Wallet Wednesday: Housing trends in Portland


  • https://youtu.be/XvBk9RDBLjA

  • Secretary wanted to help me start a housing program for veterans domestic violence survivors the refugees the elderly. Corporation division say I need 3 people in order to start a business for myself. I am Universal Life Church ordained minister Sheltering Annette May Derrick Nash and secretary will Lindsey 2010 Oscar rental apartments 88th Southeast Division yellow apartments by 7-Eleven Green Line Max. And then will Lindsey got fired for wanting sex with my fiance Cathy Mallory who was raped by Robert Hayden Robert Hayden probation officer tell me who killed Robert Hayden become OJ Simpson

  • Robert Hayden probation officer explains with her silence raise donations get nonprofit status relocate my wife

  • 2013 Cathy Mallory tell certified public accountant student tells me Robert Hayden raping choking and smothering her so I approached him he attempted to assassinate me in the sisters of the Rose Cafe

  • Vanessa sex offender with one eyeball white lady requested Hotel money probation officer don't give sex offenders housing I want to offer them housing

  • Secretary wanted charitable division tells me I need staff they tell me as a minister I can't start a business by myself unless I was at church Church secretary Wallace Moreland arrested Church secretary fired for taking money from donation box will Lindsay

  • Hard to keep staff because they keep taking money from donation box will Lindsay LeBaron McClendon

  • #schontell this is my name is interview homeless people and asked if I had a place will they come tiny homes for the homeless dignity Village part 2 because dignity Village got bad when a white girl spent the night with me they kick me out I am barred for life I need a housing facility that don't kick out Mixed couples

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