, to reach the odd number road, we have to go back Go back? Yes, go back it’s not related Can we ask someone? What? Can we ask somebody? Have you eaten? Not yet Let’s go grab something eat? where in this area? Huh? I’m very tired I’ll buy you some snack There is a grocery store over there You’re cute Yea? Take it easy! I want to find Love house first eat later eat later? Yes, because if we walk to find a place to eat We’d rather go finding the house Oh yea? If we find a place to eat now then we still have to find the house Oh that’s right You seem smart Where is your hometown? My hometown is not related Alright, alright, let’s find the house Yes. Let’s find it What’ll we do now? What do you do now? I’m a teacher Which grade? Teacher of English English? so you must be very good at it, I’m very bad at it But but I quit, I’m doing a different thing now What do you do? I’m running a business What kind of business? Selling wedding stuff What are you looking for? Linh: looking for a place to sit?
Nghi: Let me sit, I’m tired Taking the motorbike makes me so tired it’s more than 100kg Whether Xuan Nghi is the next member of the house or not But as a humorous and talkative guy, he’s specious Who is it? Is he the Prince Charming model of girls? Prince Charming is coming You said Prince Charming was coming, I see nobody Hoang Thach, 27 years old He’s a graphic designer has gone through 4 relationships I’m Thach, 27 years old Now I’m working as a graphic designer About designing, I have my own company So I’m working with a group of people who all know well about designs My type is girls who have a modern lifestyle I want her to be dynamic as I love traveling so a dynamic girl will be willing to go with me About appearance, I’m not picky. I just need her to be good-looking and cute Thach is a very cheerful, nice guy and an animal-lover If a girl can catch his eyes it’s good for both You, have you had dinner? Not yet Are you hungry? Not yet So could you give me a lift? Where? At District 1 Then.. Ok Yes But giving me a lift.. But wait I just came in, I don’t know what’s going on But giving me a lift is ok, if yes, then go Let’s go Why these two early guys look both plump Hi there Thach: Hi
Vy: Hello Thach is very enthusiastic, we’ve just meet but when I asked him to give me a lift, he said yes like a Prince Charming [Now, Linh and the stranger guy are still looking for the house] Know what, how can we find the house? Which District are you staying at? I’m at Go Vap Go Vap? Which Road? Phan Huy Ich Phan Huy Ich? Do you know? Yes Where are you? I’m at the airport It’s near mine Yes Have you married? Not yet..Not yet…Not yet Is that flat? Yes, a bit why, if getting involved with somebody married, I’m dead I couldn’t stand the sense of jealousy Is your name Hoi Nghi? Yes, I’m Hoi Nghi Is your name Hoi Nghi or Di Nghi? Hoi Nghi..Hoi What is your full name? Do Hoi Nghi Do Hoi Nghi is like if we go to a festival we will pass exams or be successful, got it? so I was called Do Hoi Nghi Why do you laugh? It’s true, not a joke to laugh at Are you a Scorpio? Aries! Aries is a goat, isn’t it? Why a goat? Aries is a white goat Oh really? Why do you talk like a Scorpio? I talk like a Scorpio? So how many relationships were you in? No, I have many friends who are Scorpio Nghi: Really?
Linh: Yes I talk normally a bit naughty Nghi: Me?
Linh: Yes How? I just feel like that But how? You take a rest for too long Were you really born in 1990 or 1992? 1990 You think I look that young? Yes, your face looks young I’m the oldest among the elderly as I just got back from the filming Your mom is from the North, isn’t she? My parents are from the North Where? What? Very far, a far away land Liar Far but where? Very far, you live in Hai Phong, you won’t know it Do you know Nghe An? Yes Do you know Hanoi? Yes Knowing Nghe An and Hanoi is ok then Your geography knowledge is not bad What, how is it related to where you are? My hometown is Thanh Hoa My parents are in Thanh Hoa Both: Yes Now we continue finding the way, don’t we? Yes Will I take these two suitcases? Yes, you drag them Ok More importantly, I go with you so you don’t feel lonely and I find you the way don’t feel lonely? Yes I’ve made you happy just then Alright I made jokes for you Have you eaten? Not yet. You ask it twice Do I? Is that Road no 10…no 9? It’s certainly Road no 9 As if it’s no 10, I can’t take this motorbike [1h later…still looking for the house confusingly] Now there are 3 girls, there is one more girl [finally found the house] Ring the bell Put it there, why do you drag it? It is Love house, isn’t it? You are..the host? Yes, I am Let me in, please Who are you? I… received the invitation letter from the show to stay here Xuan Nghi, 26 years old Audiences are familiar with the name Xuan Nghi through different comedies and TV series This is your invitation letter to Love house Nghi: Going there to flirt girls
