Super Tuesday Results Are Good And Bad News For Trump: Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Trump 2020

  • Any Democrat is better than the wannabe dictator and his authoritarian Republican cult. No matter who ends up getting the nomination we must not lose sight of that fact.

  • I'm voting for trump because the democratic establishment a bunch of pedophiles

  • Does this mean Chris Matthews will announce he is unretiring soon?
    You're all a bunch of corporate shills

  • This is only good news for trump the Dems are completely split and hate each other. Trump is hitting record number of votes for a incumbent president on both sides trump will win in 2020 especially if it’s Biden

  • Bernie got RAILROADED in '16. Whoever runs this country doesn't want BERNIE.

  • DNC blew it with young voters, with the Barry ploy. They think if Barry did the deed it would soften the blow. Barry, Liz and the DNC just sent droves to the Socialist Party. How few knew that Bernie was the alternative to burning it all down. Biden is a weaker candidate than HRC, gaffes and forgets what day it is, tells folks not to vote for him, is too handsy, AND has the benefit of also being investigated by the criminal fascist republicans during the election we will hear the news in the background announcing the latest fake findings about Biden, muddying the waters…that the public will tire of, become cynical and not show up. the young voters will definitely stay home if the dnc chooses the nom.. …try buying you some excitement, bloomberg! Good thing it isnt over yet. The best thing Bernie has going for him is – -BIDEN AHHHHHHH HAHAHAHA

  • Joe Biden just won Maine too

  • Everybody else (moderates) are all like Biden won. Even tho Biden got TX he hasn't got CA. Looks like Bernie is winning CA today and is now in the lead. Any time My Progressive Fellow Voters (I voted For Bernie) Just Remember whether in the end is Bernie or maybe Biden WE MUST UNITE AGAINST TRUMP NO MATTER WHAT THIS TIME!!!! WE MUST ASK OURSELVES DO WE WANT TO SEE THAT CRIMINAL CLOWN AGAIN?

  • I'm a Bernie supporter, and I refuse to be railroaded by the Establishment Democrats again. I would rather have Trump as dictator than to vote for Biden.

  • "It ain't over…."
    Oh yes it is – how can they not fking see that? Biden wins, its over

  • I can't wait to hear Trump and Biden debate . Trump will have Biden taking back s*** he never even stole .. LOL how man you think man oh man what do you think man hey man what do you think man okay man whatever man all right man man. Yeah that old Biden he's quite the debater as a matter of fact you might call him a masterbator LOl…. you think Biden stutters now wait till he debates Trump it'll be funny

  • 5:33: guess what Bloomberg supports Biden. His money pocket is 25 times of Trump so :V

  • Trump will turn Democrat if he wins another term. He does NOT like the Republicans. He has nothing to lose, his time is up.

  • Fake news I guess I’m not voting dem #onlybernie

  • One thing is not a delusion. Trump is President, a Champion, and our country will be Republican ruled for at least 30 years and there is nothing that anyone can do about Trump 2020 a real man and American hero.

  • No one knows the future. What we have to do is vote with our heads ,hearts, and morals.We need to defend America from being held hostage by Putin Oligarchs and Treacherous Republicans that refuse to obey the laws of our country, by following an orange madman instead of working for all Americans and blocking our government checks and balances. from working.

  • I just hope that whoever becomes the Democrat Candidate receives FULL SUPPORT from all other primary contenders

  • I WILL VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE ON ELECTION DAY although I think Bernie has a more exciting movement. Biden Barely won TX…why wouldn't you say that? AT this point a democrat has to win and I'm just afraid people on the fence won't vote for Biden. But lets face it, Biden DID NOT "WIN" in any of these states, he was pushed through by the words of one man (Clyburn) and that scares me. I am afraid Biden just doesn't have it, the only thing he ever had going for him was Obama. Obama didn't win because of Biden…he won in spite of him. Biden appears a bit confused, feeble and slow….just say'n a new fresh face may have been better if they didn't like Bernie. Like Pete or even Elizabeth…..ugh not a warm and fuzzy feeling. Trump is a pathological liar so when he said he wanted to run against Bernie I think he lied and would rather run against Biden. Either way…every democrat in the country needs to crawl out of their wholes and vote or we won't have another election. Trump will destroy our country and declare himself the absolute ruler. In essence he's already done it and nobody is doing a flipping thing about it! We need a revolution you cowards!!

  • Trump will be reelected and there is nothning the poor dems. Can do about the large red wave will cover this nation.

  • What you have here is a bunch of big mouth Biden voters running their mouth thinking they got something in the bag but what you don't realize is all those Bernie voters you've seen the last of those go over to the hill and listen to what they're saying LOL it ain't too pretty

  • The Republican Party is so disgusting that’s all they can do is demean the apposition. They are the corrupt side and not the Dems. They are so unethical. They are such cheats in everything they trying to do in order to stay in power including Don The Con who is the worst including Moscow Mitch.

