Thandie Newton Has the Secret for Talking to the Queen


  • First

  • cool content keep it up bro

  • cool video I loved it

  • She’s so beautiful 💛 and knows the horse guy 😆

  • Late Late Niall week 😃

  • #LateLateNiall


  • Niall ho ho Horan…

  • i thought Niall is going to be like "my name is Neil Storm

  • Thandie is vegan, she's so hot…….mannn

  • Love naill so much❤️❤️

  • That’s so funny😂😂

  • So… Niall is the kind of friend who bottles up an annoyance for 10 years

    Why do I find this so edearing and sweet 😂😂😂

  • I thought it was ariana grande in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • It's crazy how Thandie been so hot for so long. I mean she made a movie with Tupac!!! Damn.

  • niall reminds me of chandler from friends, he’s been called “toby” from that guy at work for 5 years because he didn’t want to correct him LOL now niall had the courage


  • Crash, one of the greatest movies of all time, she was incredible.

  • Let's get it started THE BEST WEEK EVER

  • I do not hear the difference, sorry Hohoho ran.

  • Hey Hey Hey😄😄😄

  • Wow thandie is glowing. She doesnt look old compared her looks in the past years.

  • Coked out 🤪

  • The h in th does not exist
    So it's turdyseven… 😅

  • Niall the bad boy? Give it a rest. Niall the SASS MASTER OF MULLINGAR more like.

  • Is this the bitch ass boss from workaholics?

  • So we've been saying his name wrong for the last 10 years?

  • I realize that you just need to say Whorean to pronounce it correctly

  • thank you james for always providing one direction content 😂❤

  • 0:46
    james was triggered 😂

    I don't get it too james
    He is Niall Horan
    But he spill it ( niall hOrOn )

    What is happening Nialler 😂

  • James Horan……..

  • Makes me think of the guy who invented gif and can't get it pronounced the way he wants it….

  • I thought this video was gonna be about Beyoncé smh

  • Most boring interview of 2020 so far. Good job. 👍🏻

  • I've been a directioner for 6 or 7 years what the fuck is the difference in Horan and Horan😂😂😭




  • Niall Ho-Ho-Horrannn reminds me of Ha-Ha-Harry "Meghan Markle's husband" 😆😆

  • Well, if we're talking about butchering names…I've had mine butchered so many times I'm no longer certain I've been saying it right! 😂

  • 3:30

  • First!

  • Zoe looks good… oh wait, 😮🤐

  • Thandie is a ne na bunn! Call me honey please!


  • Thandie doesnt age❤️

  • I love youu

  • 2020
    Niall: "I'm Irish"

  • Thandie's impression of the queen..I'm dying

  • Sassssy Nialllll

  • "aw bless him" same girl 😭🥺

  • Ooo Nialler brought up the ham thing 😂

  • Thandie is one of the most talented actresses out there, and she is stunningly gorgeous!

  • for anyone who can’t really hear it james kinda says “huh-ran” and niall says “whore-ran” if that makes sense 😂 u can kinda hear it at 1:07

  • omg that photo. they were so small!

  • Hell Yea tell em how to pronounce your name Niall

  • Nial horAn

  • Thandie, Thandi. Short for Nomthandazo

  • Niall gets the pronunciation exactly right 🙂

  • Thandie is the most beautiful woman, I would break a leg to film with her!

  • Am I the only one who thought she had an American accent 😱

  • Thandie fine

  • Thandie is still hott

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