Starting a HOMESTEAD on ONE Small Income,Low Income Living Debt Free on 1 Acre

buddy and welcome today I’m going to
share with you how we bought on 1963 at Ridgeway mobile home homestead for only
sixty five thousand dollars behind me is the mobile home it is all original it
has original windows and all the original features to it
we are nestled on one acre ground and I’m going to share with you why mobile
home homesteading is the way to go but it be self-sufficient and you want
to have a very frugal and cheap homestead so many times people talk
about wishing they could have a homestead but in order to do so they
need to go deep in debt that’s no way to be self-sufficient buying a homestead to
be deep in debt doesn’t seem quite right does it but all over the country you are
finding people that are buying mobile homes and homesteads and they’re buying
it for very very cheap prices so the reason why the this mobile home
homestead is so reasonable price was because the age of the mobile home so
basically we’re paying for the land everything on the mobile home is
original original windows original siding so let’s get started and I’ll
show you all the tour of my homestead heat things about having homestead is
raising your own livestock on one acre ground you can have chickens and I love
having chickens and raising them and having farm-fresh eggs every single day
having an acre ground is enough that you can have a large garden so take a look
at our garden so behind me is a garden and it is a big part of our front lawn
we decided instead of spending money to mow and use gasoline why don’t we dig it
up and we can have it as a garden that can feed our family as you know it’s the
fall time of the year so I’ve harvest a lot of my garden
already but the garden is a great way to have a family exercise together plus you
get all of that nutritious food so in my garden I have half of it is herbs I love
to raise all kinds of herbs and spices I use medicinal herbs and herbs for
cooking herbs are something that come up every single year enjoy an all-natural
way of preserving your food and also seasoning your food using some herbs I
like to raise all kinds of farm-fresh produce and I can all of my produce here
which I’m going to show you in just a moment having a homestead it can be just
about anywhere it doesn’t have to meet a certain criteria you can homestead no
matter where you are who would have ever thought that I would have a mobile home
homestead and I love it mobile home living is cheap living because mobile
home living your taxes are usually a lot less because basically you’re paying
taxes on the ground and not taxes on the mobile home because it’s seen as
amendment to the ground here in Pennsylvania that is how the tax laws
are so what else do I have in my homestead we’ll come take a look with me
and let’s put Henriette back into her pet concord grapes I have a very long
row here of concord grapes not only is it pleasing to the eye you can use it to
make all kinds of grape juice and all kinds of jellies what is this little
house well this is my potting shed this is where I get all of my seedlings
together and I raise my small little plants also in this little little shed I
will make homemade soaps and homemade lotions so this little shed is an
amazing thing that you can have having different sheds on your property and you
can use them for different things that you work on on the homestead chickens
this is the chicken house and here are my chickens sometimes in my life I have
a lot a larger flock but right now I only have these chickens
I don’t butcher any of my animals I let them live the rest of their life here on
the homestead clean water on the homestead
I have 250 gallon water barrels that provide me with fresh clean water I use
this water for my chickens I use this water for doing cleaning
washing my clothing I use this water for all kinds of things and it’s a real
great asset to have on the homestead it’s having rain barrels and here is the
canning garage so we had this old garage sitting around for years and we really
didn’t have much of use for it yeah it was collecting junk but guess what I
turned half this into my canning kitchen so this is a canning garage candy
kitchen so this is where I keep all of my canning supplies I do a lot of
canning out here and when you have a messy project this is a great little
area to work on it because you don’t have to worry about messing up your
house not only is this the canning garage this is also my laundry station
and there is of my portable washing machine I use this on a daily basis and
it’s done wonders for me it’s a year old and it still works just like the day
that I bought it so take advantage of every little nook and cranny that you
have at your home and see if you can turn it into something that’s very
useful not only are Gardens really important but how about container
gardens maybe you don’t feel like having a garden anymore in your age but you can
always grow things in a container garden on my deck is where I turn this space
into growing living area not only is it beautiful to look at but it’s also very
efficient because you’re able to grow your own food just look how tall this
tomato vine is another thing you great for in a container and the herbs you can
come out and pick as you need them I’m very blessed to have such a large deck
and I’m growing more and more things on my deck every single year in the
greenhouse in the springtime and early summer it’s bursting with all kinds of
plants and flowers but in the fall it’s my own little place where I can hang all
of my herbs and I can work on my seeds for next year so what’s inside my
greenhouse in my greenhouse right now I’m growing some herbs also drying my
sunflowers then I have my own seeds for next year it gets very warm in here but
it’s fect for drying all of those seeds that
you saved from your plants this greenhouse will stay up year after year
all that I do is this springtime I just use a brand new cover for the greenhouse
so for fifty dollars a year you got yourself a really nice greenhouse more
and more plants are growing now I’m going to show you something you can do
right now that doesn’t cost you very much and it can provide you with some
food for months ahead what could that be I have some spring onions did you know I
planted these spring onions back in May and every time they get tall I cut them
down and I dehydrate them then I have all natural tastes just like chives
dried and I can have that for the whole year do you know what it cost me one
cost of 89 cents in that something and over in the corner over there I told her
oven but I use that to dehydrate things hope you enjoyed this video of how I
shared with you different things that I’m doing here and how we have a frugal
and very cheap homestead I know that homesteading is for everyone but I hope
you took away something from this video maybe it’s planting a flower or some
herbs on a windowsill maybe you want to start canning and doing some more
freezing maybe you want to plant things on containers on a deck or on the
outside at your home whatever it is get out and enjoy life and enjoy nature I
hope through my videos that I’m inspiring you and helping you to do just
little things that can make your life feel so abundant always something
growing here on the homestead whether I’m planting or I’m harvesting or I’m
just enjoying the beauty of nature you can have that wherever you live you
don’t have to live in the country you can live in this city and still enjoy
nature and enjoy all of the things that nature can provide it’s everyone for
watching until next time we’ll see you guys tomorrow this one remind everyone that YouTube
isn’t just for daily videos my YouTube page is a very interactive community
page I have many tabs and one is the
community tab where you can hear different subjects talked about also I
have many many playlists and the playlists are all geared towards the
videos that I give you on a daily basis there are many things on my YouTube page
that maybe you don’t realize I also have a search engine my very own search
engine on my main page all you have to do is type in a word and it’s gonna
bring up a video so if you want to learn about my canning of my red beets just
type in red beets and my video will come up you


  • Hi dear Tessie. I love your beautiful homestead. The eggs from your happy chickens must be delicious. I am so happy you do not kill and eat them, I find it awful…. congratulations. Much love to you and a big hug👏❤️🌷

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    Hubby and I have a dream of someday moving back to Upstate New York and purchasing a manufactured home on our own land. Due to physical limitations we cannot Homestead, but I would do whatever I could to be self-sufficient.

    TFS 💜

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  • When we were trying to buy a home, we discovered that manufactured homes, especially older ones were almost impossible to finance. We tried for two years to buy, because we were spending $800 a month renting and that was just flushing money down the toilet. After two years and three failed deals (the last one went belly up the day before the closing) our nest egg was depleted to the point of no return and not a thing to show for it. I'm so glad that you found such an incredible place to build your peaceful homestead and lifestyle. It is a joy to me to see what you've done and it provides a great deal of inspiration. <3

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    And not all homesteaders are deep in debt or quite a few have no debt at all.

    Frugality and contentment leads to living debt free—getting debt free first is the key to having a dream homestead whether you choose to do it on the cheap or not.

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  • I live in Pa. 65,000 for one acre is outrageous.
    I currently have 3 acres for sale for 15,000

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    Grandma Sue in central Indiana and Izzi Too

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