Man: Oh, really? This is my forte OMG, your tongue can make girls fall for you Of course, my mouth.. In general, I don’t know how to flirt but receiving this..envelop..the invitation to join Love house I want to send beautiful girls in Love house a message that watch me out watch me out, yea! I like a girl, not necessary too beautiful good-looking is good enough know how to dress Generally, everything is normal But there is one thing, when it comes to my age I want my girlfriend can take care of me and worry about me When she cares and worry about me then in the future if, for example, in case we stay together be a couple, she can take care of our family, our kids Can I see your invitation? I don’t know where I put it just kidding, take your motorbike in How’s about her? She.. I met out there. I saw her with her heavy suitcase I took her here Do you have the invitation letter? Go ahead Do you have the invitation letter? Yes, go ahead If you have it, then let’s go Yes, let’s go If no, stay outside Nghi: What?
Linh: This is mine See Thong taking the suitcase, I know it’s a girl Pink suitcase Oh man Hello Familiar person Remember who I am? Who? I’m short sighted Liar…liar We have known each other for a long time Not really familiar Go for dinner Now he’s very famous Ah, I remembered He forgot his old friend You Where? It’s been a very long time OMG..OMG. I have to say that he’s famous, he forgot all friends Wait, let me think Yes, she is Linh I met outside, wandering So I carried her suitcase Take a seat These two look at each other confusingly He said he took me on the road, I’m confused about that I didn’t say I “took”, I said I met you, not took you You sit here Have you had dinner? Not yet Sit down, sit down Everyone enjoys your dinner, I’ll eat the leftovers It’s alright I’m trying to remember her OMG..if I know this, I’ll not recognize you Hah? I’ll not recognize or know you No, you have to understand, It’s been a long time No, I got it Too long ago Who cooks this? Thong: We don’t know
Vy: Who cooked? when we come, it’s already here. We don’t know Now, alright He say Nghi, right? So who do you think I am? You who do you think I am? You We used to be very close to each other Very close but now he doesn’t recognize you What is this case? Now you sit here so you two can handle it I’ll eat, you come here Have you met each other before? We’ve just met at the T-junction standing at the T-junction, don’t know where to go It’s kind of..he sees girls walking at night kind of he goes to talk to them you understand, don’t you? shake hands What happened? You two are same? No, let me introduce, she is a young film director A young film director? Yes, it means a not-old film director Here is a going-to-age film director He is an actor I know The way of speaking, I know that but he doesn’t remember me No, you have to know that actors see many people, understand? and…if we.. But…omg Here, now do you remember .. Ahh Hieu Nguyen, Lou Duong? I remember, Vy OMG, why I remember OMG Vy..Vy..Vy Stop it, I’m tired! You were very fat at that time You were very fat at that time, understand? fat but my face is still the same No, different, your face used to be very chubby Weird! That day I was like a pig Yes Stop it Now you two recognize each other, right? but we don’t know each other but generally, I’m very surprised but we don’t know each other see an old friend again but don’t recognize you, it’s more surprised Yes, embarrassed! Alright, let’s eat super embarrassed! I make me feel guilty You are Nghi, right? I’m Nghi, Xuan Nghi Nghi, ok! Actor Xuan Nghi Why did you say your name is Hoi Nghi? I was just kidding Do Hoi Nghi What’s her name? Let me tell you Let her introduce Ok, I’m sorry No, you introduce yourself Your turn I’m Linh When was you born? 1991 9x is good then This is Vy How do you know? I heard him call you that Ahh Thong: This is Vy, this is Nghia
