Should I Buy A House During This Coronavirus Pandemic?

should you be in the housing market
during the current coronavirus pandemic that’s the topic of my next video should
you be buying a house during the corona virus pandemic that’s the topic of
today’s video can you save money is it safe we’ll talk
about those important points number one Lawrence Young who is the National
Association of Realtors chief economist wrote an article on March 9th the corona
virus is leading fewer home buyers searching in the marketplace as well as
listings being delayed so you have the buyer pool and the seller pool both
being affected by this which is being affected more well with
not 100% sure its market by market understand that these things change
everyday as the news media feeds us more information things can get better things
can get worse in the actual housing market so what should you do well if you
decide to stay in the market because he also claims and we also know unless
you’re new to the housing market that interest rates are at an all-time low
I’m going to include a link to a video that I have about what’s going on with
the interest rates right now some mortgage bankers and economists believe
that we haven’t seen the bottom yet that they’re gonna get any lower so well that
enticement of lower engine very low interest rates keep you in this market
you know versing the health concerns that are out there that’s your decision
totally so if you decide to stay in the market rather than waiting there are
certain things that you need to consider one if you decide you to stay in the CDC
has guidelines there is a link in the bottom of this or in the description
that I’m going to give you follow those follow those guidelines they’re very
similar to anything else you might do and I’m gonna give you two important
tips to help you with real estate specifically one is do most your
shopping online make your decisions online look at the photos look at the
videos if it’s a upscale listing it probably has some drone shots as well go
on Google Earth check out the neighborhood from goo
or do a drive-by and then if you decided something worth looking at ask your
Realtor for a private showing of the property any multiple any realtor who’s
a member of the Multiple Listing Service should be able to get into that property
if it’s still available you want to socially isolate as the CDC says keep
yourself as far apart from other people as possible number two if you show up to
an open house and you notice it’s crowded the same thing I just mentioned
a moment ago call up your broker as for a private showing or call the broker
that’s at the open house and say listen your open house ends at 2:30 can I come
in 2:45 when nobody else is there and get a private showing of the property
they should have no problem with that I know I would have no problem with that I
would encourage it so those two important tips plus the CDC guidelines
are the things that you should follow can you save money we don’t really know
it’s a supply and demand thing and we don’t know which way that’s gonna go I
hope these tips were helpful please definitely give me a thumbs up if you
found them helpful subscribe and share the channel with anybody else you think
might find this information helpful this is Mark Schreier from century 21 American
Homes and thanks for watching


  • All buyers need to understand that the real estate market is ultra local and you should check with you local expert for updated information.

  • interest rates aside.. cash shoppers are in the lurch too.

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