OSHO: I Respect Money …


  • Jazz music is cool, just listen to those exceptional masterpieces. I guess he was referring to pop music.

  • The problem is people often have to engage, and go along with, corruption
    in order to make money. I find his idea on this outdated. He advocated some
    sort of bartering system- between communes-in his later books. I prefer the ideas
    of Peter Joseph on this topic. Osho’s spiritual understandings are deep and inspired.

  • I am introducrd to this master very late.. I am sad 😢

  • Just the voice of Osho is enough for me. It is the most amazing music there it.

  • Bravo amigo !!!❤ I love Osho !!!❤ Namaste !!!❤

  • This Man is Spot On.

  • Good

  • In march 2019

  • i always wondered if i was the only one who thought of Jazz the same way this man says ? ))) so happy

  • Osho always looks stoned and in slow motion, but at least he is wise -except for the jazz thing

  • 04:35 Book of mirdad

  • This man is amazing

  • People living in the Amazon in the village don't have money they have the land but for us westerners I get it

  • I absolutely disagree. Money doesn't exist in nature. Money is a religion. It thwarts forward progress and binds you. Human beings, and every other species, got along just fine without money before man invented it. Life absolutely does not need money. No one human being is right about everything. It's just a bit shocking that someone so wise is so wrong about something that is easy to see.

  • My favorite teacher ❤️

  • What is the name of the book he mentioned? And author?

  • Osho is one of the wisest man on the earth

  • come on osho jazz is awesome…

  • This is where I totally disagree with him. You can feel what he's talking about in every moment of life if you just stay quiet and listen. We have with in us this all the time. Its actually a lot easier too see it when you are poor. We all have our own way of getting to here and now. Money actually gets in the way of knowing and realizing who we are

  • Also, his comments about jazz put a nice dent in the respect I had for him. If you actually know anything about how music works, how it's constructed, jazz is a highly organized form of music that requires many years of dedicated study to master. The vast majority of classical musicians can't even begin to touch jazz. It's way over their heads. They're stuck to the written score and can't improvise. Not to mention the connection between the freedom of expression that is sought in improvisation and the kind of spiritual freedom Osho talks about. How does he not see that?

    Come on Osho, you're smarter than that!

  • chłop troche odleciał tutaj

  • this guy is singing

  • My master🤗💛

  • I love osho but what type of jazz did he listen to😅

  • I wish I could see him smiling at least for a second 😀

  • The question was about money he talked religion music well little about question made

  • Now I want to listen to some John Coltrane.

  • I came for the ASMR ….

  • Great speech

  • Your mustache is big. Can you talk about mustache?

  • I respect money…..and Rolls Royces, lol

  • Que hombre listo..lento para hablar y rápido para ganar dinero. .

  • Love love n only love for Osho

  • I assume he wasn’t a fan of gangster rap…

  • Where the complete vídeo?

  • And so he goes on about appreciating literature, music, art. Things that dont really have anything to do with respecting money.

  • You can't serve God or Mammon! He surely more than respect money…he worships it. He lives to fill his unquenchable belly. His lust for the riches of the world is noticeable. He sells his crooked wicked doctrine to men and whomsoever buys into it….it's because it tickles their ears. This guy outright in your face teaches against the doctrines in the bible. He worships money, he trains the belly (Hara), he thinks he can elevate his consciousness by his own means….a devil in desguise.

  • I have been poor all my life. My childhood was extremely poor. Did not have the privilege of good food or good clothes. Even now at the age of 38 I haven’t earned anything, no money nor assets. But I have always had very big dreams for luxurious life and big dreams of becoming wealthy. But I am still unsuccessful in gaining wealth. The very thought of money makes me nervous and makes me realise what a failure I am. What am I supposed to do now ? Or think from now on ? Help me Osho and Osho disciples please 🙏

  • Dice osho que hay que estar libre de prejuicios y el mismo se contradice al criticar el jazz y critica a las religiones por estar en contra del dinero. Para mi la riqueza espiritual es estar feliz y agradecido con lo que tienes. esa es mas importante que la riqueza material, ya que lo físico es temporal.

  • Please add turkish subtitle
    Lütfen Türkçe altyazı ekleyin 🇹🇷

  • That is some funky outfit 🙂

  • The book of what???

  • Did you know Thomas Edison died with nothing? It is a great misconception Tesla died pennyless? The man lived to be 83 years old. He gave away patents. He didn't give a fuck about money because he knew it was nothing more than consent on paper. Sure Westinghouse took good care of him but did you know Tesla's patents had a modern day worth of 300 billion dollars? You sir are nothing more than controlled opposition running psy ops on the masses.
    The lack of knowledge are killing my people not lack of money.

  • Wild Wild Country 🧐

  • My man looking like a 1000 dollar bill wearing green.

  • Osho speaks directly from his heart 💜

  • I think any musician have to learn a lot before playing jazz , classical music is a standard of highness , i agree that classical music touches hearts .
    But jazz is playing football with your heart , a lot of complex feelings together , classical is movements and sections , a happy section followed by a relaxing section , or a grieving section, jazz is mixxing all that in a single song , it is intense
    But You dont have to understand music to feel it

  • Por favor pasarlas en español. Gracias.

  • He is right. First financial freedom then become spiritual❤️

  • Osho got his own swag 🤘

  • I like osho

  • 👍

  • 😔☘️

  • Nice

  • But jazz is new every moment. That has its own beauty.

  • I get totally lost in his eyes.

  • Thanks for everything. You are a special person. Great MAN.

  • One of the biggest names in religious industry.

  • Osho is the man – BUT HE'S WRONG ABOUT JAZZ.
    It seems that people only understand music made from suffering – when they are the ones who do the suffering.

  • music jazz Monkey ???? seriously ? I can see the limit of this man.

  • Osho drops some truth bombs, no question. To me this is not one of them however. For every 5 of his truth bombs he drops a piece of advice, I perceive to be harmful and a distraction like this. Life doesn't need objectively good food, good clothes, etc. I can think of many sages that can make ok food, great food by the will of their mind.

  • he didn't talk about money

  • Everything aside, but this channel is underrated

  • Пожалуйста делайте русский перевод😘

  • Damn he didn’t have to do jazz like that…

  • Anyone who owned 96 Rolls Royces is undeserving of the title “enlightened”.

  • Dont stop just by watching these videos..try to read his books

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