Vy: You’re Linh Nghi, I’m Nghi Nghi, Nghi, Nghi You said my name wrong, I’m sad And you? She’s Thuong, I’m Thong Thuong Hoai, Hoai Thuong Thuong Thong, ok Why do you join our names? Don’t Ah, Thong Thuong Thong Thuong sounds weird Thuong hah? Thong Thong Thuong Join Thuong in between two names Let it be Thuong Thong, Thong is a noun But Thong Thuong, Thong is a verb, sounds weird, got it? What do you do? A film director Ask the one next to you, why don’t you ask? asked already They know each other well No, I don’t know him What do you do? I’m a teacher Teacher? But I quit, I’m doing business now I taught English Oh English Hello hello I wish I could see an aquantance ? It feels like you lost something, right Yes Why do you keep blaming me, Vy? feel like I lost a competitor lose something new You have to sympathize If you say that, I will come home, I’ll leave What? What’s that? How? She keeps talking about that Now, do you take a shower? I’ll take you Thong’ll take him to have a shower Thong, take him now I filmed the whole afternoon, I was at the film studio whole day today Alright What are your names? I forgot Thong Thuong Just look at me, call me like how you see e Right Look at you, I feel love Oh, you’re so flexible No, I’m not You have to learn from him Alright, I’ll go take a shower Go Is there anyone want to show with me? Taking a shower, you don’t have to tell us Let’s go, I don’t know the room either, let’s see it Find sometone to shower together Don’t we have a lift? Listen, is it convenient for you? Convenient what? convenient for you to help me take these two suitcases upstairs? This is very big, after I take a shower, I’ll take them Thuong, leave me some food please Maybe not and the last guy finally come to Love house Who is this guy? Tuan Khoi, 30 years old an artist, drawing pictures on glass He has been in 3 official relationships My name is Tuan Khoi I’m 30 years old Now,I’m working as a glass painting artist Coming to the show, I want to find a girlfriend who loves me and has the same passion and hobbies knows how to cook Here, Hello He is mine Who? Hi everyone You are crazy What? you want to compete? I suspect that he is gay Come here They are? Really suspect Mama Thong? What’s your name? Hello, I’m Thach Thach? Yes, in Thach Sanh Ah only a bit of Thach Sanh but mostly Ly Thong Right Today, did you cook at home? Yes, I did It means you brought your food here? No, I cooked at our house, Ahh where we are staying Oh, how long have you been there? I came at about 4 pm Ah So you are busy with your job, aren’t you? Yes, I’m doing business so I’m always on my phone I see you, I know it You can sell the world, right? What I can sell, I’ll. What I can make it a business, I’ll What do you sell? I sell everything Is there anything dazzling? Yes, diamond I’m sorry, I gave the shipper your stuff to deliver to you It’s probably because you’re the last one I’ll try to deliver to you sooner, ok? You’re truly a businesswoman Why? You change your tone so quick Customer is customer, friend is friend not related, you can talk in two tones I can speak in any tone Ahh, in general I still don’t understand why I have to give you a lift, you know? Just see it as a chance for you to get to know me Then, at Love house, I will help you with other things for example when you’re hungry Ops, I haven’t ask how old you are I’m 27 you’re 27? Yes So how old are you? I’m 21 I know it You’re born in 1989? Yes That’s funny, no 89 I’m very into Feng shui If you’re 21 I was born in Mouse Year Mouse is well-matched with those’re born in 1988 Dragon year Snake bites me This means you have made it clear Snakes bite mice If the case is that I happen to like you, I won’t have a chance right? isn’t it right? Let it be, take it easy then we will figure it out [music] [will they still love no matter what?] [are they for each other?] 8 people of Love house all showed up The met each other by different ways that is very impressive and interesting Some has known each other before Some accidentally met each other on the street Some become a taxi driver unwillingly These young, unique and dynamic people will stay together in Love house What are interesting things? Who will find a part the soonest? Who will return with whom? And will the secret couple win the challenge stay tuned


