Paying Off Her Student Loans


  • Avoid ny at all costs

  • In the feminist world this is called equality.

  • Good video Demcad. Glad I posed the question which granted this video. Which kind of grant did you get? I’m in Flint MI and I’m looking to attend Mott College this winter.

  • Atlanta, GA is a good location thats where imma move to soon 🙏

  • Depending on your skillset check out Charlotte NC . Stay away from law enFORCEment you will become an "order follower " when shtf.
    Check out first amendment audits here on YouTube to witness just how programmed cops become. Stay an independent thinker.
    I told my daughter before she went to college if you choose a school with beautifully manacurered landscaping remember you played for that. If you like the beautiful houses in the surrounding neighborhood, what the bleep does that have to do with your goals? Buy the product not the experience, don't go in debt for other people's "nice things"!

  • i love tampa fl!

  • Plenty guys out here waiting to put the captain save a hoe cape on. Go right ahead

  • I went to trade school and I got paid way less than the job I'm at now. The job I'm at now has all the training in house. I pay the government back and give a big middle finger to the school. They wasted a year of my time so they ain't getting a dime back. I learned the hard way that school doesn't mean shit.

  • I know a few older men who after they paid their wife's student loans off, she got a divorce.

  • any loan that charges you crazy interest is not a good idea. btw DMC is the rain cold or humid

  • I wish I knew what I know now! Student loan debt sucks! I owe $75,000 and the interest does up everyday!

  • pay her loans is equivalent to paying for a prostitute legally and oh in Louisville there are correctional officer jobs

  • I m still paying off my car loan but if some one comes along and wants to help I won’t stop em

  • Good, let them swim in debt and struggle, we all know that colleges and universities are extreme left wing nut jobs, everything that's wrong with todays youth.

  • Get yourself a colorful suit and a cool hat and you'd make a bad ass pimp. Tax free money too. Great perks.

  • Most student debt isn't very high. Only 2 % of student loans are 100 thousand dollars, a lot of loans are 25 thousand dollars but the majority of student debt is from 10 to 15 thousand dollars. Some of the smartest burger flippers are in the USA!

  • Houston, Dallas, San Antonio.

  • If the Dems have their way, we will all be paying off others student loans.

  • I don't care how good the vajayjay is. It ain't worth paying off that debt. If you do pay it off, she's gone like the morning mist. She's NEVER 'your girl'. It's just your turn.

    Don't simp for women, like HER pay it off. Decent women don't let themselves be in debt. If she's in debt, there's no way she won't not be loyal to you or maintain the family if you have kids with her.

  • Your going to be paying something off, whether it is student loan, car loan, mortgage, food to eat, cable bill, internet bill, health insurance, or the cloths on your back. There's no escaping a bill! Nothing is free! You work to make money, only to spend it! This is the way of life! Even in death, your family arranges to pay for your funeral.

  • I don't have student loan debt thankfully!
    Guys, just worry about what you're salary can handle lol😂

  • Demcad has common sense better then any degree.

  • I don't live there , But people really seem to dig Dayton , Ohio……Not a big city, but big enough
    Dave Chappelle lives nearby in Yellow Springs…….If you check Project Appleseed's website,
    Ohio is a big supporter of them……Dayton has a big city feel (restaurants, museums ,sports, ), With the small town friendliness.
    Like any city or town , there are people who need help……You would find work there, no doubt.
    There are also plenty of college/Universities around as well as Wright Pat Air Force Base.

  • DEMCAD, you should look to the edges of Phoenix metro. No hurricanes, no floods, no earthquakes, no fires, no tornadoes, no soul-draining humidity, best gun rights in the country, and half-a-days drive to the beach, mountains and massive deciduous and evergreen forests.

  • Dude, don't go to Tampa…

  • American women have been pricing their 🐱 out of the market for years.

  • Many women don't want to marry a man who has kids and is paying Child Support for the same reason.

  • Hookers. Plain and simple.

  • Milwaukee, WI w/Mitchell International

  • Being a CO will bring you down and destroy your soul energy. Im my experience.

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