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autumn Wilner autumn at 1c doctor hey church family thanks for joining us
for worship online today now obviously things are a little bit different than
normal but we want to let you know the decision to cancel church today and only
meet online was a decision that we didn’t make out of fear but instead we
made out of an overabundance of caution and we also wanted to be mindful and we
wanted to respect the decisions that were made by our state and local
government you know during this time of what seems to be chaos and panic that
we’re seeing in our nation right now I’m reminded of a great story in Matthew
chapter 8 Jesus in His disciples they’re on a boat and they’re going across the
lake and there’s a huge storm that hits the disciples are worried they’re
fearful they think that the ship is going down so they run to to get Jesus
and he’s sleeping and that is a great reminder for us today because in life we
feel like are our troubles are overwhelming it seems like things are
just chaotic but Jesus doesn’t look at our problems the same way he is so much
bigger than our problems and just like Jesus calmed that storm for the
disciples I believe that Jesus has the power and is going to calm the storm of
life that we’re in right now so I want to encourage you as a church to be
peaceful to go to prayer and ask God to move in this situation and he will see
us through like he has always seen us through but we believe that even though
we’re not meeting in the building today we as a church aren’t bound to these
four walls and we’re going to continue to worship and we want to encourage you
right now to gather with your family and worship our God well we’re gonna go into our time of
service now where we spend some time in communion and then do offering now
obviously things are a little different today so we want to encourage you at
some point this day to grab your family grab some bread grab some juice and
spend time remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for us in
the month of March we’ve been saying that this is gonna be our month of
generosity we don’t want giving to be what we do we want generous to be who we
are and here in just a second we have the opportunity to give back just a
portion of what God has given to us there’s a link that’s available right
here that you can click to do online giving today we want to remind you that
we are partnering with our RIP medical debt this whole month our our goal as a
church is to give an additional 15 thousand dollars this month that is
going to go to pay off over 1.5 million dollars in medical debt for people that
live right here in our community and also the surrounding areas
so we want to encourage you to give generously today if you’re giving online
just select the general fund because we’re putting all the money together
trusting that God is going to provide that amount so far we’ve raised about
three thousand dollars so we still have about twelve thousand dollars to go and
with us not actually meeting if the facility today won’t encourage you to
don’t take this weekend off from giving there are so many people who count on
your generosity we’ve got missionaries all across the
world who we support this building that we meet in physically it is is taken
care of and it’s paid for but by your generosity the the bills the staff
everybody else that that relies on this needs your generosity to continue on so
today don’t take a day off from giving continue to worship God through your
giving well we are continuing on in week number
two of our series called weird because normal isn’t working and today it is my
honor to introduce to you our guest speaker for the day coming to you from
Mount Vernon Illinois it is my bad Jamie Allen well Shane thank you for
that introduction I really enjoyed being with First Christian Church Jacksonville
on Thursday night and I’m glad I can be with you this morning Sunday morning
March 15 even if it is in this video format
two men were shipwrecked on a desert island as soon as they swam ashore one
man started yelling we’re going to die there’s no food there’s no water there’s
no one around for miles we’re going to die
the second man was relaxing under a palm tree and he was so calm it drove the
first guy crazy don’t you understand said the first man
we’re lost on a desert island where we’re stranded no one will ever find us
the second man replied no you don’t understand we don’t have anything to
worry about because I make $100,000 a week what’s that got to do with anything
your your money won’t do us any good out here we have no food no water we’re
going to die the second man said no you don’t get it
I said I make $100,000 a week I also happen to be at either I give 10% of my
income to my church and I guarantee you my preacher will find me well that’s
funny but it promotes a stereotype that I don’t really like Jesus valued all
people he was just as interested in a rich man like Joseph of Arimathea as he
was a blind beggar like Bartimaeus Jesus loved a religious leader like Nicodemus
as much as a demon-possessed woman like Mary as a pastor I try very hard to
value every person in the church equally regardless of social or economic status at the church I serve central Christian in
Mount Vernon Illinois we talk about finances Austin
a few years ago I preached a sermon on tithing a sermon about giving 10% of
your income to the church and somebody wrote a note on an offering envelope and
