Pastor’s Family In Financial Turmoil – Life Or Debt, Season 1

– I’m in San Diego, California, on my way to La Mesato meet with the Beeman family.– My name’s Eric Beeman. – I’m Staci Beeman. – We’ve been married
for 15 years. – Eric was in
a child development class that I was taking. He was hard to miss. His eyes,
they melted my heart. –I think what
attracted me to Staci,
more than anything,was her passion for life
and her beauty. –We’ve got
four rambunctious boys.
The boys
are everything to us.
– I’m gonna give you five
minutes to wrap up this project. On any given day, I’m holding
down the fort at homewhile Eric’s at work.I’m a pastor.God is everywhere you go.The passion
that I have for Christ
and for the church,
it’s my sole purpose in life. Currently, I work at Sonrise. What kind of person
do you think Jesus Christ was? – Loving.
– Loving.I’m not making a lot of money,but I know that we are
right where God wants us.
Staci’s frustration with me
spending so much time at churchwhen it doesn’t pay
as much as,
say, some other career,and that’s always been
a struggle for us.
I was preaching and leading
worship at another church, and two years ago,
they let us go. –We’ve got four kids
and you’re just wondering,
how are we going to make
ends meet?
We had a beautiful home. –We knew that we were either
gonna have to sell that house
or rent it out.Someone came to us
and said, “Hey, we want to rent out your house.” And so that became actually
a source of income for us.But it took us a year
to figure out
that we were supposed
to be at Sonrise.We spent that year
accruing debt,
and it took a toll
on our finances.
And so right now,
we’re not even month-to-month. We’re week-to-week. –We don’t even have
enough money
to go out and pay
first and last months’ rent to even get out on our own.You just feel like one thing
is after another,
and you’re going backwards,and then you’re digging
yourself deeper and deeper.It makes you have doubt,and then it shakes–
it shakes your faith. –It was my idea
to move in with my in-laws.
– Hold on tight, Noah. –It’s frustrating.You don’t have a goal set out
for you in life, thinking, “When I grow up, I want to marry
the man of my dreams, “I want to have four kids,and go back
and live with my parents.”
And Eric and I,
we are currently in the room that I grew up in as a child. –The goal originally
was to come down
and be here for three months, and we’ve actually been here
for two years now. –It can be hectic
and chaotic sometimes.
This house
really wasn’t conducive
to having eight people
in the house.
– It’s been rough.
[chuckles] – If something doesn’t change,it’s gonna damage
the relationships
between all of us.We have got to do something. We’ve got to get
out of this house.


  • I watch this program and it's a shame what this pastor is doing to his family because he doesn't know scripture. Your family is your first ministry not the church. 1Timothy 3:5 For if a man know not how to rule his own house how shall he take care of the church of God? The church does not tithe. The tithe was commanded to Israel under the old testament in the old covenant it was under the Law of Moses the tithe was for the Jews only. The tithe was not money it was agriculture. Deuteronomy 14:22 Thou shalt truly tithe all the increase of thy seed that the field bringeth forth year by year. 2Chronicle 31:6 And concerning the children of Israel and Judah that dwelt in the cities of Judah they also brought in the tithe of the oxen, sheep. The church is never commanded in the new testament to tithe. Pastors preach that but it is not found in the new testament that was under the old covenant for Israel we are under the new covenant in Christ. If we follow any part of the old covenant we would be operating in two covenants and that would be sinful. Why was he let go by the church? A church can't let a pastor go without just reasons, without bringing him before the congregation. Leadership has no authority to let go of a pastor without the involvement and vote of the congregation. Today the church collects the offering during worship service. This pastor can not start a church without two or more other pastors. The church in the bible had a plurality of elders (pastors) in a local congregation. There is no tithing today and God is not asking this man to give over half of his money to the church and neglect the finances of the family.

  • Eric is a scumbag. Pastor? So what. He lost his job just before he was to move out of his Father and Mother in laws. He said his passion he has for Christ is "HIS SOLE PUPOSE IN LIFE". Why did you get married and have children then. You piece of shit, is it your families' SOLE PURPOSE to financially support you? I can just see the ego dripping off you. You are a MASTER MANIPULATOR and I hope one day your precious family will see that. Then you will cry and whine and beg for forgiveness. Why didn't you move into YOUR PARENTS house? I know, they have had enough of you. Go ahead buddy boy start your own church, you sicko.

  • If this happens to me family, I amgoing to get an additional job.

  • Borrower is the slave to the lender. He is not only slave to the lender but his inlaws. He is confusing God with himself. Very curious why he keeps being let go. What were they spending $7,000 on with nothing going to her parents and no savings? If $10,000 was enough for that family in Mexico maybe he should move? I have a lot of respect for the financial planner accepting the tithe being in the budget. I'm angry that the man was so bad at math he was over tithing and then insistent he be in charge of the money cause he is male. Her inlaws have a lot of patience with the family. The FIL was genuinely hurt that nothing had been set aside all those years. I wish that the planner had them looking at apartments and reducing their expenses instead of gaining more income.

  • using the church as an excuse to sponge off of his in laws. what a selfish man. 4 kids??? wow. go back to your house and py your own mortage.. loser alert..

  • why doesn't his wife get a part time job.

  • the pastor seems like a hypocrite.

  • Pastor Eric worships HIMSELF if you ask me. He keeps being let go from his job because ???? Something's fishy. And I have NO respect for him or his wife — how dare they sponge off her parents!! Neither one of them is disabled, they need to get full-time jobs and move out on their own. Grow up people!!!

  • At the end of the episode when he get"s the axe from his job. It prove's that a church is nothing more then a business, he failed to recruit enough sucker's to ''tithe'' . Then he got canned, no different then some poor car sale's person who missed a sale's quota. I almost feel sorry for him he believes in sky monsters so whole truly that he is willing to put his family in jeopardy. Just show's what joke religion is these day's , nothing but a tax exempt status.

  • 90% of pastors are bivocational for this exact reason. They get paid from a job and do ministry for nothing or next to nothing.

    Get. A. Job.

    God does Not want this for your life.

  • I'm beginning to think that people become priests, nuns, pastors, etc., because they're too lazy to get real jobs.
    In the end he said he wants to start his own church. With what?
    It's obvious this man doesn't want to work, and what's more is that he feels no sense of shame, sponging off his In-laws.
    Financial problems is one of the leading causes of divorce. His wife needs to divorce him, and move on. The Father in-law should put his foot down, and demand them out in one month. These people belong on Dr. Phil.

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