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My name is Megan Baggett. I was born in Hawaii but I’ve lived here since I was six months old, so basically been here forever. My name’s Tony Shrum. I’ve lived here two years now. My name is Debbie Reynolds and I am a realtor here in Clarksville. I have been selling real estate for 39 years. I’ve lived here for 40 years. My name is Dr. Lorneth Peters. I work here at the Clarksville, Tennessee, with the Small Business Development Center. I can say so much about this community. This is a community where I met my husband, the community where I had my kids, the community where I’m raising my kids. You feel at home, from meeting with the mayors out just walking down the street to meeting individuals in the community who influence the changes that are made in this community. It just makes it a great place to live. My name is Megan Baggett. I’m 25 and I opened this boutique probably almost three years ago. It’s awesome. The community really supports small businesses which is like a really cool thing, instead of like chain stores. I think ‘shop local’ like on a huge turn right now. My name’s Tony Shrum. I’ve lived here two years now and now I own a record store with my brother. It’s kind of nice, having a unique small business is like a popular thing now, versus working for someone else. You work for yourself. A lot more work but it’s definitely more fun. I grew up in the Nashville area. Clarksville is big enough, small town, to give you what you need but close enough to Nashville if you need to make that trek. And the cost of living is so much lower here than in other parts of the state. People really enjoy it and come here and retire. There’s people that want to move to a big city but they don’t want to pay what it costs to live in a big city. So it’s like you almost want to live close to a big city but like not out in the middle of nowhere. So Clarksville is that perfect distance from Nashville. I would say over the last five years it’s just changed a lot and there have been like a lot more people coming here. I mean they’re building like a ton of houses. The housing market is really affordable here. If you’re coming to Clarksville you definitely have to make it to a downtown visit. Nightlife here is so much fun and it’s so safe too. You’ll have music, you’ll meet great people, and who knows, you might meet somebody you want to spend a lifetime with. There’s a bunch of breweries that have been showing up in town and like a lot of them are hosting music, which is nice because then any night of the week you can find music somewhere and you can find something happening. It’s definitely grown a lot since just even a couple of years ago. Now like more stores have come, and restaurants, and just different entertainment options, so it’s a lot of fun. What sets us apart is that we have this home-grown feel. If you come into our town for the first time and you just start walking around and meeting individuals you just feel like you’re at home. Right now we just consider ourselves the best place to live. Hey guys, thanks so much for watching this video on Clarksville. If you enjoyed it hit subscribe, give us a like, and click below for more MONEY videos.


  • Would you move to Clarksville?

  • I just moved to Clarksville in July and I have hard time adjusting. It’s a nice city but it’s not for me. I have decided to move back to my original state and city.

  • How about a video featuring the rest of Clarksville not just 2 square miles of the down town area?

  • I love it 🥰I bought a house 🏡 a little over a year ago and it is amazing… my neighborhood is nice and quiet. I hope it stays that way. Since all the recognition, I’m sure everyone will be moving here now… UGH, shhhh be quiet 🤐 😂💕

  • Uplifting video! Clarksville sounds wonderful. Loved hearing from the friendly residents!

  • Dont believe the hype. Been here all my life. Always loved it till any city leader with a brain stopped tolerating the morons. If you want to sit in traffic hours a day and deal with 20yr old cops that break the laws more than criminals. I left. Its a shithole. This is the mayor and chamber o commerce patting themselves for what? growing a city ten times ahead of the Infrastructure.

  • They left out the crime and gang problems. Now motorcycle gangs have moved in and are killing each other here.

  • “Night life is fun” “you may find someone to spend the rest of your life with”. I Guarantee these two statements are false. This city is sooo dead at night even on a Friday. Also, 95% of folks here are married with a family by 18 because it’s a military town

  • https://youtu.be/ZcXpKiY2MXE

  • I live in Clarksville. It's a shit hole. Drug problems and meth. Lots of crime. Sango area is ok and that's it. Lots of crime by the base. Disgusting.

