Pete Buttigieg: Lives Depend On The Wisdom, Judgment Of The President | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • I've seen nothing from black voters!
    Easy To Steal Their Votes!
    Nobody support to Number 1 support?
    Not Logical!

  • So does the ability to coherently speak…

  • Buttygeg the dude that lost to Joe china is saying that America does not have leadership. Globalist chill yes men. lol

  • Screw Corporate Pete.
    I don't care what that sniveling little sellout has to say.

  • Rev, please stop. Pete as usual talking and saying nothing.

  • Replace one demented old white man for another.

  • Rev is 1,0000% right; Bernie gave up on the black voters in MS & Pete has such a bright future!

  • Therefore thank God that we have Trump/Pence keeping things safer

  • Mayor Cheat and Biden, of course. Please, you lose, faze out.

  • ..and that's why I endorsed a guy with dementia.

  • Wonder who the corporations hire to write these scripts?

  • Buttigieg is not a moron; he is much worse than that.

  • Raise your hand if you miss President Obama.👋

  • We know Bootakick is not a leader thats for sure!

  • Our dear leader says that the COVID-19 outbreak is all a HOAX!
    "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." — George Orwell, “1984”
    This is a key pillar of the trump agenda widely abetted by powerful GOP politicians whose thirst for power manifests a new reality of an emerging authoritative political system.

  • FOX news (essentially trump’s propaganda agency) is fully engaged in a concerted cover up to camouflage just how badly managed the COVID-19 response has been in the US. The trump administration over the last three years has been drastically cutting budgets and gutting public health agencies, eliminating preparedness teams, and abruptly dismissing expertise. It’s clearly a deliberate effort to dismantle the important measures Obama made to effectively protect the nation from the 2014 Ebola infection crisis. And as with all things Obama, trump is doing these things vengefully, recklessly and surreptitiously. The nation is already paying a huge price with the looming emergence of a similar infection crisis, the COVID-19 outbreak and undoubtedly there is more to come.

  • "Depend On The Wisdom, Judgment Of The President"

    Oh, we're doomed!


  • Wisdom and Judgement…. From the "Fu**ing Moron"?🤔…..🤣!






  • If that's the case he endorsed the wrong candidate

  • Bernie gave up on Black voters. Point blank.

  • I'm so sorry Pete's not going to be our president this time. In dropping out of the race for the good of the country, he has once again demonstrated his readyness to assume the highest office in the land. He would make an excellent VP!


  • If Pete truly believes this, why would he endorse the candidate who is clearly showing signs of dementia?

  • … that excludes politicians in the pocket of lobbyists then?

  • Trump is so full of it

  • Pete was my first choice, I am sorry I didnt get a chance to vote for him this time.

  • Don’t trust these goof balls, these are the same people who had trump call in every morning in 2016 and here they are pushing Biden a man who is deteriorating in front of the nation. Morning joe wants secretly want trump be re-elected. ;#Bernie 2020

  • "Lives depend on the wisdom and judgement of the President." That's why Pete is endorsing a man with advanced dementia who can't even remember Obama's name. 4/45
    That's why he's endorsing a liar: Biden claimed he was arrested in S. Africa when he tried to see Nelson Mandela. And the worst of that lie is that he embellished it, saying when Mandela came to the U.S. he sought Biden out, "He threw his arms around me and said, 'I want to say thank you.' I said, "What are you thanking me for Mr. President?' He said, 'You tried to see me. You got arrested trying to see me.'" Totally debunked! (That's from the NY Times.) I've had enough of liars and idiots in the White House.

  • I'd never believe anything a corporatist says. King trumpy has lied over 16,00 times as President. There are no people working in the government to compile these numbers for GDP. job creation, unemployment, etc. These numbers are made up by King trumpy's thugs. Has no one heard," fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". Americans believe every number, every word King trumpy says, and then they base their lives on this. Americans deserve what they get.

  • Bernie did NOT say that about black voters! MSNBC's been lying forever. Owned by the top 1% For the top 1%. That is NOT who Bernie called establishment. Last day 4 Corp. Media to tell us vote 4 Dementia Joe. Lord Google Joe Biden Compilation!

  • Ah, good old Al, always at the ready to tell me what offends him. MSNBC — note to you — this guy's credibility has been in the toilet for decades. You do yourselves no favor by featuring the brute hypocrisy he brings to race relations.

  • Good lord. Trouble.

  • Right so let's elect someone with dementia…. great idea!!

  • Joe Biden, WHY?

  • Why are there 70% likes? What happened to YouTube hating the establishment?

  • #Pete2024 #WinTheEra

  • #VPPETE2020

  • Why is he on here? Seriously? Hes a novelty!

  • Medicare for all, would alleviate a lot of these worries!

  • This guy dropped out while at the same time claiming he dropped out victorious

  • Only Mayo Pete can talk for 7 minutes and pretty much say absolutely nothing

  • #JOE2020 & #PETEforVP2020. What a strong ticket that will make!

  • How Pete is not still in this race is mind boggling

  • Pete 😍

  • So happy to see Pete out and about this week.

  • I would have liked to witness Pete Buttigieg debating with Trump. Calm reasoning versus its opposite.

  • Joe is senile. He may be able to hide from Bernie, but there is no way he can hide during the general election. All this media gaslighting will accomplish is to re-elect trump.

  • You sold out your people with that Biden move Pete. Who's wisdom and judgment do you trust if you had to pick between Bernie and Biden?

  • Who quits the primary when they still have a shot BEFORE SUPER TUESDAY?

  • Pete 2024.

