The Sharks Want to Know Where KidsLuv’s Money Went – Shark Tank


  • I will earn money by investing on it, so I'm out! – Barbara

  • She's too combative to be investable.

  • She has crazy eyes.

  • GAWT DAMN…. That was so heated… holy shit…

  • My name is Barbara and for that reason I am out

  • A million dollars and she has nothing to show for it. This isn't a even a cool or unique product that would warrant such a high cost before going to market, it's just healthy juice.


  • useless woman. Wasted $950,000 on rubbish

  • Barbara is so happy – she found the reason to be out

  • I'm Barbara, I hate children and for that reason I'm out.

  • Barbara- I just spent 14.99$ on my new haircut at great clips and for that reason I’m out !

  • Barbara provides solid reason and for that reason I'm out

  • This girl dumb af 😂😂😂

  • Dumbass should have put that million in a swiss bank.

  • Barbara actually had a legitimate reason and fair one to be out for once

  • When you try to run before you learn to crawl

  • She should be arrested!!!!! A million dollars spent and nothing to show for it?

  • A million lost … I wouldn’t trust her with a penny of my own money NEXT!!!!!

  • A million just disappeared. Nobody is surprised she is a woman.

  • Anyone that markets vegan diets to kids deserves to lose more than couple million and get the Corona virus lol

  • Whats sad is how often products like these go moldy and parents dont check

  • In business you are often not rewarded for your time and effort

  • She does not have a clue! 🤔

  • Blah blah blah. What a scam artist. At least they saw through her horseshit.

  • She accounted for 200k of the 950k she spent. Where the fuck did the other 700k go? How did nobody ask that?

  • When the last time we saw Robert gets a deal ? this guy does not buy anything

  • She got eaten alive by those sharks 🦈

  • She needs many rich husband's lol.

  • There's a popular song that comes to mind after watching this……."Stupid Girl"

  • Entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

  • She went on a shopping spree😣😣😣

  • She took a beating

  • Is this a preview trailer of Pinocchio? Someone's lying?

  • she all about appearances. fake it till ya make it. loser

  • She's a dumpster fire. But at least she owns her product.

  • Should be in the garbage!! That after taste is Stevia known has artificial sweetner. The sharks new not to invest. In the food industry, can't afford real Stevia it's an artificial sweetener like Aspartame.. Furthermore, In 1991 was banned in USA for causing cancer, in 2008 the FDA reinstated it. Humm..💰💰💰💰💰!! This nut job wants your kids to drink it..
    I'm SMDH!! Please Just Google it, look at side affects. If your older and have nerve pain in hands and feet….if you stop the products with aspartame, it will go away.

  • She attended the Bernie Madoff school in how to bamboozle investors. I’ll bet from that $1M investor money she overspent $250k on “product development” & lived damn well on the rest.

    She’s not a worker, she’s a bullshit artist🤬

  • Imagine being so privileged that you create a business based off something totally unoriginal, get your family and friends to throw a million dollars at you, spend it all without blinking and after all of that you’re totally unbothered by the fact that you blew through a million dollars.

    And on top of that you go on Shark Tank to ask for more money when you can’t explain what happened to the first million…

  • Written inside Barbara’s thought bubble …. “wow, this time I have a legitimate reason to say I’m out”

  • I'm dealing with this type of fucker right now. He blew away all our money and is begging for more. Haven't received a penny from the business we invested in.

  • I want to Grant Cardone as one of the sharks, he'll bring lot of fun in the show

  • Her my way or the highway approach will never work.

  • Never trust vegans.

  • She is so bad in business

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