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video up. And after you’ve done that, we’re good to go! Today, we’re going through a couple of
tips we’ve found on the Internet to help you maximize your income with Postmates, one of the biggest delivery platforms
out there right now. It basically collects business and courirs to deliver goods. Just so you know how big it is: Postmates does 1
million deliveries per month in the US, so yeah, pretty big! Now on to some tips
on how you can make more money with them if you’re delivering with Postmates. The first and the most important tip, is to go to the orders that are in locations
close to you! You don’t earn money until the moment that you have to pick up the
food. The delivery fee only starts by the time you pick up the food at the
restaurant and when you’re going to drop it off, so keep that in mind!
Connected to that, we found a tip on reddit that states that it is better to
go to the restaurants that don’t take too long to make the food! You only make
10 cents per minute while you’re waiting, so if you have to wait more than 10
minutes it’s really not worth it! Another tip we found on reddit also says
that skips don’t count against you! Make sure to use your skips very smart,
so you can make more money. Also, remember that customers are
promised an one hour delivery. And most of this part is taken by preparing
the food at the restaurant, so you’re basically just gonna do the last bit of
this process which is to pick up the food and drop it off. So the tip here is to deliver multiple orders at once! Stack up those delivery: instead of
being waiting you can actually make more money. And our last tip is to consider
auto accept which automatically add new deliveries to your route in the
background of your app. It accomplishes this by identifying the drop-off place
where you’re going to be and putting an order in line to the nearest pick up area close to you. But make sure to use it when we have a lot of hot
spots next to you, so this way you’re gonna get more deliveries in less time!
And a bonus tip we found out there to get those tips really high, is to add the
little extra item or a bottle of water to the items that you’re
delivering. This way, people are gonna be happy and they basically have to give
you a higher tip, right? And that’s pretty much it for our tips and tricks for Postmates, so if you liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and
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