Why you should get preapproved for a home loan

why you should be pre-approved for a
home loan let me tell you everything about it right now hi, everyone, this is Natalia from Avanti Way Realty and today I want to talk to you about
being pre-approved for a mortgage before you start shopping for a house there are
many reasons why you have to be qualified before going shopping for a
house what stay tuned have a little bit for you at the end of the video the
first reason why you have to be qualified is of course you want to know
how much you can spend what looking for homes you don’t want to fell in love
with this beautiful house that has everything you need and then you can
afford it that is it’s not good I mean he’s not good for you they’re for your
family and the person that is selling the house you know another important reason is because you
want to know how much your monthly payments are going to be of course you
need to be comfortable with the monthly payments that you’re going to have you
don’t want to take the big step of your life have your dream home and then you
don’t have the money to pay that if you be approved for let’s say $300,000 of
course you don’t have to spend the $300,000 if your monthly payments are
not going to adjust to your bottom but it means you have that and keep it you
have that already in your head you can sit with your family or your if you’re
the person who takes your entire take charge of the numbers you can have the
calculations you know how much you can spend a month and then you go find your
house and you have the ability to know exactly if it’s something that is going
to suit you and your lifestyle and the last important thing is because if you
are submitting an offer to a buyer if you found out half that house that you
feel that is your house that you fell in love with
while submitting an offer and if you have the pre-approval you can know
you’re gonna look like a serious buyer someone that I can consider if I’m
selling the house and you come with a pre-approval I will say yes this person
is more likely to get the house that this other person that just came with an
offer with no pre-approval later so and that means you look like a serious buyer
willing to negotiate of course by with a serious proposal because you already
have that pre-approval letter by the way no one can do it better than you
only if you pull so please if you need anything let me know you have my
information in the description check with me let me know what are your
thoughts if you need anything I’m here to help
you as I mentioned I have a gift for you down below in the comments there is a
little bit you can download the top five reasons why to buy a house it’s a very
simple guide very nice guide that will help you in
the process thank you again for being here with me the pleasure
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you and I will see you next week thank you


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