Small Businesses Feeling The Brunt Of Coronavirus Pandemic | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  • CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT SANDERS…we ALL knew you would make it.

  • Ok, so Mark Cuban and Todd Graves are on the list of people to assault on site. If you see them, do your part as an American!

  • No bail oats for industry!

  • Checks out to who exactly?

  • Forget corporate bailouts, just give everyone unable to work their unemployment benefits, or a % of them. The calculations are already there, scaled to their typical income.

  • I've been on a Cruise ship and they are not owned by American companies and are not staffed by Americans

  • corporations receive welfare and always have! this is just another way for them to take advantage of OUR tax dollars. he is doing NOTHING about masks, ventilators or anything else. he just keeps putting us off waiting for jared to get a go ahead to sell the test kits! if we the people put up with this crap again…it's our own fault and we deserve the trash we get from trump!

  • Lol, funny thing is, this news station works for and promotes the interests of the very corporations who are being prioritized over the needs of every day Americans.

  • Stephanie's great! Super smart and pleasantly aggressive, never lets up on the questions. Whoever does her H&M needs to smacked hard. Too much money rolling through that org for her to be looking like that.

  • NOPE, we are done with bailing out corporations. They are clearly so incompetent hat they don't have a plan for a bad month! Let them fail!

  • Bezos and the Walton family could bail out the country and not notice it in their pocket books.

  • Now these capitalist pigs know that the PEOPLE are needed. Let those corporations fail.

  • I have no problem with prioritizing people who are actually employed to prop up but the idea of letting their boss dole it out to them is insane. Doesn't anyone realize how financial inequality came about to start with? Of course the 2 business owners like the idea.

  • It is all a government and secret society psychological operation against the world porpulation. DO NOT BE AFRAID, THE VIRUS IS A SCAM. FEAR CAN ACTUALLY MAKE YOU SICK! German New Medicine Virus Mania – The Truth about Infectious Diseases – Part 1 + 2

  • Trump is a murderer ,!

  • Anyone else tired of economist and billionaires telling the working class and poor peoples what is best for them as if they know their struggle? Really MSNBC?

  • A temporary increase to unemployment and checks to everybody that are still working. I know if i had the choice i'm still gonna show up to work small chance i might have it versus the big chance that i won't be able to pay my bills.

  • Golf Resorts will benefit.

  • REALLY? Save the employees of cruise lines. Lol
    All the employees are foreigners. Has anyone been on a cruise?

  • And the Big companies use the money to buy more stocks instead of helping the people.


  • Direct to people, not let employer make decisions on how to dole.

  • what business gonna do if people are dying? cash money to people or businesses not gonna help. we need put that money toward having more ventilators . build new hospital and special hospital for coronavirus and and we need test free and cure free for all American to recover from virus not helping corporations and airline and greedy businesses.

  • we all know that anything Trump does will only profit big business and not the lowly independent companies. he only cares for the top 1% and cares nothing about the average American…they are beneath him

  • Mark Cuban, you have too much faith in Corporations and you ignore their track record in these situations. They are gonna take the money and lay off people.

  • People receiving disability, the elderly on small fixed incomes, sick students and others need the help. Most people who were looking for jobs will no longer be able to get them now; not for several months or even until next year. Food stamps must be expanded and made available to all who need them. No exceptions. Some agency needs to look into the behavior and miserliness and punitive behavior of the local agencies that distribute food stamps. Something is very wrong there and it is unconscionable. Low income and poor people have had to spend piles of cash to acquire Covid 19 supplies. Who is going to cover them for these added expenses? And means adjusting on social programs must stop immediately. Immediately. Corporate heads need to not interfere in aid to the working poor and other low income people. Your job is to be concerned about your company and your own employees. Your opinion on help to other people and groups is unwanted and not appreciated. UBI is not the business of corporations. This is for congress to decide. As for telling people to come to work even if they just "sit around" is a stupid idea with the facts of the virus. Pay them and let them stay home. Stop trying to run every aspect of peoples' lives. That is not what corporations should be doing. Stay within your sphere, corporations.

  • Who gets these checks, people who file taxes, how about poor who don't file taxes such as seniors, homeless, poor

  • I thought they said Todd Craines for second and about cackled

  • I will not BAILOUT DISNEY !

  • mark, tell em!!

  • WOW Mark can talk out side of his mouth and it might be because he has stock .

  • Give people the money and those that can will continue to order takeout from the restaurants. Trickle down doesn't trickle down.

  • Cubans suggestion does not work though. Testing which businesses actually need funds takes too much time. People need money right away.

  • Gee a CEO is against people payout, what a shock.

  • Of course the two business owners are against UBI. They view everything through the lens of running a business. Of maximizing profits. Of cutting costs. That's different from running a community. Whether city, country, or state, where the well-being of the citizens take precedent.

  • Trump send out a bunch of money? I'll believe it when the checks begin arriving!

  • Trickle down still doesn't work .

