Teens Guess The Price Of College Around The World


  • In conclusion: most of the world cares about the education of their population, USA does not

  • You missed “how much does a PUBLIC university cost per year in Brazil?” YES, 0 dollars too, thank u very much

  • France: 170-380e and free for scholarship holder👌

  • University in Denmark is free and the government pay us around 950 $ to go every month😅

  • Weird how they chucked all of the uk into one question when it clearly depends on what country in the uk you are living in

  • In Korea it's 4000$ per semester, at least at Korea University it is.

  • Yeah In Denmark it's free and we get paid about 950 USD per month. Even when out of school for summer vacation and all.

  • imagine thinking uni tuition in canada is 5000 LOL. you’re gonna be paying upwards of 8000 before you even factor in residence or meal plan

  • Are we just gonna brush over the fact they pay $70,000 a year?! My entire 4 year degree cost $25,000!

  • Every be like: When's she gonna mention my country??

    (Mentions your country)
    (Closes video)

  • In Saudi Arabia we don’t pay anything for the University plus actually they give as money every month

  • In Saudi Arabia When you join the university (as a student ) they give you $ 266 a month 💚KSA💚

  • Public University in the Philippines cost free

  • I'm happy I was lucky enough to go to Uni for free (I'm from Russia, btw).

  • $9,000 for the uk is not right considering $1 is not equivalent to £1

  • It’s not just Sweden, it’s Scandinavia. We all have free healthcare and education I believe, because we pay 37-47 % in tax 😂

  • i go to uni in the U.K. and it’s £9000 not $9000 per year lol

  • in brazil is also free! <3

  • Canada’s was wrong! The question was about university but the answer was based on the colleges which doesn’t even seem correct

  • In India the government institution and colleges are actually the best and they are extremely affordable like around $3000 per year

  • Education is free in a lot of countries in the EU.

    Yes, learn something from us.

  • I think in Russia tuition for natives is cheaper than for eg Americans who move there for uni

  • malaysia university tuition fees are pretty cheap too 🙂

  • The question should be what kind of education do you get around the world for the money.

  • As a Canadian in university it is not that cheap. That is one semester not the full year

  • China aint that cheap tf

  • here in Brazil public universities are free and better than most private universities lol

  • Em… Guys, universities in Russia are free for most of the part. There are some paid spots in free groups(for those who didn't get accepted by grades) and a few programs that are only paid.
    We had 16 people: 10 free(like me), 3 paid and 3 on the contract with the futrue employer who pays for tuition.(about $1000-1500 per year depends on the exchange rate)

  • Czech Republic also has free education 😊 can’t imagine paying for university 😂

  • Diversity this episode:
    Aite, Imma head out.

  • They forgot to mention that not only is university free in Sweden, we actually get paid $340/month too!

  • In Russia you can go to a university for 2000$ dollars a year easily

  • The sad thing is, when teens, or their parents pay more money for college, they often become victims of the illusion that paying more money equals better education.
    Which, it really doesn't.

    Schools in America are businesses.
    Schools anywhere else are schools.

    Give me a presidential candidate who can do something about that.

  • Not only is higher education in Saudi Arabia free, you actually get paid about $3000 annually for school supplies.

  • Education in Denmark is 100% free. WE get paid to get an education.
    Sorry guys😅

  • I study medicine at agerman university and i cost the university 35k $ a year 😂
    Free education is amazing you should try it 😆

  • In Saudi Arabia colleges are for free no matter the major plus they give us monthly student salary 😂

  • I study in korea and that info is wrong , its $4500 per semester not per year

  • The biggest university and one of the most prestigious in Mexico, UNAM, costs less than a dollar per year, it's merely symbolic. That is what it means to have public education.

  • In Perú public university could be between 50 to 100 dollars, even less, per year and thats not for tuition bcs you don't pay that, it's for health insurance and other little things

  • They didn't do a good job putting the cost of tuition in relation to the cost of living and average salary/minimum wage of some of the countries.
    Also important to note that many of those countries where it is super cheap those are not price you would pay as an international student :/

  • Never thought I'd be able to say I went to middle and high school with someone who went on buzzfeed. So proud of you Guilia!!!!

  • In germany i pay around 280€ per year

  • yeah… university in Canada is definitely NOT $5k per year, not even as an average

  • Canada is not that cheap tuition is around 7-10 thousand for universities then add about 13 thousand for living expenses.

  • Good thing they didn’t tell them about Denmark where the government pay you for going to college(more if you live far from your parents) they would probably have an aneurysm

  • 👍🇨🇦

  • Greeks are like. •___• Fees? What?

  • laughs in Brazilian

  • México educational sistema is trash, thats why a lot of people go to private

  • For college or uni in canada its a year is anywhere from 4-35k. Things like ece, architecture tech, vet tech and other smaller programs are usually at 4-5 k a year depending on where you're studying and things like medical students and dentistry are up at the high range. International students do have higher tuition but last time i checked it was an average of 11k-15k (cad) a year which is still less than the states. Its been a few years so things may have changed a bit

  • Free uni + students are actually paid during their study years 🇸🇦💚💚

  • In malta we get paid up to 2000 euros a year uptil undergrad- depending on the year of study and the course chosen. Education should be a right, not a luxury!

