Tập 2: Kế Hoạch Đòi Nợ | Tiến Funny

We have only been playing together for 2 months But it feels like we have known each other for a long time Well. why didn’t our brothers meet sooner But my brothers, not like the guys that play with each other but whoever relatives he worried Admittedly, our brothers in need of hardship have each other Nothing can separate the feelings of his brother Oh, bro Hey, Thanh I had a job the other day, so I came home too The underworld 200, I picked it up and put it in the trash So the money from the other day was 200 hell money? Really? Oh, what’s happen with your nose? Ah, my nose? The other day there was a guy who pushed me and fell on my face I’m going to ask you by the way 1 million times the money I borrowed you To tell you the truth, lately I’ve been running out of money Well, a few more days, bro Come on. Let’s go drinking Hey! Where are you guys going? Do you know this is my alley? How much money vomiting out here! Fast! Bro, I don’t bring money today Bro 1 million old debt I pay offline Ehh! Come on! Well I pay you always Pay the other day! I pay you now! So do you accept it now? No, I don’t accept! Hey. Accept this! Oh 2 this guy! Is this where you guys fight? You! Did you hit me? Oh! It fainted. bro. run! Hey! The other guy ran away. brother! Oh, is your face alright? Yes. I’m okay! Here. I pay you some money Yes! Thanks Without you, I don’t know when I’ll ever claim my money back Thank you OK! Piece of cake OK 2 3 Action! Go! Let’s go drinking! This paragraph is simple. just play back The girl is back there. yeah * Whistling * But just now. Tien. he stood in this part. right? OK? Go ***. are you crazy? Turn here to see?


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