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  • Hmm more grey stuff I was hoping they would find that after 7 seasons how exiting.Oh I almost forgot there is a swamp.I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next maybe a hole in the earth if I'm lucky.

  • Wait so we now have a good estimate when the money pit was constructed. So are there old ship logs from that area that could give us a clue as to who built it. Now that we know the date is 1680's. That narrows the window.

  • Lol this is……in 4 words…..the worst series ever…….

  • My mother's swimming pool is a money pit. Can't get rid of the black algae, and then everything done to treat that and occasional rain throws all the chemicals out of wack. It's been a never ending daily battle for several years now. She's 88. Can you imagine being that old and your notable perfect pool becomes a money pit and pain in the back after 30 years of babying the thing?
    I keep recommending that she drains it. I'm no pool expert but, to me, scrubbing the algae off the hard surface doesn't eliminate the black algae now floating around in the pool. She takes water samples to the pool specialists. The chemicals to kill it aren't working.
    Does anyone have knowledgeable advice to resolve this money pit?

  • If one watches this continuing saga of how to waste time and money (and takes it seriously), one should enjoy Mountain Monsters as well. :o)

  • On Tonight's show, nothing much happens – just like every other episode of this junk finding show.

  • Nothing to see here just more wood

  • Next on curse of oak island
    They find more dirt
    Stay tuned

  • Could it be? that over the centuries many treasures was buried on Oak Island & not just one treasure <<< THE CURSE

  • Please just dig and find it !

  • Isaac Newton with possible financing from the royal society. Theres something biblical on that island

  • So boring. They never find anything of real significance. Josh Gates might as well be on this show.

  • Hahahahahaha….HAHAHAHAHAHA…..more *CLICKBAIT.* Seven YEARS….and still NOTHING.

  • 💀👻🙏👍🏆✨🌟💫🍻

  • More wood

  • But what does it all mean??

  • I just come here for the comments 😁

  • I used to watch this show religiously, but after seeing how they are ruining the natural landscape of this island and the massive negative impact they are having on wildlife habitat, I'd love nothing more than this show to be shut down and Laginas kicked off the island.

    Aerial views, often used in their show, even show how much destruction they inflicted on this island with all the excavations and heavy equipment. Island now is starting to look like classic site after mining.

    Way to go, another beautiful piece of land looks like a wasteland thanks to History Channel and the Laginas, that will be their legacy.

  • More money than brains club . LMFAO

  • Hajajaj show more money fit more hahaha

  • I think the island is a ship yard no treasure

  • I hate this show but keeps on watching the upload LOL

  • they found a piece of wood 100 ft and they shock and amaze! again and again!

  • Oh guess what. I found a whole pile of wood from 1680 in my backyard, it must be the money pit 🤔

  • I found more exciting treasures in my septic tank….

  • The SHOW is the money pit. Ahaha Hahahahaha you fools!

  • Wanna waste money and time….right here…. Money pit alright…. 🙄

  • No no they have not found the location enough w this show…. Lost me half way into season 1

  • Free fire videos dekhane kiliae su to my channal

  • I dear .. open cut mine till you find it all ..
    get real and mine it out .. open cut ..
    then we will all no what’s down there ..
    and you will not miss things ..

  • Everyone is always mad that they don't find stuff, at least they are real about what is going on with no fake made for TV finds. It's a long journey, and I hope they eventually find a big treasure but in the meantime I'll keep enjoying watching the progress. Great show!

  • If you look at the probabilities the sheet gives at 1:58 it says 1680 only has a 55% chance of being correct, and that started at 1626. That means it could go as low as 1521 or as high as 1950. Hardly EXCITING!

  • If that wood came up as 1680. That would put it at the end of the time of the Spanish conquest of Peru. So a very possible theory is a Spanish treasure ship or military payroll was plundered near Florida. The pirates tried to sail it North up the coast. Weather or ship damage forced them to beach the ship on Oak island. They tried to fix it failing they sunk the ship in the swamp. Buried the treasure.

  • Cool😎

  • They better off playing my numbers to get rich all that money they blew on a log

  • For a "comparatively" small fee, they could get a paleo botanist to look at that wood. Certain species are native to only parts of the planet, and if a ship or parts of it's timbers was used in whatever is down there, those trees would have been sourced elsewhere (probably europe).

  • Who else is already excited for season 20?!?

  • Where is the Gold no found gold until now

  • On Tuesday nights, you KNOW where to find me

  • Season 7'8'9'10'11'12'13'14' will still be finding wood here wood there wood under there wood over there…noway will there be an episode without the mention of that 4letter word aaggghhhhh

  • In the early 1600's the knights Templars buried treasure at oak island 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔they are some of my ancestors

  • Found a stick.Amazing.!!this show sucks.

  • But what amitabh bacchan sir is doing with these guys

  • One of the BEST non-fiction TV series TO DATE!

  • I've watched "The Curse of Oak Island" since the beginning. How many years do you expect us to watch this show before they find something substantial?? i.e. gold or silver. Everyone gets so excited when they find a worthless nail or belt buckle. Come on guys!!! We want to see real treasure.

  • bobby dazzlers

  • What are the results from all the dynamite

  • Not so exciting anymore

  • Would it make sense if they used the swamp as a shipyard to make repairs and use the tides to float them in and out

  • Your looking for facts,but during the process? You butcher all of the evidence.why use an excavator that has bucket teeth like razor blades and destroy everything!

