how you guys welcome back to my channel so this is an unusual video for me I am literally on my couch pretty sure I'm coming down with something getting sick but I did want to respond to a comment that I received so I got a comment that is I'm not going to post the comment but it was basically what do you do if you're stuck in a payday loan so a payday loan is a loan that you get whenever you are between your pay days obviously you go to a payday loan location they verify your income and you give them your next payday and you give them a post-dated check so with that being the case they're holding your check you're almost spending your money before you get to it the really bad thing about it is that not only are you spending your money before you get it but they're also taking on a ridiculous amount of interest and so it's really really really easy for people to get stuck in a vicious payday loan cycle because you're promising money you're counting your chickens before they even had and what did your mama tell you what did your grandma tell you and PJ denude is about to tell you the same thing never count your chickens before they hatch because as soon as you do guess what things are going to continue to spiral out of control your car is going to break something's going to break at the house somebody's going to get sick something else is going to happen something bad is going to be looming and lurking around the corner and you're going to have that payday loan that you absolutely have to pay and so you end up paying it but because another crisis happens but you've got to go right back and get another and so you get stuck in this long vicious cycle of payday loans and I get it I mean it seems like a temporary fix it seems like it was a good idea at the time you needed something it could be that your car down you need something as simple as a battery in your card you don't have an extra 100 200 dollars you're going to go in your promise you're going to pay the money back by your next payday and you do pay it back but what ends up happening is that that becomes a resource for you instead of you buckling down and tightening up on your budget every time something goes wrong instead of you having the ability to go to your statements account or an emergency fund you're headed to the payday loan and that is absolutely not okay because what ends up happening is that there's always going to be a crisis it always starts on small but you know how it goes it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and before you know it this thing has ballooned it's out of control the interest is balloon is out of control and you don't even know where to start it becomes a part of your routine budget your payday loan payment is in your budget just like your utilities just like your life just like your rent just like your car payment and you do not want to invite this in your life long term it's never your intention to invite it in your life long term but believe me once it creeps into your space it is so hard to get out and the reason it's easy to get into your space is because it feels good at the time when you let a payday loan come into your life normally it works out the first time and it kind of works out the second time and it may even work out the third time but what ends up happening is that it's the 4th and 5th and 6th and 12th time and before you know it like I said is the part of your monthly budget for an entire year because you're always going from one crisis to another well the reason that you don't know how to get out of it is because you are refusing to deal with the pain at some point you've got to suck it up and deal with it and it's going to be painful it's going to be embarrassing it's going to be humiliating but you need to come clean because going to a payday loan is essentially lying to yourself you're robbing Peter to pay Paul you're telling yourself but this next time and I'm going to get caught up and it's because you're way out of control at that point you're not telling yourself no and so it's going to hurt but you're gonna have to stop everything you maybe a little bit hungry you may not get to go as far as you need to go you may be stripped down to the bare necessities food gas shelter clothing and nothing else but that is what you're going to have to do and it's not fun it's horrible it's ugly you're going to hate it it is it tastes good it doesn't feel good it does look good you're not going to look good your kids aren't going to be happy your dogs not going to be happy it is awful but that is what you're going to have to do that is the only way that you are going to get out of that payday loan situation so I'm going to continue to walk you through the steps if I were you first of all I would write down you know put it in your debt snowball if you're not familiar with the Dave Ramsey plan list your payday loans from smallest to largest hopefully you only have one write it down and then just start tackling it and you have to promise yourself to never ever step foot in there again period it's not even an option so I don't care if the car breaks I do not care if there's nothing to eat go eat with your relatives you cannot keep going in there because if you keep going in there you're just delaying the inevitable you just you're just dragging it out unnecessarily and at some point you're going to hit that brick wall and a payday loan is not going to make it any better get yourself through what you absolutely have to have and after that go to work come home go to sleep get up go to work come home go to sleep you have got to that's it that's really all you're able to do at this point you can't do anything extra you've got to slash everything from your budget until you get this under control I don't even care if your cables got to get cut off you've got to get out of that vicious payday loan cycle that is not something that you have room for in your budget so let's talk about it if you are in that situation what is it that you can slash whenever I do my budget videos for the month I always lift my bills that have to be paid it looks something like mortgage car payments car insurance utilities cell phone lists your must-haves anything outside of that is not a must-have so if there's something like clothing that's in your budget if there is something like eating out this in your budget if going out is in your budget if you're spending money on any of those things that anything that basically takes you outside of your house other than work if you're spending money on it it's got to go that is the only way you can't afford to eat out you can't even afford to go see your mother for Mother's Day you can't go you can't afford this your father's for Father's Day you just simply can't afford it and you got to tell everybody that you can't afford it I don't care what's having what event you may have to miss a friend's wedding you may have to miss a funeral you're going to miss some things because your life is completely spiraling out of control and the only way to get your life back into control is to feel pain it is not going to be comfortable at all but it will be worth it so just stick with me if you have a payday loan I don't care if you have to watch this video over and over again I don't care if you've got to play it on your way to work and on your way back home from work but you need to figure out what takes you away from your house other than work because anything other than that you absolutely can't afford it if it's not going to get gas to put in your car and going to get food to eat to bring it back to your house you can't afford it you can't even afford to give anybody a ride anywhere if you have kids who are doing extra curricular activities you can't afford it if you've got pet issues grooming events that you want to go to people you want to see family members friends you absolutely can no longer afford it until you get this pay day out of your life so it's just a matter of how bad do you want it all you really have time for is figuring out how you can make some extra income because you are in a world of hurt you're going to work trouble and you need to get your budget on paper and you need to speak to that budget that's really all you have time to do is sit there and focus on your budget figure out how you're going to get to work early and how you're going to stay late how you're going to make some extra money what your budget says and how you can get things back under control because like I said the next disaster is guaranteed to be looming around the corner and if you're sitting there with the payday loan you probably don't have a whole lot of money in your savings account if anything at all so draw the line in the sand tell yourself that this is no longer an option this is not a place that I can go ever again get yourself out of that payday loan so thank you so much for watching if you liked the video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and you can leave me a comment below you can ask me a question I won't post it if it's something extremely private but you got to get out of the payday loan there's no room for that in your budget or in your family's budget take care guys and I will see you in the next video bye guys


