Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Tango: The Adventure Game for more point and click adventure game action. We
are right back where we left off in this little stable with the horse and the jockey
and it’s been a little while hasn’t it? Erm if you haven’t followed me on
Twitter if you don’t follow me on Twitter I’ve been really unwell for the
last probably two, three, maybe in four weeks.
Numerous infections. Throat infection, sinus infection, you name it I’ve had it.
So I’ve not been able to record any videos for a while. We’ve burned through the
backlog so there’s been no videos for well probably about two weeks now so
apologies for that. We’re back I’m feeling good apart from sounding a bit
blocked up but I feel fine. We’re ready to go I haven’t got
coronavirus which is good news and we’re ready to crack all of this game finally
after a long break and I think I remember what we were doing I did watch
back the end of the last video and I believe we were about to try and buy a
ticket or something weren’t we for the fixed race now we’ve done the potion
place your bet okay here we go I don’t ever die him next we’re gonna
need money oh we’ve got money can we do that
I’ll take lunatic for the winner yeah there we go so I don’t know how far away
we are from the end of this game he showed us the horse you want he’s
terrible look I’m speaking from experience
he’s the horse we want alright no I think he could be a surprise for us
today what’s gone on oh there we go it’s the race the cool why is there only
like three horses here we go
come on lunatic you can do it boys for horses I’m glad we don’t have to do the
horse race ourselves because I think I’d be rubbish out come on lunatic you can do it is that
him ten think it is isn’t it yes we’re gonna
win I think we did it
all we did it with rich Oh No we’ve been hit over the head a few hours
later God do the spongebob thing there really wow it’s nighttime now okay so
I’m guessing our money’s gone daggers sir hello sir my name is Bernardo are you
okay I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus but I’m still in one piece that’s how I
was feeling last week the week before my name is Carlos did you see what happened
to all of my money but he stole it a little kid what they just left you over
there I thought you were drunk sir I was ko’d was a drunk how did I come to
this you could say him it was a typical point-and-click adventure games
third-act twist it always happens guys it always happens breaking the fourth
wall I’m sure it came just after you got an important win now that you mention it
it did but like getting something important or completing a desired
objective as kids in the night he’s smart win the big pile of money so you
could buy way out of poverty that could be a good reason for a surprise twist oh
I love it yes but who brought me here it was a man
with a kind of a bad guy face he was holding a knife are we know who that was
Lynch of course it was Lynch he told me that if you ever wake up I should tell
you that half your debt is paid off now you still need to pay the rest though or
drum roll then he made a kind of next slitting gesture what a lovely thing to
do to a child fare and goodbye ride a safe fare by the way where am I we are
in the lopaka neighborhood at the Grand fair also we’re at that bit where the
cat was you can lose all your money play and toad in the hole
what is toad in the hole or visit the genie he knows everything
except how to fix this machine I guess right we’re gonna have to fix the
machine I’m calling it now the ghost train has some technical difficulties as
well maybe we’ll have to fix the ghost train
too so the toad is the only game available does he tend to call on his
shirt is that why I just saw toad in the hole what can you tell me about the toad
in the whole game I also just noticed that it’s a game of rescission
is a technical from dip yeah it’s a game of precision you toss a coin and try to
land it in the toads various holes that sounds suspicious in other words another
puzzle to solve of course the shirt that she’s going to
ask about is Eva purple or green temper call from maniac mansion and they have a
tentacle and guessing what’s that a picture of on your shirt Bernardo well
it’s a long story but it has to do have a time travel when its head local this
trying to take over the world it is one of my favorite point-and-click adventure
games if you haven’t seen that playlist I have played it on the channel the
remastered version should go check that out
so it’s fiction no it’s a new religion called point-and-click
they say that particular engine mijin is in decline nevertheless
it attracts new believers every day that’s true we need to rebuild this
genre let’s ask about the ghost trade then what happened to the ghost train
it’s a long story you see one night or we’re gonna get a
little flashback nice oh and that’s our ghost story broke we’re not going to get
a flashback I’ll never eat seafood again Wow okay
I believe it may close the soccer field because of that to wonder what the hell
happened I miss kicking the ball around let’s ask