  • Trump CAN defeat Biden.The US can survive another 4 years of Trump. Can it survive 4 years worse than Trump after Biden? Because old established modernatism isn't the awnser to Trumpism. Dems won't get another term with Biden if he wins now. The next Rep. president will be 3x worse than Trump in 2024. DEM needs a young, charismatic leader for change to MAKE A DIFFERENCE voor another 8 years. Yes, you can? First female US President: Ocasio Cortez?

  • I saw a bumper sticker on the way to run errands today…it said "Anyone half sane for president".

  • This comment section is a giant facepalm

  • Trump 2020

  • Oh man what I needed a bunch of old white men telling me how good Biden is

  • This news show is SO much easier and pleasant to watch without Noisy Joe"s interruptions and buttin' in ! Please, give Noisy Joe much more vacation time!

  • Biden will put trumpster in jail

  • I want to congratulate CNN and MSNBC for their stellar biased reporting over the past three days for the Establishment Candidate. Kudos!

  • The Blue Wave is becoming a tidal wave. Let's not forget about all the early voters that can not change their votes. The Democratic Blue Wave has arrived and our choice candidate Joe Biden will represent all democrats as he unifies and heals all great Americans in this great nation. Step up and Rise up, the time is upon us all to work together to remove the filth that grips our nation at the hands of Trump and his puppet regime…Just sayin'

  • Joe and his sister-wife are looking good heading toward the real important race on Super Thursday!

  • clinton was the beginning of the end for the real democratic party .

  • Bi Joden !

  • Even the appointment of #CrookedDonald by The Corporate in 2016 has not taught the Democratic voters that voting for another corporatist spells doom for the party.

  • yahoo is now blocking people that dont like .with in guidelines or not

  • I voted burnie Sounders yesterday in Minnesota primary , but I was disappointed the establishment united against burnie including Warren but come November if biden is nominated I will sit out 4 sure.

  • Be sure to collect your dnc checks ya shills.

  • If Biden gets the nomination, Trump will win again for sure. The writing is on the wall, and Democrats are backing the blind man.

  • Biden can’t even remember where he is during a single state caucus or primary..
    No wonder he thought he married his sister, and SuperTuesday was held on Thursday, with several state races that have caused a sensory-overload to the brain.

  • Why don't you do a show about what the candidates share in common?
    Why not show us how they agree and the good things we can expect from either and how they will support each other in this?
    Your stories focusing on their differences fuel the fires of divisiveness, so why not balance the equation?
    Will they both commit to abolishing the ICE concentration camps and fully restoring and improving upon DACA?
    Would they make Adam Schiff attorney general?
    Would they put Gov. Jay Inslee in charge of the EPA?
    Would they at least ask Julian Castro to come back to HUD and at least make it as good as it used to be?
    I bet that you could ask 100 or 200 questions like these, and it would put my mind at ease, and probably millions of other Americans, to know that even at this juncture that the American Public can expect these good things in the near future when we remove Donald Trump from the White House.

  • if you put up known ca. delegates . i would not worry about the social media . after the insult election of 2016 changed things to no one believes anything anymore.

  • the best news for trump is biden. and yes it is correct to think sanders voters wont vote like we voted for clinton

  • Poor Joe Biden is gonna get torn to shreds when he goes into debate with Trump.. he can't even speak coherently, not to mention all his lies and corporate corruption. It's gonna be a train wreck. Sad times we're living in. Maybe 4 more horrible years of Trump will wake America up.

  • The title of this video is either misleading or ignorant. Trump will mop the floor with Joe. Bernie's base will not side with a man who bashes the young, tries to constantly hinder the old, is out of touch in every way and is clearly suffering from onset dementia. I hate Trump but I hate the establishment more.

  • Black demographic VOTERS pull up Biden or whoever but the first demographic to be forgotten by the party .

  • Looks like I'm voting for Trump

  • Bernie or Bust sorry not sorry

  • A Biden nomination is a automatic trump win , at least with Bernie you have a chance and I’m not even a really a true supporter of either of them .

  • Everyone is forgetting – Trump is a crook, Biden is fairly ethical, and Bernie is the best thing that could happen to the American people but he is ahead of his time with his ideas that have been in place in the rest of the industrialized countries for decades and decades, such as universal healthcare and free or low expense university education for ALL who desire it.

  • From an international perspective, I would be concerned if Biden was the final candidate.
    I liked him with Obama but Bernie is more “on the ball” and I feel could drag America out of this shameful period.

  • Poor Tom doesn't look well. Getting older sucks.