  • time wasting , wood,,freaking wood.
    This is worse than the view, to watch ,

  • so i guess we need a psychic to tell us what is buried there

  • Hey I need to discuss something with rock and marth

  • Marty*

  • If any of your team are from the smithsonian institution or have previously worked there I would advise kicking them off the island before the sabotage and betrayal.

  • My psychic reading for this month wood ,silver ,flint and a scary tunnel.

  • Why do they get excited when they find an old tool or a Nail and say it's a good discovery because it proves there was activity and visitors on the island back In the whatever century it was. Come on man. I think you've established that Already. Otherwise you wouldn't have wasted time and money and equipment already invested. Ooh ooh ooh look a coin back from the 16th century. (High 5….yessssss!)

  • Just dig the area up and be done with it . Problem solved

  • Gary: We got a screamerrrr….. mate

  • Ancestry has a registry that some was born there in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada on 4 Sep 1670 point being that this area had people in it before 1700 .

  • The curse of Joke Island, I believe they find a 17th century shopping trolley in the money pit. 😅

  • This show is beginning to turn into Geraldo's "Capone's Vault" X 100!

  • Wat een verschrikkelijk klote programma is dat zeg. Blijven ze nog 100 jaar daar graven? Nee dit programma kan echt niet

  • I found the first few seasons quite good but come on! I can’t believe they’re still making the program, miss four seasons and nothing’s changed or found, what a load of shite

  • Fast forward button helps me watch

  • More wood, wow, I'll have to keep watching, how exciting .

  • I really want to see a crossover episode between The Curse of Oak Island and Trailer Park Boys. The best of Nova Scotia TV!

  • Paint dry yet?????

  • Best treasure hunt ever, y'all are the best thing on television.🙏🤟👍🤓

  • if you think the islands are created by 2 dams why don't you coffer both sides and drain the moneypit? it's not rocket science that between the 2 dams is where they began to bore through both sides. which means 1 side tells you of a treasure. the other side is the treasure to be hidden

  • Anyone here because of the fake Twitter add

  • So did all of you miss the interview with the descendants of one of the original searchers? the one where the two women produced a small crucifix and said, "They found 3 chests but this is all we have left?" Was no one else paying attention? 2 or 3 years ago?

  • How come it's not on right now?

  • No new show last night
    could be is over?????

  • I dislike how they skip an episode without warning. Puts my wife in a bad mood for a week!!!

  • They've lost me as a viewer….tell the sponsors too….if they actually find something, I'm sure it will be on the TV news…..

  • so there were trees back then? wow

  • Guys, its the “thrill of the chase”!

  • I've believed that since the beginning..of watching the series ..that two cofferdams were built at both ends of the swamp ..after a mine or tunnel was dug at just above sea level ..that there was probably a ship sailed in and dismantled for the timbers to support the tunnel ceiling and walls.. I believe the money pit a vent shaft ..I believe the brackish water found in the tunnels is a combination of stagnant water and sea water..I also believe the fill used for the swamp was taken from the area around Smith's cove..and other various places around the island ..I think a core sample from dead in the middle of the swamp will show that the materials used for fill should be a mix of soil and rock dug out of the tunnel system and from around the banks of the island ..perhaps you should drill along the money pit side of the swamp for samples..I believe you will find an entrance not to deep down and PROBABLY above the sea level below the have been going about this all backwards you have to think like a digger from 500 years ago may have started out as a cave that they expanded upon… All those tailings had to go some place .. whatever they his or was looking for was of some kind of serious importance to undergo such a huge project.. you may even find other tunnels on the opposite side of the swamp.. that is my uptake on years of watching ..

  • I never seen two Dumber Brothers in my life

  • I know what kind of wood that is it's called peckerwood

  • the narrator repeats every sentence about a find and says then ….. could it be …..could it be is the most repeated sentence in this serie.
    Jack; o man an iron pin !
    narrator ; an iron pin , found in the swamp , where 10 years ago a similar pin was found???
    could it be…………..

  • I dont think nothings there anymore

  • Theres no treasure there Oak island was a Spanish ship yard and that's it. If theses retards drill a hole in the center of this island water will fill it.

  • This can NOT be drug on any longer. Who pays for all this waste of time??? They should all donate a there time for something positive.

  • at the beginning of each new episode we have to watch 10 minutes of repetitive footage already seen, it really sucks!

  • The paved area in the swamp could have just been a large unloading platform for the french to keep stuff like gunpowder dry since they were building defensive structures on Oak island. Or it could have been their dry dock. Not that big a mystery, nothing like their off the wall Templar theories.

  • They're always finding something to keep the show going … 🤔, All that digging 😏 ???, They literally should be in China by now 😂😂😂!!!

  • The swamp is a dry dock for the repair and refitting of sailing vessels .

  • I found a silver Mercury dime the other day. Can I get a TV show?

  • This series should be called Holes.

  • Love this show!

  • They found the corona virus cure at the bottom at least 1000 more episodes in this yeah

  • I always record the show, then zip threw all the old stuff

  • Wasted time watching 1st 2 seasons. After realizing whst the show was all about I left off.
    I found out THERE'S NO TREASURE. Only buttons, broaches, nails & other meaningless trinkets.
    Total fraud being perpitrated on viewers.

  • I need money.

  • The Curse of Rick and Marty Show!!!!  What a total waste of time, maybe ten minutes of new content and the rest just reruns after reruns!!!!

  • I would like to fast forward to the end of this show please.

  • A new day dawning on joke-island! The jokes on us for watching!!!!

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