Things They DON’T TELL YOU About Your 20s!!! MONEY, Dating, Careers | Jackie Aina


  • I'm not doing a divorce "storytime" lmao not everything is meant for youtube…

  • Thank you for this… I really want to know more on the career and relationships

  • Such an inspiration, thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

  • A lady I used to work with who was in her late 30’s told me “it gets better. I don’t really know how, but with time a lot of things just get easier.” And that was just really comforting to me even though it was kind of vague lol.

  • “It’s not that deep” and not taking anyone serious was a lesson I learned in this past year at 23 – because of that, I feel so joyful and relaxed despite the struggles I continue to face. Life has been a lot less stressful.

  • Am in tears. So inspirational wow. Thank you girl. Keep shining.

  • Ik I’m late but I just really want to say thank you so much for this video because I am really going through all of this

  • I really needed this thank you

  • i really love your videos. you always teach me something and make me feel more positive about myself! thank you!

  • Had to pause while scrolling through this fire af comment section to subscribe. I'm so glad I found you and ALL THIS POSITIVITY 👏🏽👏🏽

  • "sheraseven" on YouTube will help ladies! 🙏🙏🙏

  • thank you for this <3

  • I love this video , I hit 25 and everything in my life changed , my attention got caught when you said you were 21 and divorced and just experiencing a "with is going on" stage , especially at an age where others are graduating college or in a different stage than you are makes you rethink so much. years later I've realized my life is my life and the stages I've endured where meant to be for my OWN JOURNEY. also, putting yourself thru different things to make others happy when it came to career choices lol . so much relevance in this video, I LOVE IT, cause your 20s are truly the trial and error stage of your life and it is OK. once I grew into the mindset and understood that it is OK to mess up or not have it all together I became happier knowing that as long as I am trying and happy and growing , Ill be good! def subscribing .

  • I wish i could just have a conversation with you all day. Such an intelligent woman!

  • Your perspective and insight is so very helpful. Thank you Auntie Jackie 💕

  • My friend, I congratulate you, I would love to use these products, but with the situation that we Venezuelans have, it's impossible for me, Merry Christmas

  • Loved the advice! I’m an immigrant kid too. Love the idea of makeup video with advice mixed in. More of this please! ❤️

  • Thank you for this!! So many things hit me deep. Do you have any advice for those of us who already "threw in the towel," like you said? Basically my head just does not stay in the game and I get lazy pretty easily

  • You're very real and cool

  • The second part of the video you was just preaching for me thanks for the advise I'll stop comparing myself I'll do me I'll work on the real me and I'll stay with for sometime ❤️ Love you Jackie 💕💯

  • omg I love your makeup

  • Oh girl yes! Guys do date you at face value 😂😂🙌🏾 & yes “Mixed feelings is a NO”

  • I am almost 30 and girls don't waste your time/beauty/youth on men with whom/fom you can't benefit. Focuse on your finances or men with good finances ;D You will thank me later on if you apply this to your life. Date men who are beneficial to you or don't date at all.

  • This is the video I didn’t know I needed

  • So relatable, thank you ♥️♥️♥️

  • I’m 20 and depressed.
    I hate this shit.
    I’m confused.
    Idk what’s happening honestly.

    Glad I came across this video !

  • I wasn't even gonna click on this video but I'm glad I did. I needed it. thank you

  • jackie is seriously the most beautiful woman i follow 😻

  • This video was right on time I just turned 20 yesterday 🥰❤️and a lot of things you said were just confirmation 👏💕❗️

  • I’m 18 and nervous for the future, I wanna make the right choices.

  • Thank you for this video Jackie. It was definitely needed. My birthday was last month & I just turned 30. I had a whole entire melt down about where I am in life right & my 20’s going. This video helped put some things into perspective for me.

  • Thank you for Keeping it 100!!! 100% of the time. XOXO

  • That's a Leo thing!? 😭😭😭I thought I was just soft!!!

  • I love seeing other Nigerian Youtubers doing their thing, much love & support Jackie!

  • Normally i feel horrible after These Videos (i'm 20 now) but your Video was really informative and i feel really optimistic and motivated now 💗 thanks jackie this is the Big sis advice i needed! (And i'm the oldest in my family from the kids so nobodys giving me advice the only thing i get are expectations 😂 dont know if this is just an immigrant thing)

  • Just turned 20

  • I freaking love you. I just started watching you. I love how happy and genuinely you’re. Thank you for being real❤️

  • I’m 21 and I feel like I need to have my whole life figured out. Second semester of junior year in college and I feel like I should already have a man and my whole career figured out PLUS living in a hoe society and generation doesn’t make it any better😥 Everything seems pressuring and college has been the most confusing time of my life but strengthening my relationship and connection with God and manifestation has changed me so much.

  • i need more advice videos from you!!! <3

  • I love you 😩❤️

  • Yeah I’ve noticed that I get misunderstood a lot and I just so happen to be a Leo as well. I’m 22 yo. and I made peace that I won’t get along with everybody cuz I like people but I don’t like people lol

  • I’m currently 14 and turning 15 this year. My father told me to start saving money and not use it for the next four years,so when I grow up I know how to save money and stuff. And I wanna ask what is the appropriate age to live alone in your guys opinion?

  • U are gorgeous

  • I'm so late but MIXED FEELINGS IS A NO FROM 2020 ONWARD

  • Great advice

  • Thank you Auntie Jackie 😘

  • Ok Eloho! Thats my girl!

  • Still in my twenties and this was sooo helpful 👏🏾

  • I am a Leo too!!!!!!! And once you said that I was like YES finally someone who understands how I feel 😭😭❤️

  • Love this ❤️

  • I'm 16 and thinking about my 20s and 30s I soooooo scary 😶

  • See thats why i made my channel, strictly to make sure ppl get the 20s right.