about the genie what can you tell me about that giant head over there we
haven’t actually seen this yet the genie he knows everything what does he know
everything should really have everything about what
so say everything yeah I do everything everything everything I think this could
go on all day that might have to be the episode name for this one everything
everything okay we’ll just quickly see if there’s anything else to know so we
heard about the toad in the whole game the ghost train yeah okay so if we’ve
exhausted the dialogue options here that’s fine just wanted to make sure
there wasn’t any little hints or tips that could help us out we know about the
genie knowing everything so that’s the toad in the whole game there this is
some sort of sign with light colored lights and here’s the GD also what have
we got a white shoe a fishing there a spoon a ball a journal an invitation
right let’s go and see the genie the machine isn’t working
okay so we need to power it up must be something wrong with the wires okay is
there any way we can access like the inside of the machine
can we use the spoon not possible how can we go further along no we can go
back to the map though okay let’s have a look at this sign the grand fair sign
lights a short-circuiting right so everything this does not seem to work
there’s a specific order we’ve got to do it right so we’re gonna have to learn
that order from somewhere I don’t suppose we’ve already got it around here
this was to do with the cocktail wasn’t it without the invitation you have the
honor of inviting Karla silk fingers to play in the poker game of the year right
ballroom or morning coat attire so we’ve got a shoe but we don’t have the rest should trump let a toad game in order to
play on either coin I mean the kids got a coin could we not have his coin what
do you need sir I need a coin so I wonder if there’s anything else to tell
us about the GD as well no it doesn’t look like it okay right so maybe we’ve
got go to some of their areas then because it looks like we’ve done pretty
much everything we can here so let’s go back to the map right so now it’s actually like two on
the map that’s really cool actually I like that or we can go to downtown now
tenement house the port the bar and the racetrack should we go downtown let’s go
downtown Malave Oh a type of troublesome bully or thug found in the area around
Buenos Aires some items in your inventory can be combined why is it
telling me that I already knew that interesting perhaps you’ve got to
combine something that we’ve got wonder if this is where the game is going to be
it’s going on here not sure he’s crashed weird I think it may have crashed if so
I’ll be back shortly carry on he was trained to be a wise guy
with me so I told him careful if you mess with me you’re messing with big
Tony so the game did crash but then it came back and then it properly crashed I
don’t know what happened he didn’t mess with me again but we’re back for some
evening I told you doing these jobs for big Tony is gonna earn us a lot of
respect so these guys are gangsters they look like gangsters
it sure is but not if we mess it up like last time potentially not very good
gangsters that wasn’t my fault you stabbed our old boss in the arm with
a knife sounds is full was I supposed to do he incited me in front of the whole
crew he said I was only good for mop duty sucks mean you dude so you stabbed
him well what about you you cut a guy’s toe off sounds pretty brutal but they
called me short so you stabbed him take it easy
someone’s coming yes they are may be a bad time to hunt at this neighborhood
there’s a window here it’s a sign tango coming soon to find theaters near
you ah Plaza scummvm nice nice drink right
window cards one pass so this is where the poker games taking place maybe I see
you and raise $500 how much I’ve raised $1,000 wow this is game I see it matter
Ray’s easy-peasy poker took yeah that’s why I feel so
guessing the tolerance in here but let’s talk to these guys first
Guillermo stop messing around sir okay we literally can’t really say much to
him Gustavo did you just call be short and you are quite short both of you why
I didn’t say anything hey Ferg a I didn’t call you anything
okay so we can’t really talk to either of these guys guessing we can’t go in
here hey where do you think you’re going without an invite you not allowed him
well we do have an invite but not sure I wanna go in there just yet because that
feels like the place where things is going to go wrong for us so I might
explore some of the other areas first so let’s go to the tenement house and
hopefully we’ll be good here right the tellement house the dogs still
here sleeping peacefully much better I don’t know if there’s anything else we
can do here there’s the cage you see a beautiful Robin here if it didn’t end up
in one of Mona’s stews there that would be pretty bad wouldn’t it can we go up
the stairs apparently not yeah I’m the only one on the list we owe her money
still so okay can we head in here maybe she’s not here now if it’s night time
though she is okay sorry about that we already know about this gold fishy
