Wells Fargo, Other Lenders OK Mortgage Relief Due To COVID-19


  • Yeah Bank of America!!! Get with it you greedy punks! You are freaking Bank of "AMERICA" . Set a good example why don't you! 😉

  • Time for greedy landlords to do the same thing.

  • Fill out 75 forms and wait for it to be reviewed. By then you’ve lost your home.

  • amazing video dude

  • Not M & T Bank, they sent out an email today informing us their phone lines are busy and to use digital banking. No mention of mortgage relief.

  • CCP19 WUHAN 🦠

  • Wtf..

    It's called a national emergency…

    Means that should talk to the government for the president

  • That's right Gavin, call them out by name!

  • Wasn't wells Fargo busted twice last few years for doing wrong shit. Give the mortgages to another. Fk wells Fargo let them go bankrupt.

  • Do not believe what the big lenders say what they will or will not do when it comes to late payments….

  • Yes, what a joke. F..,… Chase just sold me to a small financial company, just now so I don’t get these benefits. In the middle of this crisis (corona virus)

  • dont believe them

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