  • Get sick here and the hospital will let you die!

  • Forgot the kloud27 local skateshop right down strawberry alley.

  • They forgot the heavily corrupted cops and courts there. Grew up there. It's a good ol'boys club. Rose colored glasses here folks. Don't fall for it.

  • Don't forget the over population, yes it's grown but the infrastructure is still the same. business, resteruants, houses still no sidewalks and no neighborhoods don't count. Technical you should be able to walk from one end of the city to the other if you so desire. The traffic is a nightmare you can't get anywhere in this city when school a out or works done. 10min drive can turn into 30to 45 depending the time of day and if there is an accident which is every day pretty much the hole city is gridlocked. Not enough roads to bypass the school zone traffic nightmare or the constant accidents. And lastly how many stinking car dealerships, matriss firms, and check in to cash places does this city need cause honestly those three things describes Clarksville better than anything. I do have more to say just not enough space.

  • Not to mention,how the good ole boys,bankers run and keep the money for themselves while the rest of the community has to go to organizations and ask for assistance to pay their bills,and get groceries. Don't forget how they allowed drug dealers to move in and destroy many hard working men and women who lost everything including their freedom

  • Promotional add, Clarksville has a high sales tax, allot of petty crime problems, the jail is over capacity, and the schools are rough, it’s out grown its ability manage its problems.

  • Love Clarksville. I went to Montgomery Central middle school and high school but live back in Texas now but love both states.

  • Clarksville Tennessee is pretty

  • Clarksville is my home town and my mother live there until she pass away, but I would not live in Clarksville because weather wise its a hard city to live in and the weather there really sucks because it gets so cold with snow and ice and with a lot of rain during the winter.

  • Clarksville used to be a great place to live. I have lived in the area a total of just over 10 (non consecutive) years. The problem is people moving from Nashville. People moving from Nashville are bringing their problems with them. Crime is way up! Housing prices are way up! School performance is decreasing and traffic is only getting worse. This is a military community and we have standards. These standards are not being met. There have been a lot of youth breaking into cars. There have been more robberies and an increase in hit an runs. It is important to know that Clarksville is a gun totting town and I see it coming. These teenagers are going to break into some Soldier's house or car and end up dead! Mark my words it's gonna happen. If you are struggling in Nashville don't come to Clarksville. We don't want or need needy people. We don't feel sorry for people who don't/can't support themselves. However if your are educated, skilled, or a veteran it is pretty easy to make a living in town. Nashville commuters are driving up prices in Clarksville and it is hurting this town. CLARKSVILLE IS NOT A SUBURB OF NASHVILLE! Don't treat it like one. If you want to be a part of Clarksville, live and work in Clarksville, GREAT! We don't want to be Nashville, so leave your problems there!

  • I'm only here to read the comments

  • I don’t like it and there is nothing to do in Clarksville it’s not for me and I’m moving back to my home state and city.

  • I don’t like it and there is nothing to do in Clarksville it’s not for me and I’m moving back to my home state and city.

  • When's the last train to Clarksville?

  • Clarksville will forever be home

  • They lied

  • Clarksville is a great place to raise children. https://youtu.be/8jAMwSBAjJg

  • Because they like to live with crystal meth, miscreants and liars everywhere???

  • The fishing is great of you are chinese their are tons of chinese carp overpopulating most of the river system here.

  • I googled their crime rate, see below

    The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Clarksville is 1 in 28. Based on FBI crime data, Clarksville is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Tennessee, Clarksville has a crime rate that is higher than 83% of the state's cities and towns of all sizes.

  • I’ve lived here my whole life. Yeah..no..

  • I just moved here 2 months ago and the city is completely boring! I laughed so hard when the elder lady said ”The nightlife is great here” I am from Fort Worth Texas and I wish I can go back. The best part of living in this boring town is that we will be moving out of here in the summer!

  • I’m weak she said it’s so safe out here lmao 😂🤦‍♂️

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