  • Biden getting the nomination will only benefit Trump. Voter turnout will be low again. Trump will order Bill Barr to open investigations into Biden, Burisma, and Hunter Biden to smear Biden and manipulate the election. And Barr will gladly do it. It will be many times worse than what happened with Hillary's emails.

    And given what we've seen so far, how do you see Biden responding to these investigations? It will be a disaster.

  • Ah I like trump he’s the funniest freak going but would Shower naked with him ?

  • Now is the time for the drop outs to support the ones they criticized until last week…

  • A Biden nomination ensures Trump's second term and that's exactly what the DNC wants.
    Trump protects their financial interests.
    Millions will stay home just like 2016 and Trump's margin of victory will be huge.
    Hopefully this will once and for all convince the people that the corporate owned wing of the Democratic party is the enemy of the working class.

  • Biden had landslide wins in red states??

  • let Biden speak for 5 minutes straight and see how electable he is lol. all those votes was clearly the establishment and media manufacturing consent. biden's record is way worse than clintons and trump will sweep him.

  • The INCREDIBLE SHRInking Bernie
    [ Playing now at a democrat Theater near you.]

  • Another 2016.
    The Media, The establishment ganging up against Bernie.
    If the DNC gives biden the nomination, I will not vote.
    Bernie followers will not vote.
    The democrats are losing the point, we don't want another Hillary.
    We want change, biden is not change.
    Another. Prediction. Trump will win, if biden is nominated.
    We are doom…another 4 years of trump.
    " live mong and prosper "

  • How is this good? This is terrible Biden is losing his mind! He can’t even tell what day it is! I call this bad news. And y’all need to stop ganging up trying to fight against Bernie and get together and fight against trump Biden is not the answer y’all are just trying to keep pushing Sanders down

  • He has dementia. No one here wants to admit it.

  • Corporate-owned media and establishment candidates pumping more propaganda for their establishment pick Biden.


  • As told by lying, hateful MSNBC…Enough said.

  • All those states that voted biden, will vote trump.

  • Lol, whatever helps you losers sleep at night.

  • Jennifer Medina is not a reporter, she’s a sloppy hack… I’ve read too many of her articles that are premised around false narratives and make ridiculous arguments. She trims quotes and takes statements out of context. She’s toxic and ignorant, her only talent is her ability to maintain credibility with her record of astoundingly bad journalism.

  • Joe Biden can be witty and funny, but I want Medicare for All and the young in America need an education without financial chains attached, so I can not vote for Biden. For me, It is Bernie or Bust. If the DNC nominates Biden, I just will not vote Democrat.

  • Bernie if you care about this country and you are not PUTIN's toon, then get off the way and let Joe have a full victory to bring decency back.

  • Stupid MSNBC.

  • Seriously? Shocking comeback? The only comeback is that YOU are pretending he's winning big. Only the corporate news. You pretend to be against trumplethinskin or at least to oppose his worst ideas and behavior, yet you are corporate dem to the core. Bernie is winning. You know that. His message is approved by over 84% of the voting public. YOU are being bad journalists here.

  • Nothing say “fair and impartial” like 70%+ of the vote being in, one candidate being up 10+ points and still saying “too close to call”

  • Americans vote against there own interests EVER SINGLE TIME. Joe Biden would lose miserably to Trump!!! What an easy win!!
    If I hear another American complain about their healthcare system, gun violence, low wages, student debt,etc. And they voted for Joe Biden, then y’all deserve these issues and will continue to have them coming.
    America, wake up and realize this is the last time you’ll ever have a politician like Bernie sanders who actually cares about the issues of working people. This is your second, and you last chance. Help yourselves for crying out loud

    From: the rest of the world

  • Putin wants Joe Biden to win. He's an easier matchup for Trump and will be dragged across the debate stage by him if he is the nominee. And I hate Trump. But it's true. Trump is only saying he'd rather face Bernie to make people believe that he'd rather face him, even though he's scared shitless.

  • tRump, Drumpf, Clown man, Orange man bad, Free college, no borders , ree, russia russia russia!

  • Media needs to quit with the negative stuff!!! Rally people together please!!!

  • Corporate media seems happy now that they will have an establishment president whether Biden wins or loses, so they can keep their tax cuts. This isn't a democracy, it's an oligarchy. Endless corporate cash was pumped into Super Tuesday to mislead black Americans, who went and shot us all in the foot. Sounds like four more years of Trump, but at least under him we can stop pretending we have a functioning democracy. Anyone who voted Biden helped usher in autocracy. Bloomberg is out and Elizabeth is staying in to ensure that she eats into Bernie's potential delegate count. This system is rigged and democracy is a lie. Money talks and 'democracy' walks.