put it in the plate the note read thank you pastor Jamie I have tithes all last
year and I can’t believe the difference in my finances I’m still in considerable
debt reducing it as my goal but the stress level and the wiggle room have
been drastically better may God richly bless you in yours my purpose in this
lesson is not to pad the offering my purpose is to help you manage money so
you can have a better life so your stress level and wiggle room will be
drastically better the first step to financial health is to
recognize God is in charge not only in finances but in every area of life so
I’m going to talk with you about being careful with debt let’s look at
Deuteronomy 28 verses 12 to 14 the Lord will send rain at the proper time from
his rich Treasury in the heavens and will bless all the work you do you will
lend to many nations but you will never need to borrow from them if you listen
to these commands of the Lord your God that I’m giving you today and if you
carefully obey them the Lord will make you the head and not the tail and you
will always be on top and never at the bottom you must not turn away from any
of the commands I’m giving you today nor follow after other gods and worship them
God knows it’s best for his people to be lenders not borrowers but most people in
America including we Christians are badly in debt
to 2016 nerd wallet statistics the average American household carries
sixteen thousand sixty one dollars in credit card debt more than half of
Americans spend more than they earn according to a recent joint research to
recent joint research by the association of young Americans and AARP according to
the government in a 12-year span October of o52 September of 2017 about twelve
point eight million consumer bankruptcy petitions were filed folks that’s over 1
million a year according to marriage counselors 58 percent of couples who
divorce say their number one problem was money we start with the idea we’re going
to spend what we make it soon changes till we spend more than we make assuming
there’s going to be more money someday so many of us are nose deep deep in debt
so let’s talk about being careful with debt have you ever stopped to imagine
how it would be if you were out of debt or only had the debt on your house what
can you do with a paycheck not already obligated to bills and monthly credit
card payments think about what this church could do if you were all out of
debt think of the dollars freed up for permissions for children’s ministry for
for needy people think of the dollars freed up to tell more people about Jesus
Dave Ramsey says too many people buy things on the lay awake plan he says if
you keep living a debt filled life you’re going to keep lying awake at
night so does God forbid debt does the Bible forbid debt no but it does
discourage it I want to share eight facts about debt from the Bible and
common sense and I think these will lead us to wisdom
number one if you are in debt it affects everything you do fill in the blank if
you are in debt it affects everything you do second Peter 2 verse 19 you are a
slave to whatever controls you do you ever feel you can’t save for the future
as you want do you think you can’t afford to give to the church like you
know you should do you have trouble relaxing and enjoying life because of
financial pressure far too many people are controlled by debt it affects their
marriage their family their time their attitude your outlook on life in general
is negatively affected by debt if the government wants more money in taxes we
are always against it if the state of Illinois wants to raise taxes because
they can’t balance the budget well we don’t like it now if you’re not in debt
it’s not quite as big a deal but if you are in debt your your margins are small
you get angry with the government government spending and taxes will be a
key issue in the November election now that’s always the case but it’s
really magnified when so many people the state of Illinois the federal government
have such debt problems if your church is starting a project and needs help if
you’re out of debt it’s not a big deal you’ll do your part but if you’re in
debt you might think about finding a new church that won’t ask you to sacrifice
debt affects your life next blank number two the Bible does not forbid debts the
bible does not forbid debt Deuteronomy 15 2 tells us the the
Israelites made loans to one another Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount in
Matthew 5:40 to give to those who ask and
don’t turn away from those who want to borrow in the Old Testament in Exodus
Leviticus we are given guidelines for loaning money so the Bible does not
forbid debt next point number 3 on your notes the Bible discourages debt the
Bible discourages debt proverbs 22 verse 7 just as the rich rule the poor so the
borrower is servant to the lender now many of you know that is true Romans
13:8 owe nothing to anyone except your obligation to love one another here’s an
equation that we all need to remember filling the next blank on your notes
ignorance + easy credit equals disaster ignorance plus easy credit equals
disaster proverbs 21 verse 5 good planning and hard work lead to
prosperity but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty many of today’s young adults
have parents who worked very hard to get ahead the parents worked hard the kids
enjoyed the fruits of their parents labor and many of these kids have grown
up and they are spoiled they think they are entitled to the same standard of