  • 🎀🌸🎀🌸🎀🌸🎀🌸🎀. Awwww Feel better!!!! I Agree with you!!!!
    PAYDAYLOAN!!!! RIPOFF!!!!! RIPOFF!!! RIPOFF!!!! I always tell people NOT to get them!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!

  • Great points! 👍 Hope you feel better soon! ❤

  • I've never gotten one of these. They're a rip off! The title loans are just as bad! People lose their cars messing with those. I'll do without before I fall for these loans. I hope you eventually started feeling better. TFS

  • Great advice. I do not advise anyone get involved with payday loans even when you are desperate, find another way. They prey on minorities and impoverished people and that's not cool.

  • Those loans are everywhere here! I think they are scary and predatory. I totally agree with you 100%! Good solid advice!😄👍👍❤️

  • I hope you feel better soon! These type of loans are terrible! I totally agree with you.

  • Hope ya get to doing better a lot sooner than later.
    Yep those payday loans and quick loans are bad!!

    Have a good'nnn

  • He thanks have a nice weekend

  • This is great information and I hope you are feeling better.

  • Tell it like it is. I don't even know how those people can legally charge so much interest. But clearly its legal. They are pretty much a Morden day loan shark. Great video!

  • I hope you feel better, true that payday loan is so dangerous .

  • Great video PJ!

  • I never go there don't like that place thank you for sharing

  • Never count your chickens before they hatch. Man how true is that!

  • I remember a friend of mind got so many payday loans she had to go bankrupt she couldn't pay them back. You are right.

  • i didn't know now about the loans until now

  • Great video people really need to here this tfs

  • A payday loan is a straight up jack.. it's illegal in NC

  • I have always heard horrible things about these pay days loans. It can easily turn into a never ending cycle. Get some rest and get well.

  • Thats the truth! Get better hun! huggy hugs

  • I hope you'll be well soon – Solid advice – I'm not aware of payday loans in Germany – how much interest do they charge compared to Credit card or debit card loans – I think they all go in the same direction maybe add pawn shops too but there the incentive may is higher to repay. 🤔

  • I try not to finance anything but houses. I knew someone that used them and got robbed by them

  • Oh and before I forget please feel better soon!

  • The are demonic I've thought so for a long time and I've known a couple back in Ohio that took over a year to finally get out from under it

  • Great video. I agree list your must have first. Everything must go until you catch up or the payday loan is paid off…

  • Great video

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