Why You Should Refinance Market Alert – Home Loan Refinancing

Hey everybody Angel Medina here! On
today’s video I’m going to go over why it is so important that you know the
market and right now it’s more than ever because the market is really hot right
now okay so like I said in this video I’m
going to go over why it is so important so right now you’re probably seeing a
lot of people going crazy talking about the rate talking about how you know the
feds cut the rate how the rates have gone down but what I want a lot of you
to understand is most of my clients or anyone that I know I’ve been reaching
out to you or emailing or texting letting you know that this has been
going on for at least a couple weeks and what happens is is when you hear about
it let’s say on the radio station or the news or wherever you hear it from more
than likely it’s already been going on by the time you hear about it then
you’re in a position to where you need to act very quickly and that is why if
you’re just hearing this and you haven’t done anything no one can predict a
market so I would highly suggest that you look into the situation and you act
as quickly as possible if you’re thinking about refinancing your home I
would highly recommend that you do your homework right now what you’re going to
be seeing is house values are really high and the rates are really low
I’ve been pricing out a lot of loans that have been lower and they’ve
actually surprised me as far as what I was able to do so again right now the
market is really hot I’m trying to reach out to as many clients a lot of my
clients are calling me thank goodness because they’re hearing a lot they want
to make sure that this is correct and I’m giving them a quick answer that
you’re looking to purchase buy or refinance or you just have questions
about let’s say credit anything that has to do with home loans whether you have a
second and you’re considering consolidating the first in a second you
a family member a friend a co-worker the best thing to do is for me to reach out
to them you want them to call me of course you can have them give me a call
any time my information will be in this video as well I highly recommend you do
something as quickly as possible thank you so much for watching this video and
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advisor” thank you! you

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