  • Any of this guys can bit the Orange guy.

  • “Booty Juice”

  • Alright let's be serious Biden will lose against trump the bernie supporters will do the same as the last election they will stay home or vote for trump.It doesn't matter if bernie ends up endorsing him he did last time and look what happened.Trump will get 4 more years what the Democrat party has to forget 2020 and look for 2024 and hopefully the party is united during that time no moderates,and progresives,just the Democrat party.Then they can stand a chance against a united Republican party

  • 🚨🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🚨
    LIES, LIES, and more LIES from the disgusting Republiclown party. Trump has singlehandedly destroyed the entire Republiclown party … from the GOP Congressmen to the GOP Senate to the Presidency. This is what spineless cowardly politicians look like…SHAME‼

  • So at the end of the day trump will win against Biden he won't have support from bernie supporters this election is over

  • msnbc fear mongering

  • trump is gonna murder biden


  • Just wait until you run for the big event…..Your obvious manipulation to sideline Bernie….Those voters are unlikely to vote at all, because they know the democratic party has not listened to their obvious passion and efforts. It is an obvious move to put Joe into the whitehouse, a guy who is now being investigated by 2 governments for obvious corruption. The obviousness of this partisan effort is so glaring to anyone with intelligence. It is clear also through the obvious biased media coverage, the media has made its choice, and the so called, democrats or what i would call the undemocrats, can't even run a fair race in their own party, they are setting up Hillary for the VP with Biden, mark my word, big media is doing what they can and the democratic whigs are doing their part at the polls.
    The only way that Bernie can get a fair shake is by running independent. Bernie for president on an independent ballot!!! I guarantee you the Bernie folks will not vote against Trump after they have been screwed a second time.
    do not support the oligarchs….take them down as they are taking Bernie down.

  • Please tell me the wonderful things Trump has done. The wall…really..won't stop a nuclear attack or missiles. Didn't stop corona virus. Mexico laughed at us because a ladder will let you climb over it… great healthcare..more people are now uninsured..dismantling affordable care act now..nothing to replace it with. Unemployment dropped ..people are now working 2 jobs to pay healthcare bills..percription he caved on that one because of pressure..I have all the links to this because I was intrested in what he really did. Hospital billing… well I read that if they didn't comply they would have to pay $300 a day and for a hospital that is a larger hospital that is not a big deal so they figured it's easier to pay the penalty than to comply with this also he always seems to give them a loophole to get out of what he is trying to do it's like he wants the people to think he really is trying to do his best but he really doesn't seem to put much pressure on them to do the right thing.. it also said that if they do comply and it is pushed to do the right thing that the cost of it will also trickle down to the taxpayer so we will be paying for that in the end because it is costly to comply with this.. so pretty much the only thing he really did do a good job on was having the Democrats and Republicans hate each other and fight with each other, so he really did do a good job with that…

  • Biden is a corporate shrill. I was absolutely shocked from last night. It has to be rigged. Every news reporter, yesterday and today, has this smug smirk on their faces, they know something happened in the background in their favor. Biden was almost in dead last place. Bernie is for the people, he marched with MLK, he dedicated his whole life to the cause. Not electing Bernie will be the American people's biggest mistake since the signing of NAFTA. Spread the word. We need Bernie, or else the cost of living will keep going up, and our wages will not, and our generation, and our children's generation, and our children's children's generation will be screwed. For a better future #Bernie2020

  • Bernie Sanders beats Trump

  • So there is hope; you can't buy an election. Maybe you can't steal is; maybe you can't obtain it by betrayal; you can't get it with interference of foreign countries like China, Russia and/or Ukraine. Maybe the possibility isn't only hard to imagine: a better one than ever before.

  • So there is hope; you can't buy an election. Maybe you can't steal is; maybe you can't obtain it by betrayal; you can't get it with interference of foreign countries like China, Russia and/or Ukraine. Maybe the possibility isn't only hard to imagine: a better one than ever before.

  • DUMP & FLUSH PEE-PEE prez trumpf-TURD 15 times

  • Why all the people who can not afford spending a single night @ any of Trump’s hotels/resorts/clubs. Still vote for him?. Isn’t it a form of projection, or it only is masochism?

  • Tom is one of the best political analysts.


  • Nah! It’s actually good news for corrupt Trump! He is already invested on crushing Biden and he can’t stand for 10 minutes against thuggish Trump shouting before loosing the thread of thought, if he hasn’t blundered within first 30 seconds!
    He isn’t ‘much’ better than Trump, anyways. Shame!

  • Hunter Biden owes back child support, he also drivers around a Porsche and lives in a $12,000.00 apartment.

  • This video shows TRUMP will WIN!!!!!

  • Bernie or bust!

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