  • sigh We could have had it all…

  • I didn't hear Bernie say anything about black voters!

  • What a talented politician mayor Pete is! He is soooooo much more a president than the demented fool we have

  • The truth is after 4 years of campaigning Bernie has done worse than he did in 2015-16. He says he will back Biden. He should do so after the results are in March 24, but he's really done now.

  • The only hope for the future of the planet and the american minds is nohing less that

  • Mr Bean has aids

  • The establishment is looking pretty good now that we have had a taste of wannabe dictatorship.

  • What do you want the president to do, baby sit the whiners? Those idiots knew aids was deadly, did they listen? All the dummies have to do is protect themselves. What do they want Trump to do, put their mask on for them? There are still people who want to travel. The do nothing whiners and the don't give a damns are going to spread coronavirus. Business only knows money. I seen a guy get a heart attack, the machine was running again before the ambulance got there. Stay home means stay home forever.

  • Buttigieg Is a Sharp Corporate Tool

  • I think he'd make a good Vice President 🙂

  • Why are they bringing in the loser buttjizz? He lost go away buttjizz

  • Centerist supports centerist. Shocking.

  • I would trust Joe & Pete like I would trust trump telling me that the virus is all contained. SORRY, if you are being Backed By Millionaires and Billionaires, YOU ARE NOT CONCERNED with what the Average American actually needs. #BeLessStupid #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

  • senator sanders IS NOT a DEMOCRAT! he's an independent.

  • The reverend is spilling some piping tea 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Isn't Bernie Sanders actually an Independent. So should he not be running as an independent and not a democrat?

  • The word "establishment" is bei g bandied about like it was a dirty word or something. Establishment is exactly what we need at this moment in time. Something we know and can count on. We must go back to "normal," then fix the things we can moving forward.

  • Why would I care who Pete endorses. He's just a "small town mayor."

  • hes working towards a future run dnc offered him a bunch a of press coverage and other crap if he dropped out hes cashing in on it now

  • Sanders' first priority is himself and not getting Trump out of the Oval Office. In that sense, he is exactly like Trump.

  • I agree. The voters should decide you they want to run. I want it to be Sanders. The primary hasn't come to my state, and I want my say. If it isn't, well then I'll vote for Biden in November, no matter what I think of him.

  • Trumps Plan to save the USA from the Democrat party  is working. Joe Biden is truly a gift to the Republican party

  • Ohh poor snowflakes on here crying about Trump.. Grow up and protect yourself. The President isn't going to wash your hands, morons.

  • I wouldn't trust Joe Biden with my car keys let alone the keys to "the nukes." The ego and self-interest of sociopaths like Obama are mind bending. Rather than risk THEIR power, prestige and "legacy," they gladly and openly, place our entire country at serious risk and display the height of poor judgement and irresponsibility.

  • Little worm! Go home already!

  • the race baiter sharpton is part of the establishment grifter money, he has no standing in talking about establishement anything when his biggest pay days are from those very same donors to pete, booker and biden. al sharpton is apparently an establishment mouthpiece, probably got some stock tips or off shore donations for his personal retirement fund.

  • We only have an alleged president, so "wisdom" will be quite impossible.

  • pete's a liar… the secret meetings he muses about not existing, are those very wine cave donor parties he was so keen on.

  • Mayor Pete was not my first choice but I love him! Buttigieg for 2028!!!

  • Depend on the wisdom of Trump? We are all going to die.

  • I love how they say that Sanders is disingenuous and then lie about what he said about "The Establishment".

  • Sell out.

  • Mr. Trump dismantled the office on Pandemics in the white house that President Obama put in place. Mr. Obama managed us through two pandemics(h1n1 and Ebola) without a major financial crisis. Mr. Trump is failing in this instance. He should be quiet and forget his ego for once. Mr. Biden is more accomplished and would know enough to let the health professionals manage this.

  • Mayor Pete, the sell out candidate along with Klobachar, Warren and Booker

  • And yet he endorses someone who barely knows what day it is. Trump vs Biden in a debate will be both hilarious and depressing at the same time. Whose brain will melt first?

  • See my channel.

  • Great move MSNBC, let's bring in the 'ghosts of candidates' past'…let's see if they have wisdom to offer…because they LOST? What's next… a Ouija board?

  • One of the most intelligent people in the world!!! We need more leaders like Pete!

  • No the establishment doesn't invite you. You prove to them that you are gonna be a good boy or girl and do what they would want you to do for them. Pete is a sociopathic little weasel sucking up to whoever will give him a better job in power because his own town threw him out because they realised who he is.


  • Mayor Pete takes it up the Obama ! Are you sure the " Silver Skank " isn't "poop chute " Cooper in full drag ? I've never seen a picture of them together ! Hey ' water head " Joe , it smells like another dead intern in your office . Joe …. you didn't again did you ? Joe ….

  • Lives depend on healthcare Pete. Don’t pretend to care about American lives. You’re only worried about you.

  • He's a paid spokesman. Yucky

  • It is the financial blackmail by holding our fear of being fired affecting our lifelong pensions to accept illegal & immoral employment practices !! Remember , the middle class not excluding the small business owner being forced by the threat of becoming a homeless family is great security for Big Business and for government Bullies !!! Enough said for the Right of Free Speech !!

  • No matter if one is Democrat or Republican if one votes for Trump in 2020 after his horrible track record they are nothing but a bunch of deplorables as Hillary so wisely said in 2016!!

  • What a loser

  • ah yes, "A new kind of politics" which literally suggests zero substantive changes. good riddance Pete

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