thing don’t this anything else we can talk about her but we’ll give it a go money right we know about that right
okay so there’s nothing else we can do here by the looks of things so we’ll try
heading to the poor and to the bar and to the racetrack but if there’s nothing
new then we’ll have to go through to the poker tournament I’m guessing so next
step is the port wonder if that sail is still here or over he’s gone down no
he’s still here hole look for lights of ice don’t they pretty cool right sailor
what’s going on man hey there buddy so did you have a ticket now I still don’t
have a ticket Quinn’s we do need a coin doesn’t look like there’s anything else
here either does it so let’s head back to the bar I mean we do potentially have
that gig at the bar don’t we we tried to arrange before try that out I didn’t
realize the footsteps as well the places you could go last time we’re on the map
so that’s something new all looks very different in here night time let’s see
what Tito’s got to say the lounge is also up for the competition going win
right so we can potentially do this then I gotta take it easy if I wanna win
today so we can go to the lounge now Carlos don’t embarrass me go and change
although free you out of here alright so we need us we need clothes for this as
well we use the shoe with Carlos now that’s like a delta if I tell it
apart of you difficult to dance with it how can we make him wear this maybe we
need some more clothes I don’t know as perhaps go outside and see if there’s
anything at the racetrack we might have to go to the tournament first right
racetrack here we go I’m guessing that’s probably gonna be nothing here seeing
this this nighttime but we’ll give it a go you never know yeah I think at all
wastebasket you know there’s the white pane as the horseshoe I can’t read that it’s the rope more stable things but
leave everything is its rye-oh cadence and there’s literally nothing here weird so the only thing it seems we’re able to
do is give them the invitation for the tournament so let’s try that here we go
boys I’ve got an invitation to be here limit their expected him a case we do
need to come here first ok Carlos the one you’re cleaning out is the guy with
the tie the others are in on it so just keep it
upright so we’ve got to to work against the guys to tie them in we go Carlos
your clothes didn’t you read the invitation but leave yourself up or
don’t come back right so we need these clothes then clean them up huh not even
full head of part could fix this guy what is that some sort of like hair
grease or something right so the only place I’ve seen clothes on this game is
on the washing right in here at the tellement house I don’t know if we could
just take them there’s only one way to find out really is it there but see it’s
the clothes side sorry where we can get these down don’t okay oh how about the debt no can we give the
ball to the dog now no ah Wow okay I don’t know that how
bizarre perhaps you’ve got to do something down
of this little alleyway with the funfair maybe it revolves around these colored
lights and stuff I don’t know I mean there’s a little one looks like a
ticket over there but whether or not we can do anything with that I don’t really
know doesn’t look like we can particularly click on it unless we set
the wrong with the wires but I don’t see a way to access the wires necessarily and I think around the ground there’s
these lights but I’m not really sure if there’s a way we just say anything we
can find color-wise to do with the lights
I don’t think I’ve seen any colors anywhere but you know you never know it
may be to do with the balloons or something a lot – sure so I think we
might have to call it an episode there and I’ll have to have a think between
episodes and see what I can come up with so that is going to do it for this one
guys it feels really good to back really happy with that back play in this game
and all the other games as well I’ve got the channel can’t wait to record some
more videos and get going again so thank you very much for watching if you
enjoyed the video click on that like button
you’re really got something channel to grow so I do appreciate it make sure you
hit that subscribe button and the notification Miller for you or just
haven’t already done so and I’ll see you all next time


  • Hey feeling better i see, glad to hear, and interesting part, many more new faces with interesting one’s, with some weird one’s too

  • Good you’re back seems like those clothes are the key to this now

  • We’re really stuck here! Are you sure you’ve tried going everywhere? Like on the main map there’s footprints pointing at a car. Maybe you can do something with that car? That’s about all I can think of.
    Oh wait… maybe if you give something to the kid he’ll give you the coin. Like maybe the ball?

  • Wb dude, im glad your feeling better and omg what is with that jockeys lil stache haha. Oh touche game very meta haha. The answer to the light bulb puzzle was in the area with the toad game. Great video mate.

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