Simple Way to Make Money With Google (2019) | Discover Profitable Keywords

Simple Way to Make Money With Google (2019) | Discover Profitable Keywords hey there I’m going to show you a simple
way to make money with Google by discovering profitable keywords so stay
tuned hi I’m Nate Valline with
welcome back to my channel as I mentioned in this video I’m going
to show you a simple way that you can make money with Google in 2019 now
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this and I’ll start sharing my computer screen and so we’re in my computer now
and what I’m going to show you is how to leverage a few very cool marketing tools
which are free to help discover profitable keywords that will help you
increase your traffic to your offer so the first tool that I want to show you
is a free Chrome and Firefox plug-in called keywords everywhere and so
keywords everywhere it’s just keywords everywhere com as you
can see it’s a free plug-in for Firefox and Chrome you just click the button for
whatever browser you use follow steps to install it very simple but what it does
is then once installed when you go to to Google or whatever browser you’re using
and you search a keyword term so let’s say intermittent fasting diet enter and
so what this is showing you you can see right here under the the search bar the
volume of searches per month is 15,000 for this keyword the cost per click is
two dollars and 28 cents and the competition is point zero three so the
way the competitions range works is zero to one with the greater the number the
more competition there is more advertisers there are advertising for
that key and so that’s a great way to determine
how you’re certain keyword is performing in addition if you scroll down on the
right side it’ll give you related keywords again with their search volumes
cost per click and competition scores as well as other search terms or search
keywords that people are looking for so this way you can come in search for
whatever keywords you’re looking for for your offer see what’s popular see what’s
not very competitive and look for a good long tail keyword that people are
searching for so that you can optimize your SEO and drive more traffic to your
offer and so it’s just a plug in like I said you up here in Google so whenever
you search that information will come up so that is a pretty cool plugin the next
tool I want to show you has been developed by Neil Patel you may have
heard of him this is called ubersuggest and it is very similar to keywords
everywhere but it provides some additional information so uber suggests
like I said is created by neil patel and this is just through his website neil
patel dot-com slash hoover suggest and so what you would do is you just enter
in your domain or keyword that you want to search so let’s do intermittent
fasting diet we’ll click search and so what it comes back with and I may
have did I said spell that right intermittent fasting it did so what this
shows you is search volume he’s coming back with zero so no one is searching
this which this might not be a very good keyword we’ll go back it gives you the
SEO difficulty so it’s a 12 or easy so that means that it you can easily rank
for this keyword the paid difficulty easy and the cost per click 0 so this is
a poor example let me put in a different search term in here let’s try a keto
diet there we go now we get some more information here so you can see for the
keto diet 2.2 million searched for so it’s a high search volume SEO is hard
it’s hard to rank for the keyword because there’s a lot of people
advertising for paid difficulty medium in the cost per click about 92 cents and
so you can also see its search volume over the past year as well as it will
also provide you with other keyword ideas as well as you can click more if
you need it so these are suggestions and you can also search related so like I
said gives you very similar information just a little bit different format it’s
more of a manual search as opposed to just using the keywords everywhere which
is built in as a plugin but a very useful tool tool as well and so there’s
one more tool that I want to show you that is very helpful when it comes to
your video marketing content and this is called vid IQ now vid IQ is a free
chrome plug-in so you have to be using Chrome but it helps to
promote optimize and discover your YouTube content so you can better
optimize your YouTube videos and so when we go to YouTube here let’s just search
a video here so it’s a keto diet and so you can see the vid IQ has information
coming up here so based on the the search term keto diet you know its
highest views two point two six two point two million average views 653,000
our subscribers six hundred fifty eight thousand etc you know it gives your
search volume it’s a high comps core middle gives other queries etc etc and
then when you go into a video this is where it gets really cool it’ll give you
your it’ll show the views per hour the total views the duration arbitration
social engagement everything like that but what’s great is it shows you two
tags that are on each video and so you can copy and model the tags that a video
is using add them to your video so that you rank similarly so then IQ is a very
great tool to use as well now how do you put this all into practice well it’s
simple so how I would do this is Clickbank is a marketplace where you can
find products and services to promote as an affiliate and so you can create a
free account once you sign in you can go to the marketplace and over here you
have all these different categories these are where you can find products
for each and one of every one of these categories so let’s just go into the
health and fitness since that’s kind of been where we have been with our
examples so far and you can see now these are all
different products that you are able to promote and so typically when you’re
looking for products you want to search by gravity and what the gravity means is
your gravity score is here sorry so this 213 that means that in one month
period of time either 213 units are being sold or one person has sold 213 so
wait sorry one person has sold 213 units or 213
people have sold one unit each that’s what the gravity means so the higher the
gravity score basically the more popular it is so what you would do is you click
on this promote you get your affiliate link you go create your video content on
YouTube or create a website for a blog whatever your whatever form that you are
promoting your product through create that and then what you would then do so
if we’re using fat-bellied fix so well I’m just gonna copy that you could then
go to Google if you have the keywords everywhere plug-in installed and we can
just search that and if we just do that playing search we can see 1600 people
there 1600 searches per month the cost per click is 75 cents and the
competition is 0.9 so it’s high competition for these 16 hundreds
searches but over here with the related keywords you know you can see 21 fat
belly flicks tea recipe fix reviews you know tea ingredients recipe free so you
could take each one of these keywords create content around that comp that
keyword and then rank your videos or your websites based on those keywords as
well so that is how you would create high SEO
or your promotion whatever product it may be that you’re promoting and then
through that you can then increase your sales with the increased traffic so I
hope all this makes sense I hope this is helpful for you if it is and you enjoyed
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  • Thanks for the info! I'm going to use these tools for sure 🙂

  • Great stuff! I like your other videos also…

  • Nice explanation really great good . thank you so much.
    Hi brother i am Radhakrishnan in India . Can I apply your method here also.
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