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There’s a lot of school supplies, you must have a few kids. it’s for my class actually its for the man living in the basement my school is boring anyways have u seen Laura lees apology vid? Today this teacher is shopping for more than just her own bread and butter. You have to supply all this yourself? There’s never enough to go around and most of my students can’t afford to provide their own supplies. In fact a recent study found that 94% of teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies For many years now teachers have been fighting for higher wages With mass Protests recently making the news teachers in Oklahoma are planning to walk off their jobs tomorrow teacher staging protests going on strike demanding better pay including right here in Kentucky every public school in Kentucky was closed today at their salaries teachers say extra costs are tough to cover my bi-weekly deposit is six hundred and thirty nine dollars and That’s not sustainable I’m sorry your cards been declined. Do you have any cash? I’ve got $30 Could you maybe please take off the milk? You’re sure you wouldn’t want to take off the notebook since then No My students need these I can drink my coffee black for a while if you overheard this teacher Struggling to make ends meet. I guess I can do without the bread What’s the total now, I’m sorry, you’re still a few dollars short, what would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling at Fitch’s Iga and Wilmore, Kentucky Are these school supplies for your? Grandkids or your kids my class Your teacher. Yes. Our teacher is buying her own groceries and stocking up on supplies for the new school year So you’re spending your own money on your students? Yes, they buy some supplies. Never enough god bless you. All, right It’s 39 55 This woman joins the conversation just in time to hear this, I’m sorry, ma’am. It’s declined Here I have some cash You’re giving her money to help pay for Her it’s a situation that feels familiar. Did you need to buy supplies for your kids? I Feel bad. I mean I could put some food back I’ve got Only need to give her more than what she needs Let’s meet this generous woman, how are you ma’am? We do a TV show called what would you do Oh And you were a teacher I still am a teacher i’m a mother and grandmother They certainly need all the help they can get from the community What is the message you wanted to teach today? If your students were watching this help one another if you can love one another? Our teacher is back at the register and you’re buying all of these for your new class A new teacher there and she finds some common ground with this next customer in line Are you – I’m Sarah I sub there all the time it’s nice to meet you Well, welcome to Wilmore thank you so much as a beautiful town. Um, your card didn’t go through Oh, You have it like another form of payment. I think I have some cash I have 30 so we need to take off Please if you don’t mind the milk when she comes up short she decides to forego some of her own groceries take off for Tuna You still need one 31, okay But this fellow educator just won’t allow her to go hungry Seriously seriously, are you sure? Yes, that’s really kind of you if i can get your address i can- I really are a teacher. I’ll be at school all the time. So I’ll sub for you sometimes Time to tell her she’s been called on by what would you do? How are you? Good. She’s a stranger well wilmore is a wonderful place. its the friendliest town in Kentucky Did you all know that what do you think about the way? Teachers have to provide for their own supplies these days teachers don’t get nearly enough Throughout the day we find there’s no shortage of kindness in Kentucky. My kids need these things for class So let’s put the milk back. I’ll get it for you. If it’s going to kids, ill get it for you. Wow, this is nice Look at this. You have a lot of money to give? no not really. i got a soft spot for kids so You’re short nine dollars and 55 cents You paying for kids you don’t have to do that I that’s all right, it’s all good I think education in particular just needs as much funding as if you get really it’s important you know for the future of our society to really lets take off the tuna and lets take off the bread. U will pay for the difference of hers, thats very kind of you This is very sweet, can I get your address so i can pay back? are you sure? Yeah somebody else I think there probably when the most underpaid jobs in the United States You get people that get paid millions just to entertain us and then people who you know teach our kids actually change the future Barely get paid enough to make it on their own We roll one last time. Let’s take off the macaroni and cheese and right away this young man offers his credit card I’m sorry, you should pay for the rest with my card that work, will that work? Thank you. Education system i’m friends with some teachers. It’s really sad that they You know teachers yeah. Yeah and times are tough for them times are tough for them to be stressful Thank you, he even helps our teacher bag her groceries Gaining extra credit in our book. Thank you so much before he’s done bagging we’re there to greet it, buddy. how are you? Yes, im john quinones with What would you do the TV show? Oh, really? Why did you do that? right now. we live in a time That’s really, you know polarized and there’s lots of stuff going on. You know, the teachers are undergoing a lot of stress and stuff And so I’m just looking for what God has given me so I can give to give to other people That’s kind of if I can do that with my life than happy camper. The town of Wilmore is home to the Asbury Theological Seminary and for these Kentuckians spirituality seems to inspire their overwhelming message that kindness counts inside and outside of the classroom

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