  • 7:48 Everything you said about the cooperate word I was nodding and 💯 agreeing about being emotional, that one person trying you etc Then you said you’re a Leo!! Girl me too

  • So started 2020 with the mentality i was turning 20 this year and let me tell you it has been an entire anxiety roller coaster.I feel like so much is going to change and alot more is expected from me.Well being and living in Nigeria contributes to that. I am just not excited about it also in med school and so confused

  • I’m 20. This is something I needed to hear.. especially about the staying single part.. guys are always frightening us younger ladies to settle down when we are young because they “won’t want us when we’re old”. It’s just gaslighting and manipulation at its finest. I just want to work on me, my goals, and reach maximum peace of mind before I consider letting someone take up space in my mind again.

  • If i could hit subscribe again Jackie i would thank you so much for your words of advice ❤️

  • Im turning 20 wnd life has been so hard wish me luck

  • So funny

  • 31 years where?

  • your so beautiful uno

  • Glad I took the time to watch this. Came out w some real good points, thank you auntie!!!

  • what you do is set up a Male POF & Tinder, click in the 30+ female section which is an absolute cattle market off bitter jaded women, …..each of which brought into the "you go girl" mindset or is a single mom through poor life choices…….and you dont make the same mistake

  • I love theses vids

  • Your conversations are always sooooo good! I really needed to hear some of the things you mentioned in this video. Thank you!

  • “I’m not vegan. I’m vegan adjacent. That means no dairy, no pork and no beef” same sis 😂

    S/o to Eloho. Love her channel 💯

    I’m turning 32 February 1 and this video is extremely helpful. The message I got is that it takes grind and sacrifice to reach your long term goals. Save. Invest in classes, mentors and like minded people.

  • Am 22 and am already stressing about finding the right anti age. It’s weird?

  • I really needed this Jackie. I’m 20 years old, My mom grew up in the corporate world, and so I grew up very cut and paste. Narrow and straight. I have great background with jobs but it never worked out. I went to college for education and before I went something in my head said “if I go back home, I know I won’t be an educator.” Two years later O fling myself back home. Transferred and failed out. During my process of college I found myself doing people eyelashes and faces. And really enjoyed it. I am currently starting my own lash brand. I ended quitting college and going into esthetics. I’m truly happy now. I feel like I actually going to be abundant. When i told my mom my plan, she said okay but i don’t think she thought I was serious. But now, she supports full force. I find myself changing in little ways. I find myself taking heed to what others say even if I don’t like it. I find myself sacrificing things I want and desire. I thank God for this time. I will be working you soon.

  • She is such good vibes. Thanks for your good energy man! Rooting for you man!

  • I really need to this video ! I’m 26 and I’m stressed the fuck out because I don’t know what I wanna do 😩

  • Jackie, thank you for this video. I needed this word today. 💕

  • Literally just fell in love with you after this video so inspirational 💗

  • Elohooooooo!!!!!!

  • wow, thanks a lot, needed to hear this

  • Watches you do makeup
    Still mystified how you did it….

  • Girl ! I needed to see this omg !

  • I’m not vegan, I’m vegan adjacent! Yaaasss that could be on a t-shirt 🤣

  • GIRL!!! I'm 3 weeks from my 32nd bday and just now getting your 2012 epiphany.

  • you are so pretty girl

  • This video spoke to my soul and I'm only 21. So inspiring 💕. Thank you Jack

  • this was the " Soft Glam" look I was looking for when you did your actual soft glam video. This Look Is GORGEOUS!

  • I’m 18 but I’m getting prepped in advance

  • How the heck are you 30!? You look like you’re still in your 20s

  • Second time watching this and my take aways are as follows:
    Your career should be more about what fulfills you and less about money. The money will come when you tap into your gifts. I
    Invest, at least a year, in yourself, date yourself because this allows you to get to know you and the things you want which also change throughout your life. I am 29 and I'm grieving a relationship that I moved way too fast into and shattered recently. Totally my fault bc I chose to ignore the initial signs for fear of being alone. Jackie please make a part 2. This video was so valuable to me.


  • You're glowing <3 thank you for this

  • Omg this video! I can't even say how perfect this video is and exactly what I needed! Girl you are absolutely beautiful and you hit the nail on the head with every single thing

  • The part about spending money on the class!!! YASSS. EDUCATION > Material things ALWAYS!!

  • beautiful

  • I wanted to cuddle up and play house with boys that didn’t deserve it too.

  • There is a woman at my work who has harassed me for years about getting married. To the point that I cry about it. It is so upsetting. This woman is such a bad person and she humiliates me.

  • the most beautiful woman

  • Leo gang haha

  • sistaaa ❤️

  • Thank you for your advise❤❤

  • I’m 18, and what I’ve learned that if you do on potential, you’re going to get into that cycle of broken promises. You may feel in your heart that this person could do so well with their career and your relationship and whatever else, but if they are making promises to fuel your hopes and then not FULFILLING THEM… girl you better run.

  • Jackie I personally think you have so much wisdom, and to share which is greatly appreciated, maybe you should do a podcast, you literally made me feel right now happy and stop panicking from the issues occurring rn in my life, just thank you so much <3

  • How about your 40's I work @ a prison. It's hard to go to work thinking of quiting and going to cosmetology school.

  • I’m binge watching your unpopular opinions/sit down video chats 🙌🏽♥️ I love your personality!

  • You just saved my life. I can not thank you enough or even express how much this video now means to me.

  • this video can cure depression

  • This video made me subscribe , you are AMAZING!

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