If your business is a parent
company and controls alternate companies, you can create separate
profiles for them. This gives you the ability to quickly send payments
between the two companies from your account. The Subsidiary
Management page displays all company subsidiary accounts. Each
card displays the subsidiary’s name, payment type, payment type header,
and tax ID. If you have several subsidiaries, you can use the search bar to
find a specific one. If you have rights to Manage Subsidiaries,
you can add, edit, or delete a subsidiary from this page. To
add a new account, click the “ADD SUBSIDIARY” button. Enter
the required information, then click “CREATE SUBSIDIARY” to save it to
your list. To edit an existing subsidiary, click the “EDIT” icon on a
specific profile card. Make the necessary adjustments and click
the “SAVE SUBSIDIARY” button to submit your changes. If a Subsidiary
is no longer needed, click the “TRASH CAN” icon on its profile
card. Click the “DELETE SUBSIDIARY” button to permanently remove it
from your account. Deleting a Subsidiary does not remove its
information from existing transactions.

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