Wesley So Checkmate on h7!▐ Aronian vs So ▐ Altibox Norway Rd6

like both of them has agreed that is good right then the change to upon structure there's there's no way that was supposed black day wants to wriggle free from the pressure once he achieves that then that pawn might tell but it's a far away from that that's what you were saying right if you don't try it on the c3 if you trade then there is the c4 break if you don't what is it then I think basically black for black it will be very difficult to get profit out of his extra bonus for now he has to be defending all his bones and in the meantime Magnus will be bringing his rook and eventually if black wants to take for example after this fight will be able to put enough pressure over both of the weeks weak bones and the b4 phone is actually serving it perfectly to support the rooks and because of that I believe that it will be not enough for Bingley Ram but I'm pretty sure that he will be trying on and on yeah actually mom did it taken c3 and c7 sorry yeah because they don't have the chance to take on I didn't know the chances come I think we'd like to switch for the start between our own young and restless so it's again an English they repeated not d3 is in the first game huh like Magnus played against the Kurama in the world championship match Casa yeah yeah I was wondering if there's if this is just what happened I was wondering if I could just taken city and only for yeah but this is an advantage well we're not talking about advantage we're talking about surprises yeah but this is what the coroner didn't play this then and lastly also preferred to Castle College is going to be a complicated game the same at the mc5 controlling the d4 square that used to be the way to play in the back over in the old days wasn't it and just to establish control over the black squares you just return to see foundry for King h1 which is a little bit strange because it allows Queen d7 perhaps I'm gonna Bishop e3 11 always wants to push his ass yeah but they seemed like a natural no but well after h3 black they excitedly controls the d4 square yeah so we're kind of accepts Queen d7 on Bishop HP which is yeah Bishop takes e2 just to get away Queen D 1 C 6 it seems to be an easier game for black I believe but h6 9a for this before yeah maybe it's for the play that's a vastly plays very fast while our onion is actually not playing as fast as they are usually seeing him he playing so now probably he's going to get back to c3 but he's hesitating probably about the possibility of taking F takes e5 and nights e5 I would actually have moves there so after b5 I took on b5 to Knight c3 is it really and Bishop e6 what needs to win which is seems to be quite difficult without Bishop on g2 well I believe that at some point maybe g4 yeah you have to succeed with the working style the attack there's nothing else well maybe here Bishop d4 is also possible to try and after but well the question is which one this is something takes or will be one right say six and now it seems like white can be slightly better right here maybe 96 I'm they be taken you know so this is possible well not much because everything is going to be exchanged and the d3 phone is attacked so this is not much to something actually for differ here but is actually a little bit in their games Wesley has been thinking not much no Roxy one a sixth Bishop H huh huh that was so clever and unexpected I'm pretty sure okay so it's about the seed line that's about to see that actually whitey slightly better I believe me but what about through k7 and go to c7 with rook yeah it's the bishop doing then that's a good question maybe playing rock f2 and queen f1 right something like that after rock c7 f1 putting pressure on the f5 mmm and probably I would be playing rookie one like later to defend my bishop taking f6 yeah we always have this idea right things are happening you have to just follow what's up oke a g4 96 thanks thanks g5 what's an aggressor well we should elope Ariana's creativity that's really wonderful fantastic already this system nervous well night h7 or 97 this is the dilemma black has none of them looks too good with anyway I think Queen h5 night will have to go back to h8 what this looks because if it was something on the seventh rank I think the problem is for black that's what to put oh you just play the root of three and queen Lucas tree he ran nine eight seven but I believe that after Queen h5 mm-hmm if rookie 7g 696 that's not so clear is it but what about rook f3 hey look up 323 is not possible okay g3 next move well maybe black has to go I don't know just about the company okay the e6 hanging go so so for the moment it's not possible after night if this happened he's thinking returning is thinking first late teenage five is he thinking about that what probably white might be thinking