  • Make them pay their employees simply put! What theyll will threaten to move their business elsewhere? Enough is enough its as if corporations run the country well countries could find
    Cruiseline willing to bare some of the weight, what will be the final cost to the American people for his stupidity?

  • Obama did corporate bailouts and we got trump wtf man.

  • Poor people don't create jobs

  • ya the money is rolling down hill….lol right all those payouts and nothing back but a hand again.

  • It is not only restaurants that are shutting down. I am a massage therapist and my place of work is shut down indefinitely. I am fortunate enough to have been employed as w-2 by my most recent workplace. A good number of people in my field are 1099 employees and they do not have the benefit of collecting unemployment. I do hope that those who are making these decisions consider the broad range of industries affected by loss of wages before they go and give bailouts to the ones who were already given huge tax cuts.

  • When capitalism gets in trouble, it turns to socialism to bail them out!

  • Capitalism is a failed, dying system. This is the endgame.

  • Socialism in motion.
    For a country that claims to be hardcore capitalistic, USA really seems to like socialism.

  • # No more bailouts to corporations!!! #Enough is enough#

  • As long as corporations have trillions of dollars off shore they shouldn't get a bail out. When Trump gave the rich a tax beak they put it in their pockets. Give it up. The American people cannot afford to subsidize the rich. CEO's making 100's of times more than the worker on the floor, give it up. DeVos,sell a yacht. Walmart kids, give back.

  • They're rich ohmyguad they can afford it. That's it give the rich the funds

  • I say give the money directly to the people there a lot of people who are self employed carpenters elections car detailers act give the people the money not employers are corporations

  • I not against CORRUPTION=Corporate bailouts smh

  • That guy says " food safe products" i fail to see how KFC, Macas, ect are " food safe products".

  • Essential work force deserves to make a living wage. The Gov. needs to do something that lasts and that is important as well as helpful now.

  • Smh
    Yawl don't get it.
    Folx were already suffering. The virus isn't only impacting the folx you're comfortable discussing before the cameras. Come out to real America…where the government checks are exhausted by the 5th of the month. Come ask the really poor AMERICANs if they think their suffering is any less important than recently ,made broke person.
    My neighbors are not expendable !
    Horrible attitudes!

  • We should already have these acts in place. It shouldn't take a crisis.

  • MSNBC has been soft on borders and anti-American from the getgo. We need networks who understand the effect of such policies on pandemics.

  • So much for funding Trump's border wall. No wonder Trump looks so depressed and weak.

  • Dear humans, I hope you begin to realize how fast you can be brought down from your egos and, some day, bring you down to yours knees. HE, whom you constantly blaspheme and cast aside, much less believe in, IS Master of all and no one can compare to. Take heed for the hour draws near…

  • 4:53 – 4:54
    What was that?

  • Cuban is filthy rich he never have to hear a baby cry 😭😭😭😭 when a mother and father can't feed that baby. Help out the poor.

  • Trump has been the biggest ring leader for corporate socialism EVER, and it has only just begun. His tax cuts for the wealthy caused the stock market bubble and put additional pressure on the middle class and the ridiculous tariffs raised prices on everything, putting pressure on both individuals and business. This is winning? This is making America great again? I say oust this fraudulent clown and his entire worthless cult.

  • They need to send out checks for $3000 to everyone…

  • So weird to see all these prominent men broadcasting from their bedrooms…. Happy however to hear some voices of reason and intelligence as opposed to what is just coming out of the incompetent trump administration. #DonaldPassTheBuckTrump

  • Mark Cuban should donate big time. I would have if I was in his position. All those filthy rich people should. You shouldn't even give this guy a voice until he pays up first. That's what I would do.

  • How many times have this trickle down economics bs failed? It's a fact that if you put money in the general publics hand they will spend it.

  • Mark Cuban such a down to earth rich guy. He really should run for president.

  • Mark Cuban clearly has no understanding of economics. It is consumer demand that creates jobs, not corporations not small businesses. If you bail out the people the demand will continue. If you bail out the businesses the demand will not continue and the jobs will be lost.

  • Who do people think pays all of these people!?

  • Tell those bums to get a job!

  • If Bernie Sanders was our President we wouldnt' be searching for answers. We would be living the answers.

  • marky – 'yeah, i'm not concerned at all about the fact that the last bailout did not go to help employees but instead went to artificially inflating company stocks, this time will be different because the industries pinky swore they wouldn't do that again'…

  • No body talk about self employed .

  • So I was reading some Trump supporters' comments and it's quite weird to see the same people who are so afraid of Bernie Sanders being "a socialist" now liking the idea of Americans having free access to tests for thé Coronavirus and to the government sending checks to people in time of crisis? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely think that tests should be free, I think that the U.S. healthcare system is terrible. What I am tired to see is how much people care about the idea coming from Trump or not and that applies to pretty much everyone no matter what side you're on.

  • Bail out the businesses, but business must push down the money to the people; the people will have the money and create demand and keep businesses and money flowing👌🏼

  • Mr. President , How do small businesses get Government Handout.
    "Well you never donated to my campaign!"