  • I’m confused…. how a PUBLIC institution in the US is 21 THOUSAND dollar

  • i just googled lol and you have to pay for uni in sweden?

  • As an American I am devastated. I knew colleges in America were expensive but this is insane!!! I want to study abroad now, and with my aid I can't even lay less than 18k a year here!!

  • In France it’s free if you have a scholarship and if not around 300€ for a year in a public university until you doctorate

  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, public universities cost about 70$-680$ per year (3 or 4 years in total).

  • Really annoys me that UK is put in one bracket as Scotland provides free further education for up to 5 years for residents

  • It's only the tuition fees. I go to school in Canada and when you live away from home with books and all of that stuff, it's a lot more money!!! (still less than the US)

  • university is free in Brasil! 💓🇧🇷

  • guess who else doesn’t pay anything in public universities? brazil. the only thing you pay is the exam (which you don’t have to if you went to public high school)

  • About how much does a public University in Brazil cost per year? Oh yeah, zero cause it's free

  • The United Kingdom on is wrong average home student tuition is 8000 to 9000 pounds, that about 1300 dollars

  • Studying in Scotland, you don't pay tuition fees as a citizen of the EU (though that might now change bc Brexit). Tuition fees were 100% covered by SAAS. Atudying in Berlin is comparatively cheap too (~300 Euro per semester/term), however depending on degree you might encounter a lot of costs and expenses for mandatory trips, for equipment, for your masters thesis etc. There's very little financial support. Personally, I preferred the University experience in Scotland 100fold. The German education system doesn't hold up, the lecturers are disappointing, demotivated, the University staff is catastrophically unorganised. Scottish universities are so well set up, they fully enable you to focus on your degree, they provide great facilities and passionate staff. Honestly, I can recommend studying in Scotland to anyone and everyone I know.

  • Ngl this is incorrect. 9000 USD equates to about 7000 pounds where we pay 9250 pounds which is really about just under 12000 dollars

  • Why'd they only use lesbians for this video?

  • *tuition

  • *tuition

  • *tuition

  • Imagine paying so much for education but being academically worse than countries who barely do.

  • Clark Atlanta

  • Brazil has incredible, 100% free universities that are responsible for a great part of the best academic research out there.

  • Lol canada is acc $6-12 000 thousand canadian dollars per year tuition alone. Smh these aren't true 🤦

  • Just to be clear, if you were to EVER get a degree in Mexico and try to use it in the states. It's most likely USELESS!

  • actually, UNAM (the most prestigious public university in Mexico) costs like 6 dollars PER YEAR

  • In what world does university cost 5000 in Canada I’m applying to university right now in Canada And it costs around 10,000 a year and I’ve checked with other people as well I don’t know a single person who pay 5000 for university that’s just absurd

  • My college is less than 300$ a year (in Canada)

  • Feel like the Canada info is maybe a bit misleading. We have a college and a university which is separate. College which was shown is significantly cheaper but is more mainly trades and hands on stuff. Uni if for the book heavy research to do undergrads, grad programs, PHD programs, and masters. Pretty different and about $10 000 typically

  • The USA: 40th in the world in education with the worlds most expensive education system where every student cheats because of phones and internet.

    The USA is such an arrogant depressing joke

  • Would the $21000 USD just be for tuition in the US??

  • What about Australia?

  • So basically the tuition I paid for four years of university in Canada would only cover one year of university in the US…

  • Well, it can be completely free except for taxes!
    The best universities here in Brazil are all for free. Everyone pays for taxes, and the government deals with the rest! And students themselves pay zero dollars to study there…

  • europe: laughs in free education

  • here in the philippines too(public universities..

  • Wow and here I am studying in Germany for 250 € per year. Wow can't imagine the pressure you have with study costs that expensive. Like my bus ticket is more expensive than my university but I can still get from one end of the city and near villages to the other end.

  • No INDIA? Seriously lol

  • Then there are people in Denmark, claiming they don't get paid enough for education…

  • Why is Australia rarely included in these types of videos? Feeling misrepresented

  • This video is a lol… In Malaysia, we didn't pay for tuition. Only pay for occasional community services and donations for the unfortunate and food

  • It actually costs £9000 per year in the UK not $9000.

  • "due to high cost of living"? You actually GET around 3000 USD per year with the option to take a loan for about 7000 USD per year (which has very low rent).
    You pay for your own living space though but it's cheaper than normal rental apartments. Usually around 400 USD per month where I live but depends very much on which city you're studying in.
    (If you work at the side of the studies, it normally isn't any issue)

  • In germany we pay our University year with a sack full of PET bottles.

  • Sweden is for free for Europeans, not for everyone. I would love to see them guess how much a public University costs in Brazil! You have to speak Portuguese, but it is $0.00 and is really good!!

  • As a Korean, the average tuition of Korean university is more than $4500. My school is $3800 a semester🤢

  • Public universities are free in Brazil and usually those are are way better than private ones. You're welcome

  • Umm I pay almost $20,000 a year and I live in Canada 😩

  • In Saudi Arabia education is free in fact you get paid to go to university also Saudi’s can study for free in Australia UK USA for free government pays for it

  • I actually had to pay 500 nok per semester

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