about possible f6 but it's a it seems strange because knight f6 yeah in that first well this is a matter of simple calculation isn't it I mean if it works it looks so obvious that Queen the Queen III it's not that player actually well it seems like this is the only it's actually a double after Knight f6 no 936 and takes and Queen h6 yeah situation softer g6 936 and after Queen e3 this is what he's thinking yes so if that doesn't work because now sudden it seemed like Ali could play Queen Lucy what okay what about Queen h7 f 7 and G 6 then something in there yeah screen Rinat cheaper yeah so something to think about yeah does he have to play slow move like Queen d2 or something is possible and actually come in g4 was played in G for green G yeah and what is the point yeah what why is this better maybe he wants to go age 4 but then this kind of stopping was was just it did play it for did it I hate it pledge for so how is he going to continue the attack chase away the Queen first tasted win that must be essential take on d3 and then just through t1 then take on d6 or something probably you can see me chasing it back or or taking on that 66 oh you like both so much I just think about mates like you make enough don't don't pay attention for such a bones like you have the time I don't know never thrilled with it look more convincing but you said maybe to get some hmm well we have rook f8 immediately yes yes no one cares about pawns here yeah the white king is quite vulnerable here somehow but okay Wow I think clearly white is much much better and he has less time event under three minutes taking on the six and just return or something and put the Knight to d5 looks quite or just whatever yeah this seems to be a good option but what about who care for check first my Trent g6 broke f1 rook F 1/9 afraid so now black is holding on and in the meantime he always has screen H this so for now yeah now maybe it's time to take then perhaps you can what about 860 just take it oh sorry yeah and it's done between d3 hmm second t6 but then they stuff and that's nothing special yeah if there's no attack here kingi – okay well now still h6 is not really a threat because Queen d2 check and black can take it back black played Queen e3 rook F 2 so it's asking what are you going to do yeah it's not so easy to play with the black pieces only Frug d8 is possible with the plan of defy right or simply rook e8 is maybe the best to defend upon I know sorry it's right to move because black played Queen d2 Chuck and rook F to queen e3 so actually it's right to move and white played 91 what about Quincy one Queen f3 and then maybe check and queen e7 hmm you see Queen c1 on the board not easy for white hard to continue well that's something if you say disputed because this would should inspire you yeah maybe King gauge – that's the point that pin g5 is not with the check yeah but you can still return to c7 but then already maybe h6 then 93 already yeah engage – mm-hmm but it's a little bit boring I could perhaps play Queen afford check Kevin he went finished three immediately okay so probably after Queen g5 the plan is to go King f1 and 93 right or working-age three baby queen g5 is on the world and after Queen King F one minute and three seconds it's a long way to link riman starts thinking it's still nearly 30 moves I thought perhaps the Queen King was better on the h3 but it could be probably not since I'm suggesting it I think it's possible that he wants to have it on the second-ranked somehow rock h2 and age six possibly kinky – can you – so that's where once associate that's a bit surprising it's not easy for black to get out though black can consider to play somehow 97 96 yeah what about that you can fade this also you have the option you could play rook e8 it's an option after Queen ISA after Queen f7 oh sorry the check yeah okay well 97 looks the most logic what about theater or something yeah date 93 or 93 seems like yeah if I be four right before a for opening up lines over there well actually here nine three I'm not be able to get to c3 and now Knight d7 Queen f7 things are speeding up oops Queen takes f7 rook f7 night c5 what happened on Knight c5 Knight f2 and rook FA this is the position we were having row c7 white played it is kind of scary for blackmail the night will be coming either here or kind of Knight g4 h6 that's the perfect if it's just not able to do anything properly then black played b3 what about playing Knight g4 that's right 94 h6 and this is what we are having 93 check King e1 Knight f5 this is close nervous cape Wow checking what move he is at but it's still only the bank rippling you need to see the clock and mate wait late night at five oh no did he blunder jumped from his chair and rushed off I don't think you have time for that

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