Prospect Home Finance Online and across the Nation – Jessie Beckett

I think that… it’s really kind of cool even though I’m in Michigan and this company is in California I work with people all over
the United States When somebody calls there is
this idea that because they are in New York or they’re in the Military or in Canada For some reason the online process is going to be a burden
or cumbersome but… We are able to close loans
anywhere in the world We have virtual signings available You can meet with a notary
over your cell phone and we can walk you through
the closing process The entire thing can be done
through electronic signatures … and all documents Whether it’s a mortgage statement
or a tax return They’re all PDF and
electronic copies So for you to take that file
and email it to me… Makes it so much faster
and more streamlined I love that we can make that process more modern… just easier for borrowers
no matter where you are I think that’s something
that’s really cool I’m Jessie Beckett and I’m a Senior Loan Officer with Prospect Financial Group

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