pranking homeless people by giving them money off camera so as not to exploit them

What’s up guys? Gus here! We’re out on Melrose Avenue and today we’re gonna be pulling some pranks on homeless people by giving them undisclosed amounts of money completely off camera so as to not exploit them or make them feel uncomfortable in any way. So without further ado, let’s freakin go! Here you go, sir. You have a wonderful evening. Yep, bless you. Here you go ma’am, get yourself something nice to eat tonight, okay. Bless you. Here you are sir. You have a nice night. God bless. There you are ma’am. Hey, no need to thank me, this is not about me. God bless you. Here you go sir, bless you. Oh, you’re a veteran? Thank you for your service – take two. It’s not about me. Didn’t think anybody would see this. Hey here you go, buddy. Yep. Keep fighting. Guys, can we not? Alright guys, that was freaking rad! Make sure to assault that like button, leave a rad comment and never give up hope.


  • hahaha we got them so good. follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets 1 follow = 1 respect

  • Gus oddly reminds me of Ron from Parks and Recreation in the best ways

  • Your super rad

  • What a Chad.

  • “guys can we not” got me dead

  • when does the movie that retells this story to the world at large come out? CHANGING THE WORLD BABY

  • Fucking thank you. This is the social media commentary I've been waiting on.

  • Im.not usually into offensive pranks but this one was pretty funny

  • Dude here is the ultime neutral good

  • What an absolute mad lad

  • Revolutionary

  • Quite the snap clap at 1:00 . Looks like a secret handshake with himself.

  • ‘Twas rad

  • Gus how do I get hope back if I already gave it up?

  • Dude the slightly raised arm walk away he does everytime is hysterical

  • This is confirmed fake, that second homeless man is a paid actor

  • So humble!

  • That last guy got two somethings 👍

  • As far as I'm concerned, if some idiot wants to give homeless people money on camera to feed their ego, they should get a lil pat on the head. They're gonna be attention seekers regardless. Might as well reinforce the good things they do. I couldn't care less about their intentions

  • Can you prank call dominos by ordering a pizza and giving the pizza dilvery guy a decent amount tip and enjoying the pizza

  • Brooo they didn't even know this was a prank

  • Paid actors

  • The videos of people giving away money on camera is actually really twisted. I see alot of people doing good deeds not because its the right thing to do but because its another varient of ego masturbation.

  • Guys, I have proof this isn't real. Look at how he hands the homeless people money. Notice something?… You never actually see them! Point proven

  • I was one of those homeless people, I used the money you gave me to buy this house and pay for a lifetime of internet so I can watch your videos. I used the rest to build a hospital for puppies and kittens. Thank you fus gohnson.

  • you're a gift.

  • Badass

  • I don't mind the homeless being on camera if it means they can eat. At the very least, they won't be found dead that night from starvation or dehydration. This world sucks. It's better than not doing anything at all bc they won't get credit for it. I get where you're coming from though.

  • Poor like button

  • Dope prank

  • Plot wish: he was just faking it

  • Fucking dig the hell outta this channel. One of the best top 5 comics on YT! U deserve the success ur receiving from Comedy Central & stand-up tours.

  • Dam this guy just made a video from what I always thought

  • I assaulted that like button.

    You’re welcome

  • I just shed a tear

  • You're such a good person. God bless.

  • Make sure to assault the like button

  • :34 Gus is a part of the Arian Nation.

  • everybody, c h i i l . This video is a joke, he is a comedian.

  • You should make an entire prank channel

  • Omg sick pranks bro

  • Imagine being this greatful and giving i cant imagine what he did to that dumpster

  • We need more pranks if possible

  • Plot Twist: He was taking money from them all the time.

  • good prank

  • Its FAKE, the homeless people is paid actor

  • Rad

  • They will use the money on drugs

  • gus i don't think any of them sneezed

  • rad

  • yeah I will assault that like button

  • Anyone know the outro music??

  • Make sure to A S S A U L T that like button!

  • Oh you're a veteran? Take 2!

  • I actually in my religion u shouldn't say to any one how much u gave to charity's or when if someone insisted to know just say I donated that's all cuz if u say the number it's basically showing off and if u are not giving a shit about showing off just don't tell them the number

  • Gus: Here you go sir, bless you.
    Lost Tourist: I'm sorry, who are you?
    Gus: Oh, you're a veteran?
    Tourist: No I'm just trying to get to Disney-
    Gus: Thank you for your service. Take two.
    Tourist: Two what? You're not handing me anything

  • Beauty

  • Rad comment.

  • Dang I can’t believe all of them sneezed after he gave them money

  • GusBucks back at it

  • What a humble nice guy

  • Why does he keep blessing people? Did they really sneeze? Like really? 😤

  • rad

  • rad

  • rad comment

  • I haven't even seen the video yet and I'm already laughing xD
    Gus never disappoints

  • At first I thought it was real before he said “no need to thank me it’s not about me”

  • Be sure to assault that like button. Fucking lol

  • Gus Johnson is a true saint.

  • Watching this a second time it’s even funnier, at least I think it is, I don’t really remember he last time I saw this video

  • Wow, I used the same background music in one of my EPIC VLOGS!

  • I like to watch this every other week.. just so I can laugh uncontrollably

  • God I love this series

  • Literally nothing


  • Omg, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks these videos that pple make in real life are incredibly self absorbed and flaky – “this is not about me” 😂😂keep doing what your doing Gus 😊👍love the vids

  • (emotional)

  • Rad

  • But he's really collecting all the dragon balls

  • Rad comment

  • You look like Mandy's husband Chris from Last Man Standing.

  • Sick prank Bro!

  • 1:00 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gus fights the good fight against social experiments.

  • Rad

  • To far

  • I have found the one my soul loves.

  • Damn, this one got me, that prank way to intense

  • Rad

  • Pls more armpits.

  • This is a rad comment

  • That wall though

  • What? He act like a douche bag but he did his prank like a respectful guy.

  • Remember when people actually wore visors? And then wore them backwards? Christ.

  • chad fucking pranks homeless people to death

  • Sorry if its been posted before… Whats the outro music? So calming

  • 0/10 not enough toothpaste Oreos

  • Everyone’s saying "he could actually be nice but we’ll never know". I know it’s a joke but you still missed the entire point of this video… First of all, some of the clips are probably fake, like the "veteran" thing. But that’s because this is a comedic video! Gus is making a genius satirical joke about how these "pranksters" are exploiting homeless people. It even says it in the title! I’m sure you don’t mean it but the way you say "you don’t have the footage" makes it sound like he should have footage when that’s obviously not the case. If Gus is capable of making such a brave (I mean not that much but I’m trying to sound smart here) comment on these stupid pranks, I’m sure he does a lot of good deeds for homeless people and others in his day to day life that he doesn’t show because 👏he👏doesn’t👏need👏to👏! Otherwise this whole video just means he’s a lying hypocrite and I wrote this comment for nothing…

  • Totally rad

  • I feel like this is fake but what kind of psycho would fake that

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