living their parents have now forgetting it took their parents 25 35 years to get
there young people today routinely spend whole paychecks and more to reach the
highest living standard possible because they are used to instant gratification
but young adults are not the only ones into instant gratification I heard about
an older man who said his wife’s credit cards were stolen but he hasn’t reported
it yet because the thieves are spending less than his wife well that’s funny but
despite all the stereotypes the late Larry Birkhead after
years of financial counseling he found the truth is men are worse about
spending money they don’t have wives he said may buy impulsively but husbands
buy extravagantly a woman might buy a new dress but a man buys a new computer
or a sports car or a boat much more costly items that can get the family
into prolonged problems that’s the late Larry briquette
next blank number four the bible doesn’t call co-signing a sin but foolish the
bible doesn’t call co-signing a sin but foolish now why is it foolish well
because the bank has already decided that person is a risk and you better
listen to the bank and you need to listen to the Bible proverbs 6 verses 1
to 5 my child if you’ve put up security for a friend’s debt or agreed to
guarantee the debt of a stranger if you have trapped yourself by your agreement
and are caught by what you said follow my advice and save yourself for you have
placed yourself at your friends mercy now swallow your pride go and beg to
have your name erased don’t put it off do it now don’t rest until you do
save yourself like a gazelle escaping from a hunter like a bird fleeing from a
net proverbs 22 26 and 27 don’t agree to guarantee another person’s debt or put
up security for someone else if you can’t pay it even your bed will be
snatched from under you instead of cosine II the Christian thing to do if
you can afford it is give the money as a gift then if they pay you back
count it as an unexpected blessing but please please be careful because so many
great relationships have been destroyed by loaning money
or co-signing number five in the bible the longest debt was seven years in the
bible the longest debt was seven years Deuteronomy 15 one at the end of every
seventh year you must cancel the deaths of everyone who owes you money now this
is a course Old Testament law but I think it does so show us something about
God’s goal Larry briquette said anyone could be out
of debt in seven years if they would just determine to do so
JW a fulbright said priorities are reflected in the things we spend money
on far from being a dry accounting of bookkeepers a nation’s budget is full of
moral implications it tells what a society cares about and what it does not
care about it tells us what its values are
that’s JW Fulbright now if it’s true of a nation I believe it’s also true of a
family and of a person your checkbook your credit card bills tell about your
priorities they tell what you really care about next blank number six you
should get out of debt as soon as reasonably possible you should get out
of debt as soon as reasonably possible some 37 verse 21 the wicked borrow and
never repay but the godly are generous givers most of us including my wife and
I are going to have debt on our house for years to come it would be great if
we could pay it off as soon as possible but debt on your home is usually debt on
something increasing in value not decreasing if you have debt have it on
things increasing in value I really think it was easier 50 years ago to live
within your means fifty years ago when people ran out of money they
they simply didn’t buy anything else they were forced to budget or pay the
price today we have so much easy credit we overestimate our ability to pay and
we overspend we need to move from the borrowing end of things to the giving
end next blank number 7 Jesus endorsed using banks to gain
leverage and get ahead Jesus endorsed using banks to gain leverage and get
ahead in the parable of the talents Jesus says a master gave five bags of
silver to one servant two to another one to a third the servant with the five
bags of silver went to work made five more the one with two bags of silver
went to work made two more the one with the one bag of silver buried it in the
ground the master applauded the two who doubled
their investment but he condemned the one who buried his bag of silver Jesus
says in Matthew 25 26 and 27 the master replied do you wicked and
lazy servant if you knew I harvested crops I didn’t plant and gathered crops
I didn’t cultivate why didn’t you deposit my money in the bank at least I
could have gotten some interest on it leverage is using something to gain an
advantage like putting money on deposit to gain interest or you get leverage
when a bank or a mortgage company helps you get a house or a construction loan
and then you pay pennies on the dollar to get what you otherwise couldn’t get
number 8 God’s plan is we be lenders not borrowers God’s plan is we be lenders
not borrowers Deuteronomy 28 12 the Lord will send rain at the proper time from
his rich Treasury in the heavens and will bless all the work you
do you will lend to many nations but you will never need to borrow from them God
wants his people to be leaders and everything not just in spiritual things
we ought to be a model for the world when it comes to managing money but some
of us we’re as bad off as our non-christian friends I know some things
about your church First Christian Church your church lives within her means your
