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Hey folks, my name is Sergei Lemberg. I’m a fair debt collection lawyers specializing in stopping phone harassment; stopping
harassing phone calls from debt collectors and recovering money for
clients for harassing phone calls and harassment on the phone. Now, here’s what you have to know: The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits phone harassment. It entitles you to recover up to
one thousand dollars for statutory damages plus actual damages for
violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Now, what forms does phone harassment take? Number 1: The first thing- Debt collectors call, call, call, call, call,
call. They’ll call you two, three, five, six, seven, ten times a day to try to reach you. What you have to know is that calling
consumers with intent to harass and annoy is prohibited and actionable under
the law. Number 2: Debt collectors will call
consumers telephone numbers at work. That is prohibited. Once you tell the
debt collector that they may not contact you at work, they may not continue telephone
harassment at work. Number 3: Debt collectors will call relatives and
friends. They will call and fish for information to try to ‘skip trace’ the
consumer get information about the consumer by calling third parties. That
activity is severely restricted under the law. It’s actionable. You may be able to
bring a case against the debt collector for the harassment of your relatives for
disclosing information on the telephone to your relatives about your debt; or to
your friends; or to your neighbors. Now, What can you do about this? The first
thing you can do is you can complain to the government agencies (the FTC, the
Consumer Protection Bureau, your local attorney general). You know, those are all good and fine
but they’re not gonna get you money for the harassment on the telephone that
you’ve suffered. The second thing you can do is you
can sue the debt collector. Walk into court, pay three hundred and fifty dollars
filing fee and file a lawsuit against the debt collector yourself. Now, most people are not super duper
comfortable filing lawsuits against debt collectors themselves in court. they
don’t have the training; they have the expertise; they don’t have the know-how. We do. So the third thing you can do is you can hire a
fair debt collection lawyer specializing in collection abuse and
telephone harassment cases. We’ve helped thousands. We can help you stop the
collection harassment. We can help you stop the telephone harassment and we can
help you recover at one thousand dollars in statutory damages for what you have have to go through
already. So give us a call. Let us know if we can help.
Or sue them or complain, but better yet, call us so that you can get actionable,
real help now here today.

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