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    Vy – hơi khó tính, có cái nhìn phiến diện, chuyện nhỏ xé to và hay phán xét người khác từ những cái nhỏ nhặt.

    Nghị – vì là diễn viên nên chưa thể hiện được nhiều. Nói chung cách ứng xử ổn.

    Thương – cô gái này sống chân thành, vị tha và giàu tình cảm nhất, kèm theo vui vẻ hiểu chuyện, lém lỉnh. Có khiếu hài và nói chuyện rất duyên.
    Nghị mà cưới cô này thì ok. Nghị chỉ việc tỏa sáng mọi thứ còn lại hãy để Thương lo.

  • Mấy bà trong này sao ăn nói cảm giác lấc cấc vãi 😂 đc chị Na c Vy xinh

  • Con gái con đứa mà vô dụng vl

  • Có ai 2019 còn coi
    Hâm mộ Xuân Nghị quá mà cx thấy tội Xuân Nghị quá:(

  • Muốn đăng ký phải làm sao ạ

  • Ủa lúc đó xuân nghị nổi tiếng chưa ạ

  • xin phép ad..cho mình cop và cắt 1 số cảnh trong mấy video đăng Facebook nha..tại nó cảm xúc với giống mình quá..k phải bán hàng hay gì nha..cảm ơn ạ

  • Linh nói chuyện de thuong đó. Tới lun Nghị ơi

  • Moi ng xem tâp 13 thây rỏ bộ mặt của thằng thông.
    Tánh đan bà
    Keo kiệt bủn xỉn ai cuoi lam ck khổ cả đời luôn

  • thằng Thông nó chỉ lợi dụng thôi chứ yêu đương gì, nhìn mặt láo chó vc

  • Vợ chồng son đưa mình tới đây tường linh

  • địt cụ thạch

  • bà Linh vừa xấu vừa nc cộc lốc vô duyên

  • Xuân nghị với tường vy diễn sâu ghê

  • Lê na nói chuyện thấy ghét

  • Ngoi nha chung nhin thang thong cho chet kho ua nhin mat no deu nhu ly thong con trong nha ngoai thang thong ra ai cung dep trai xinh gai de thuong

  • Thông đàn bà

  • Sao giống nhà chung của nhóm p336 thế nhỉ

  • nói thật các bạn xem thử show Heart Signal bên Hàn đi ạ =))) mình review mạnh xem hay lắm luôn nhé :3

  • Cho hỏi cái này là diễn phải k ? Mình k nghỉ là thật đâu

  • Giờ mới biết đến chương trình này mà k ngờ có Xuân Nghị tham gia nữa chưe

  • Mới coi Vợ chồng son qua đây

  • 2019 điểm danh

  • Thấy con đi chung với xuân nghị là ko ưa rồi

  • Moi quen ma keu cho di..nguoi ta lich su nen moi khong tu choi thoi mẹ Na…

  • Sao ổng Nghị k đẹp trai mà sao tui cứ mê, nhìn có duyên ghê gớm

  • Tính ra có đứa bằng tuổi mình mà nc hơi vô duyên

  • Đây là nhà chug của p336

  • Ăn nói trống k vcl

  • Chắc toàn con nhà có điều kiện ms vô đây

  • ..

  • Em mà có trả tiền a cũng ko dám lấy nữa

  • dc moi ban la mc la sinh con dau chan chet

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