Warren On Pence Leading Coronavirus Response: ‘I Cannot Think Of A Worse Person’ | All In | MSNBC


  • She is so repulsive

  • You know, I am not a Trumpster….but the Dems are so anti everything Trump….you get tired of it. If the administration is doing a good job, then give them credit. I don't think any of the Dem candidates if in office would have been doing something different. This virus caught everybody off guard. And Warren is always anti anti anti. I have to turn her off.

  • America will never elect a woman

  • elizabeth warren is a real sellout. boooooo used to be progressive now is a establishment hack. shame on you . drop out.

  • Elizabeth Warren should be ashamed of herself for staying in the race and continuing taking contributions for donors knowing she has no path to the nomination after her terrible losses in all 4 primary states so far. Her only reason to stay in now is to keep Sanders from a delegate majority. Shameful

  • A vote for Warren is a vote for Joe Biden. It is beyond clear now that her only goal in this race is to take votes from Bernie and to play king maker for Biden at the convention. It's amazing what $14M from a superPAC will drive a candidate to do. It has to be the biggest betrayel of a voting base in decades of American politics.

  • Look at his albino blur fcuk face. He is the best man to lead you to massive deaths. Congratulations on your deserved karma. Get ready more coffins.

  • I'm not a fan of her for president, but I would be much happier with her in charge of this than Pence, that's for sure.

  • Oh she is such a beauty

  • Why are all her political comments turned off? Isnt she a law professor?

  • I like everything Elizabeth Warren has to say. Her instincts are EXCELLENT and she has a good head on her shoulders. She sees clearly and accurately because she is an honest person. She brings SANITY to the table. I like her backbone and her integrity. People think Trump is strong because he bullies and threatens, but this woman shows a different kind of strength, the kind of strength I find in my faith. Simple and pure.

  • She can just have the people giving her money through that PAC—you know the ones that she won’t disclose—that she isn’t going to accept to lead this. Nice knowing ya Liz. Good luck in your next election. 🙄

  • America… Please give us a Lady as a President! We're sick of those old perverts!!!

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