  • t'rump selling a deal without discussing details. 🤔
    Shocking! 😆

  • Gives us a break, employers won't pass it down to their workers, unfortunately, there is very little honesty in employers and their employees, these days, sad but true!

  • What about buying Beer for all those alcoholics who don't have a bar to go to?
    Drunks are people too (kinda) .

  • As usual walk street Stephanie Ruhle brought her Wall Street billionaires to make their plea again for the money our tax dollars to go to them again, she thinks everyone is stupid, however I remind the people 2008 that they bailed out Wall Street billionaires got ALL that bail out and put it in their offshore bank accounts, put the people out of their homes and stole their properties, she has not 1 one person to give the other side of the coin, ALL the Billionaires need go get that F’ money they’ve been burying to save their DAM Selves, We the people get screwed and I ask everyone on here not 1% to speak up on here or twitter anywhere and let Stephanie Ruhle know WE The People NEED THE BAIL OUT! They are on here nudging the Congress to put stipulations what little money the give you the poor how to spend IT! What F’ nerve Ruhle was their stipulations on where Wall Street Billionaires put that 2008 Bail Out, listen RUHLE We’re not STUPID when you’re making your Wall Street Show to TAKE AWAY again from those who really need this. pay attention to her she’s working for her stocks, and bonds and 401k , the people for once needs this bail out not the Stephanie Ruhle and her Wall Street Gang.

  • One more thing I forgot to say, when you hear them talking SMALL BUSINESS BE VERY AWARE, what they’re talking about is not a real mom and pop business as again these are BILLIONAIRES CHAIN BUSINESS just another BAIL OUT for a BUNCH who cry a river when someone like E. Warren/ B. Sanders want to HELP those of US a lot of U on here let The R team convince U that SOCIALISM is EVIL although not one BILLIONAIRE stepped up 2008 getting that From Big bail out then or the HUGhE tax TRUMP gave himself and WEALTHY 🤣😂ALL OF It SOCIALISM U & ME STUCK with the BILL and U say I don’t want No SOCIALIST as PRESIDENT wake UP PEOPLE

  • 🔥 Tell that the fools in the beaches of Florida..

  • not advisable to cut taxes.

  • sick and tired of corp bailouts

  • But why are the major companies closing the lobby to pickup
    S6nd refusing to serve walk ups.. so if u have no car u can't est there???

  • Sorry Mark Cuban you lost me: if you don't support UBI for everyone and you just want to keep restaurant employees getting paid businesses will still suffer if consumers don't have cash to spend at restaurants or elsewhere!

  • How is this cash payment not socialism??

  • Give the people the money or the people should go roguelike

  • I'm a substitute teacher. I get paid per day. My employer is the local school district. They are not going to get money to pay me. I need the direct cash to put food on the table. I generally like Mark Cuban but he is a billionaire that may have forgotten how hard that actually is for some of us.

  • How about bailing out students with student loans? That would save struggling families around $400 a month minimum. Bailouts for corps – bailouts for students if we're talking about a fighting chance.

  • Many will never recover. This is entirely on trump and his "experts", Pence and the scientists he rented from the temp agency. Investors don't believe anything the boy who cried hoax says. Fauci is the only expert and he seems to tell the truth as he knows it.

  • Hmm, more stock buybacks coming. Trump next step eliminate Social Security and Medicare. We can't afford these programs any more.

  • BIG surprise….the big businesses are in favor of $$ for themselves … KUDOS to Stockton for helping PEOPLE!

  • I work 3 jobs to try and make ends meet and it's still a struggle under normal circumstances. Now I have no job due to the shut down of everything!!! I resent the privileged callous response of the one who says give the workers bailout money to their employer and get it to the worker. It's like you're saying individual workers are not trustworthy to handle a bailout check. This bailout money is my money via all of the taxes I pay!!! I can't stand smug privileged ppl looking down their nose on the working backbone of this society that we need an overlord over our financial affairs..

  • All Lies.

  • No, not through the employers, no! We know that doesn't work. Remember reaganeconmics??? Since that repubs horrible economic plan of trinkle down and easy the way for corps to hardball the employee and neuter the union 74% do not have money from one month to the next. NO TRINKLE DOWN!!

  • If anything if the little guy sees you will survive this he/she will spend money and help the corporations. Pump up! Basic economics if there is not a demand then the supply will go down. If there is money then there will be a demand and that will help the corps. Of course we will be trimming the fat, unessential businesses.

  • Heck all the corps have to do is have the CEO make 'only' 1 million this year and distribute the 56 million and the economy will be fine.

  • Stock BUYBACKS not enough !!!! NO NEED MORE

  • We should be getting small business grants. Idk what we are going to do. $50.000 that we have to pay back in a year or it accrues interest will not do very much. We have no employees but it’s my family business and we will lose everything

  • Here you go again… Give people UBI…let CORPORATION file for bankruptcy

  • NO bailout for nobody.. people, small businesses, corporation should have planned for rainy days…if you have money to buy iphone /flat screen /nice don't need bailout especially if you are conservative ppl/small business…

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