administrative pastor your finance team your elders they all do a great job make
sure the church stays on track financially if you don’t make budget you
don’t do some things that were budgeted or buy some things that you plan to buy
first Christian pays her bills and pays them on time this church’s finances are
audited by an outside independent auditor every year to make sure things
are just right first Christian regularly compares her budget with other churches
her size most churches the size of first Christian spend more money than first
Christian does on personnel cost and most churches your size have a lot more
debt than first Christian now you do have debt as a church on the building
but the interest rate is very low and you’re working to pay it off as soon as
possible the new addition cost 1.5 million dollars and in just one year you
have already paid off half that debt and you’re on a pace to pay it all off well
before the original plan of five years the loan on your original building is
down to 1.2 million dollars in Jesus parable the prodigal son when the son
came home after wasting his father’s money
I’m sure the boy expected a long lecture instead the boy was greeted by any
sited and loving dad who hugged him and immediately restored him as his son and
then the dad threw a party this scrawny messy boy who had wasted his father’s
hard earned money was treated like a king
I believe God will do that for you and me when we come to God and we humbly
admit we have been poor managers of his money and we have let ourselves fall
into wasteful spending and debt our Heavenly Father hugs us offers grace
forgiveness and restores us as his children and he lets us enjoy the riches
of his kingdom again if you have fallen into the bondage of debt why not talk to
God today and humbly accept responsibility don’t downplay the
situation have the character to decide to do things differently from now on
admit you’ve spent more than your money allowed admit you’ve got a problem
develop a plan and then surrender to the will of the Father he will forgive you
and help you discipline your spending he will help you pay back what you owe and
become financially free Jesus told another parable about a servant plowing
a field suddenly his plow hit something hard he he thought it was a rock but he
looked and he found a treasure chest buried in the ground he pried open the
lid and to his amazement there sparkly and the Sun was thousands of dollars
worth of jewelry he covered it over and went and sold everything he had to buy
that field his friends must have thought he was wasteful they thought he was
crazy but in reality he had found something worth far more than anything
he owned in financial matters Jesus is our treasure folks let’s not settle for
the creation when we can have the Creator let’s not settle for the temper
arrey when we can have the eternal the truth is you and I we own nothing 100
years from now everything we call ours will be will belong to somebody else our
cars will be melted down recycled our houses will be lived in by somebody else
our money will be in somebody else’s hands even the body we live in is going
to return to the earth that belongs to God
Psalm 24 verse 1 the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it the world and all
its people belong to him we are just temporary managers it all belongs to God
1st Corinthians 4 verse 2 a person who is put in charge as a manager must be
faithful we’re just managers it’s humbling but
it’s the truth the greatest debt any of us will ever
have is our sin debt Romans 3:23 everyone is sinned we all fall short of
God’s glorious standard and we read in Romans 6:23 the wages of sin is death
but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord God sent
his son to earth to pay the debt we could never pay Jesus came and he died
so we could be debt free for all eternity whatever your financial debt
mortgage car credit cards my guess is you would jump at a chance to have those
all paid off at no cost to you what a great gift that would be well Jesus
offers to pay your sin debt for free as a gift to you dr. James Dobson said this
about possessions we worked so hard to try to accumulate possessions to impress
people but in reality the people were trying to impress resent our
accumulation of things then one day we die and we stand before
God and we have to leave all these things behind then the possessions in
cash don’t matter suddenly what matters is character
relationships with people and faith in God let’s pray father in heaven
I don’t know individual situations but you do i do know many people are going
through financial stress and i pray they will follow your principles and i pray
you will turn their finances around replace their pressure with peace help
them get out of debt and onto your path to financial health and real success I
pray in Jesus name Amen church with everything that’s happening in the world lately lets remember that God is good God is faithful and he is in control so let this song be a reminder of how good our God is sing this with me hey thanks for your joining us online
today for worship thanks for tuning in we appreciate you we appreciate your
patience we want to let you know that we’re gonna continue to update you
throughout this situation be looking for an update for us Wednesday at 12 o’clock
we will let you know what our plans for the rest of the week are gonna be
Wednesday have a great day and we hope to see you back here next weekend

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