“We’re in your debt.” Commander Shran

they’re down this passage 30 meters it
leads to the reliquary only members of the high order are allowed to go inside
we’ll do our best not to lie tanning permitted to captain what would you
suggest we do I’ll disarm them myself you have used one of those I didn’t
think so the endurance of senior sacred relics a couple humans will make much of
a difference holder fire you might wanna take a look
at this I don’t believe this does that thing have imaging sensors yes
take all the pictures you can place your weapons on the ground I
kill him if necessary give that to me violence in a sanctuary captain very
disrespectful or did it feel good all this time they’ve been calling these monks liars
and all this time they’ve been right they’ve got enough equipment down there
to see what any Aunt Doreen is having for breakfast they’ve completed my scans
give it to her so give it to him you got what you came for now get out of
here how do we know you want to take our
vessel the Vulcans violated your treaty your people ought to know about it can
you have a problem with that your communicator T’Pol to Enterprise go ahead the
Andorian ship will be leaving the surface momentarily they’re free to go
acknowledged we’re in your debt thanks for the tour


  • Jeffrey Combs, the one of the kind 🙂

  • cool content keep it up dude

  • great content keep it up dude

  • Did anyone else notice. They didn’t even lock the door. Even After the enemy took over there outside base. How did they they miss that huge door and skyscraper size surveillance machine.

  • I still enjoy this episode 👍

  • It is odd that Vulcans have so many relics.

  • This is dam good episode. This is what leads the andorians and humans becoming allies and shran and archer be coming very good friends.🤝

  • I thought Vulcans were stronger than humans?? I guess they did not expect it?

  • Man people hated on Enterprise when it first come out but in the light of recent so called Star Trek shows it was a work of genius!

  • Vulcans have horses?

  • You know I really appreciate the bulkiness of the earth hand weapons.

  • Star Trek is nice, it's like the Law and Order of Scifi/Scifan, but why am I subscribed to this?

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